7-Day Diet Weight Loss Cabbage Soup

I’m going to Disneyland next week and decided that I didn’t want to take my muffin top with me, especially since I have this cute form fitting top that I want to wear sooooo bad…. WITHOUT SPANX!! When I need to lose my gut or 10 pounds quickly I turn to 3 diets that never lets me down; my smoothie diet, The 17 Day Diet (review coming soon) and my newest love, the 7-day cabbage soup diet!!

wonder soup recipe weight loss soup recipe cabbage soup diet

Here’s Why I Adore The Cabbage Soup Diet:

  • It works!! It’s not science. Cut your calories, bad sugar, starches, for a brief period of time while drinking lots of water and you’ll lose weight quickly.
  • It’s quick!! By the morning of my 8th day the scale is always 7-10 lbs lighter.  My clothes fit different and my normally blotted gut is flat. I love it!!!
  • I cheat!! I’ve discovered that I personally can cheat a bit on this diet. I’ve snuck a muffin in  a few times. BEST. MUFFIN.EVER!! I’ve also used some condiments to spice things up.
  • Great for pre-diets!  This diet is GREAT for the start of a real diet/eating plan. You know, one where you actually eat a variety of healthy foods and a good balance of calories. Sometimes you just need a jumpstart, a cleanse, a boost of confidence on the scale. This does it!

I know some people HATE these kinda quick diets but I love them! They work well for me and the weight stays off as long as I eat a balanced post-diet. If you jump back to eating bad sugars and carbs right away your going to gain the weight back quick. Pace yourself.  I mainly use this diet for quick weight loss for an event, the week before Thanksgiving or  to jumpstart my spring dieting before swimsuit season.

As always consult a doc before cutting your calories like this!

What is the 7-Day Diet (Cabbage Soup Diet)??

OK so let’s talk about the 7-day cabbage soup diet! It’s an old diet that has been around for YEARS and revised over and over again. You are likely to find several different versions online.  Lately these 7-day diets have become really popular. Even Dr. Oz has one. I first read about it on a blog I stumbled upon and thought I’d give it a try, didn’t really expect much though.  Now I’m hooked!


wonder soup recipe weight loss soup recipe cabbage soup diet

I NEVER thought I’d like this soup, but it’s so good!

How Do You Do The 7 Day Diet?

On the 7-day diet you follow a certain eating plan every day. Along with eating these specific foods you are allowed to have cabbage soup aka wonder soup aka weight loss soup aka miracle soup aka weight watcher soup (so many names for this soup.) whenever you’d like.

This is what drew me to the 7-day cabbage soup diet because I love that I can eat this soup in unlimited quantities. I HATE being hungry and I will not stick to any kind of diet if I’m hungry. Point. Blank. Period. Don’t forget you MUST drink 8 glasses of water each day. My results vary if I slack on water, but 7-10 pounds is what I usually lose.

The Cabbage Soup Recipe ( Wonder Soup)

Now about this weight loss Cabbage Soup (Wonder Soup), most websites featuring this diet  says you should boil the vegetables in water, uh…no ma’am!! I’ve always used chicken broth or vegetable broth with seasoned canned tomatoes and it has never hindered my weight loss that I know of. There is NO WAY I would be eating this soup every day if I made it with water.  Yuck!  Throughout the diet I also use salt (very lightly), pepper, lots of herbs & seasonings, olive oil, and a tad of butter on potato day. I also add 0-5 calorie flavorings to my water to make sure I get in all my water if needed. These changes have never affected my results.


Watch me make this Weight Loss Cabbage Soup Recipe (Wonder Soup) from start to finish!

(Get the printable 7-day Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Below)

7-Day Diet Eating Chart

 (Don’t forget to drink your water daily and eat your cabbage soup as much as you like!)


