We purchased a house a few months ago, but when we were in our house hunting phase the only strict requirement I had was that it must have an open, inviting kitchen.


The kitchen is the heartbeat and soul of a home. It’s where I feed my sleepyhead boys a homemade breakfast and watch them slowly spring to life, it’s where savory dinnertime aromas float throughout the house and magically call the family to the table. kitchen t able

When I look back at some of my favorite family childhood moments, I’m amazed at how many of them took place right in the kitchen. Like that one time my sisters and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family, happy memories of my late mother cooking pancakes and dancing to gospel every Saturday morning, and those epic Thursday family dinners that always ended with laughter and looking through that big box of old family photos. 10604563_10200822133913017_1093884511486966011_o

The kitchen plays such a vital role in my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s that place that we naturally gravitate to for nourishment, comfort, and conversation. However, over the years, my kitchen has taken on a few new roles! In my last American Kitchen post I discussed briefly how I use my kitchen for homeschooling my boys but I also use my kitchen to produce income.


As a blogger, recipe ghost writer and aspiring cookbook author, my kitchen has been the perfect lab for creating delicious recipes and exploring new food concepts.

Thanks to the documentary series Our American Kitchen by GE Appliances, you can take a peek into the lives of other Americans and see how they are using their kitchens to give back, create, teach, connect, inspire and the list goes on. I fell in love with Maryann (The Cookie Lady) the moment I saw her story. Not only was it inspiring to see her bake and hand deliver homemade chocolate chip cookies to her neighbors but her spunky personality was infectious!

You can watch Maryann’s story below.

It’s so befitting that GE Appliances would create such an inspirational project that explores the diversity of the American kitchen. They’ve been a part of American families since 1905, creating products designed for our ever-changing lifestyle. Everyone’s kitchen plays a unique role and that’s the beauty of it and the beauty of us. Whether it’s simply a place to eat and cook or if it’s a place where you find inspiration to create and entertain, it’s your kitchen and your story.

What does the American Kitchen mean to you?

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