Every month I fall in love with something different! Here are all the things that won my heart in January.


Silk Strawberry Banana Fruit & Protein Drink– I seriously did a double take when I was reaching for my normal Silk Soy milk and saw these and boy am I glad I did. If you like starburst then you will like this one. I’ve only had the strawberry banana flavor and it was like a liquid starburst. So good!!


Archer Farms Apple Fritter Bread (Target)– This bread is gonna be the reason for my extra belly roll. I’ve been nailing this stuff and my son makes sure it’s on the list when we run out. It’s soooo good. Lately it’s been hit or miss though, because my last bag was really dry with hardly any of that sweet, slightly crunchy yummy stuff on the outside and only a few specs of apples in the inside.  I’ve gotta learn how to make this stuff! I so need a bread machine!!



Mini Muffin Pan– I know you’ve seen this pan in a few of my videos and get ready to see it some more because all of a sudden I’m obsessed with mini stuff. I’ve made tiny lil muffins, cinnamon rolls, mini cupcakes, cookie bites, and tomorrow I’m making cookie cheesecake bites so definitely stay tuned for that!



Absolute Organics (Organic Home Produce Delivery Service)- My mother-in-law introduced me to this Charlotte area company and I’m in love!!!  She uses them a lot to get her fresh, organic produce and I’ll be placing my first order this week. They have these kinds of companies all over so check your area to see if it’s available. You simply pick the in-season produce you want and they will deliver it free to your door weekly or bi-weekly.  There are different priced boxes ($30, $40, $50) to choose from. We’ve been going heavy on the fresh juicing and blending this year so I’m super excited about this. Here is the website. I’ll let you all know how it goes!


Almond Joy Creamer- I think I posted about this on my facebook fanpage but it’s now my new favorite creamer. Yep I gave the white chocolate raspberry the boot. This creamer goes so well with any kind of coffee. I’m not even a big fan of the almond joy candy but I freakin love this stuff. It lends a slight coconut flavor and that is what I love about it. I hate that it’s a limited edition item : (  I’m tempted to stock up. I’ll fight the urge.


What are you loving this month???