7-day diet cabbage soup diet recipe

My  7-Day Diet Cabbage Soup Diet Journal & Meal Suggestions

Day 1- Eat nothing but fruit today (except for bananas) and as much of the diet cabbage soup as you’d like. I like to eat baked cinnamon apples (use sweet gala apples) in the morning, a large fruit salad and cabbage soup for lunch, and cabbage soup and a melon salad for dinner. Get your crunchy fix with dried fruits.  Snack on fruit constantly throughout the day. Frozen pineapples and frozen blackberries make great snacks. Also frozen watermelon blended makes a great natural slushy. Today wasn’t as bad as I’d expected.

Day 2- Eat nothing but vegetables (except corn or other starchy veggies). However, you do get to start the day with a baked potato (russet or sweet). You will LOVE having this baked potato trust me! I never thought I’d be so happy to eat a baked potato in the morning! I prefer a sweet potato. For breakfast, I dice my sweet potato into cubes, sprinkled with a little olive oil and cinnamon and roast it in the oven along with some bell peppers and onions. For lunch I do the cabbage soup and a salad sprinkled with salt, pepper and olive oil. This is actually pretty good. For dinner I do riced cauliflower topped with a stir fry of zucchini, roasted carrots, and bell peppers with light soy sauce (cheating). I snack on baked spinach chips. Today was ok.

Day 3–  Today you eat fruits AND veggies (except bananas, corn and other starchy veggies) You also don’t get a potato today, sucks! I just do a repeat of day one and two for my foods.

Day 4- Today you eat only bananas and milk/yogurt. This is the DUMBEST day by far. I hate it. You can only have bananas and milk or unsweetened yogurt. Boooooo, but let’s make the best of it! For breakfast I do a banana smoothie made with bananas, almond milks and greek yogurt. For lunch I eat cabbage soup. For dinner I do another large banana smoothie and more cabbage soup. I make banana ice cream, by freezing banana slices and then blending them. I also eat some dried banana chips. It’s not that difficult of a day, very boring and if you hate bananas I feel sorry for you babes.

Day 5-  Today eat only tomatoes (6-8) and protein like fish, turkey and chicken. I had no problems with this day since I love meat and was happy to get it! I made turkey sausage patties for breakfast topped with tomatoes.  For lunch I had grilled chicken topped with tomatoes seasoned with salt, basil, pepper and cabbage soup. For dinner I had more wonder soup, but I added turkey breakfast sausage to it and more tomatoes. Very filling. I got tired of the soup on this day. Ugh!!

Day 6-  Today it’s protein and veggies- Unlike yesterday you can have other veggies besides tomatoes. I had turkey sausage and roasted veggies for breakfast. For lunch I had a stir-fry with chicken and veggies (so good) I had a spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and ground turkey for dinner. Spaghetti squash is off limits (starchy) but I had to have it!  Today was so yummy! lol Didn’t have any cabbage soup today.

Day 7-  Today it’s just fruits, vegetables, and juices. Booo!!!!! I hated this day because I wanted more meat, but I was glad it was the last day. The scale says I’m 7 pounds lighter this morning so that was great to see. I feel clean inside. I’m hungry today though. REALLY HUNGRY! For breakfast I make a huge fruit and veggie smoothie using spinach, apples, oranges, grapes and water. It was so good and sweet! Kept me full until lunch! For lunch I do a large salad, cabbage soup,  and watermelon slushie. For dinner I do another riced cauliflower stir fry with roasted veggies. I snack on baked cinnamon apples and cantaloupe.

Day 8– 10lbs down this morning and I can see it!! Tummy is nice and flat and my face looks much slimmer. Hubby notices it. He’s not happy that my booty looks smaller though (neither am I).  Today I paced myself with food and will do so for the next week while on vacation. No sugary foods or bad carbs. I continue with a diet full of fruits, veggies and lean meats. I incorporate eggs, oatmeal, & whole grain pasta and bread, honey and agave as a sweetener. My calorie intake is now at it’s recommended level for a healthy weight-loss w/ exercise. I FEEL GREAT!!

Don’t Mess Up Your Beautiful Results!!!

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7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet FAQ’S

(Always talk to your doctor BEFORE starting a low-calorie diet such as this)

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the 7-day cabbage soup diet

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Can I substitute it with other foods if I don’t eat what’s recommended? I totally don’t know because I’ve only substituted the water in the cabbage soup for chicken broth. Other than that I follow the plan with a few cheats here and there. : ) There’s only one way to find out, try it and see!!  And be sure to come back and let us all know how it worked out!

I loved my results, can I do this beyond 7 days? It isn’t recommended at all. Your body will start to hold on to weight if you cut it’s calories too much for an extended period of time. You’ll have much better weight loss results if you complete this diet and then start on a balanced, healthy diet for your size, while eliminating bad carbs and refined sugars.

Can I exercise on this diet? Not recommended.  Your calories are minimal on the cabbage soup diet, so do not exercise for the 7 days while on this diet and a few days afterwards.

I feel tired on this diet? This diet may not be for you, especially if your days are high energy. This diet has low calories. Eat as much cabbage soup as you would like to keep your energy up and drink plenty of water.  If I start to feel sluggish I cheat and have a baked sweet potato with butter, a protein shake or some juice.

I gained all my weight back shortly after completing this diet? 7-day diets work to eliminate mainly water weight which is why the results are so quick. Be sure to continue drinking lots of water after the diet. If you stop with the water intake, your body will start to hold on to fluids again. Pace yourself after the diet and eat small, frequent portions of fruits, veggies, and proteins. No refined sugars and bad carbs. Don’t stuff yourself either. Start on a balanced eating plan or lifestyle that will support normal weight loss along with exercise. 7-day diets are mainly good for cleanses, quick water weight loss and pre-diet boosts.


7-Day Diet Cabbage Soup Recipe 

4.7 from 171 reviews
7-Day Diet Weight Loss Soup (Wonder Soup)
Recipe type: Soup
  • ½ head of cabbage, chopped
  • 1 cup celery, diced
  • 1 cup white or yellow onion, diced
  • 1 cup carrots, diced
  • 1 green bell pepper, diced
  • 2-3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4 cups chicken broth
  • 14 oz can basil, oregano, garlic diced tomatoes
  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  • 1 teaspoon basil
  • ½ teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • few shakes of black pepper
  • ½ teaspoon salt (optional)
  1. Instructions
  2. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large pot over medium heat.
  3. Add celery, onions, bell peppers, and carrots.
  4. Saute until slightly tender.
  5. Stir in garlic.
  6. Pour in chicken broth.
  7. Stir in tomatoes and cabbage.
  8. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat.
  9. Cook until cabbage is tender.
  10. Stir in oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, black pepper and salt (if using)
  11. Taste broth and adjust seasoning if needed.
  12. Serve and enjoy!
Jazz it up by adding lots of spices, herbs and a variety of veggies.
This makes enough for about 3 days.
Keeps well in the fridge for about 3 day.


  1. ana says

    Thank you for the recipe, I’m so exited to start this 7 day cabbage diet….i not good i doing diet but i will try my best with this one and give a chance to see if it really works…i will keep you post it.

  2. ana says

    Thank you for the recipe, I’m so exited to start this 7 day cabbage diet…..I will start tomorrow I will keep you posted how is going…

  3. Catherine says

    I’m stuck at 155 and desperately wanting to be at 145 just made the soup and have had lots of watermelon will let ya know how it goes in 7 days from now 😉 Would love to fit in a pair of insane amount of dollars for a pair of jeans hanging in my closet that I’ve yet to be able to wear for 4th of July camping trip next week. Wish me luck!!

  4. Kat says

    Love your website! I finished diet today…lost 5 lbs and I am happy! I made the soup with low sodium chicken stock and canned crushed tomatoes…it was delicious! Really don’t want to stop, but I know its recommended…Time to move on to another eating plan…any tips??

  5. Linda says

    Love the page! I’m 13 years out from gastric bypass. I hit menapause and started gaining the weight back! I’m doing ok with this diet but am afraid of not getting enough food in because I can still only eat small amounts at a time. I get full fast. I’ve noticed that even full I’m feeling shaky. Any ideas?

    • Mandy says

      Hi Linda,

      I spent 7+ years working in Bariatrics and thought I’d make a couple suggestions. You have to remember a couple things: 1. You may need to modify your Day 1 and eat more soup, less fruit. The reason being that fruit is naturally high in sugar and even though it’s probably not enough to cause dumping syndrome, it could leave you feeling poorly. 2. Because you are only absorbing a portion of what you eat, and because of the nature of bypass and the risk of malnourishment, you still need to take your vitamin and calcium supplements AND you should add a small amount of lean protein every day. Even just a hard boiled egg in the morning will help, or a scoop of zero-carb protein powder in a smoothie on your fruit and/or veggie only days. Also, with this limited of a diet, don’t be afraid to eat throughout the day. As long as your snacking on carrot sticks and not potato chips, you’ll be fine. Last but not least, don’t forget to drink your water between meals- not during.

      Hope that helps and good luck!

  6. Linda Manns says

    I am so thrilled that I found your blog. I am on day 3 of the cabbage soup diet and am doing well. I really am thankful for your day by day log and ideas. After I finish this kick start, I am going to do the smoothie diet. I will keep you posted. Thank you again.

  7. Jenn says

    I’ll be starting this tomorrow! Can green and/or black tea substitute some of those glasses of water? I drink several cups a day (with nothing added).

    • Jamie says

      All alcoholic beverages are high in calories (from unconverted sugars) and a 5 oz glass of wine has almost as many calories as a 12 oz coke! I wouldn’t think of drinking wine (or anyrhing other than water or unsweetened coffee/tea) while attempting a low calorie diet.

  8. Misty says

    This is my first time trying any kind of diet because I have always been able to eat what I want (although I try to eat healthy) but the past 4 or 5 years I’ve started to gain some weight and I’m not liking how I look. I’ve tried working out but just can’t stick to it so I figured why not try dieting. My mom was the one who actually told me about this diet because after she had my brother (who is now 23) she wanted to shed a few pounds and this diet really worked for her cuz she lost 10lbs! As you can tell this diet has been around for many years LOL I’ve finished Day 1 which wasn’t too bad so we’ll see how the rest of the week plays out :)

  9. Crystal says

    Didn’t work for me. Day 6 and only lost 3lbs. I will try it again in a couple weeks. It worked for my husband. He’s lost 7lbs as of this morning. Soup was delish though.

    • Lynn says

      I believe it says black coffee and unsweet tea are ok. I used half a sweet n low in mine so thats one of my small cheat. I have lost 4 pounds in 4 days so far! Good luck!

  10. Diet girl says

    3 other questions … does edamame count as a vegetable? Is it permissible to use an egg as protein? Is it permissible to use a tiny bit of stevie or aguve for swèetness?

  11. Diet girl says

    Is the water amount based on 8 glasses at 8 Oz (8 cups of water) or is it based on 8 glasses at 12 or 16 Oz of water?

  12. Jessica says

    does anyone know how often you can do this diet? I know you can’t do it longer than 7 days at a time but it is safe to do once a month or so with healthy eating in between?

  13. says

    I will start the 7 Day Diet in the morning .I have a lot of weight to loss ! I’m at 228 lbs now . would like to get back down to 160 lbs . How long can you stay on this diet ? How long after you finish the 7 Day Diet can you start it again . I have tried to loss my weight , its not happening so now i’ll try this . Thank you for sharing !!!!

    • Smiling Brown Face says

      Hi Joyce! Just wanted to know how this worked out for you. I’m starting this diet this week! I’ll be happy with reaching 167-170!! Good luck to you!

  14. Laurie says

    This IS the best cabbage soup recipe! I opted to use organic vegetable broth rather than chicken stock for my first batch. Delicious. For my vegetable days, I make a fire roasted red bell pepper “dressing” aa a dip or salad dressing. I simply roast the peppers, add some balsamic vinegar & a few drops of EVOO, fresh minced garlic & some shallots! It’s delicious & also goes great on chicken for protein days! So excited to see if the old jeans fit in a few days!

  15. Kris says

    I like to make this soup with none of the spices, so that I can’t get bored of it- when I heat it up I add a little dash of red curry paste, cayenne and pepper, lemon and ginger, etc based on my mood and cravings.

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