There are two items in this world that I am OBSESSED with!! I’m talking pure crackhead-style obsession! I GOTTA HAVE IT!!! Those two things are lipgloss and cleaning wipes. Oh…My…GOD!! When those cleaning wipes came on the market I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. What a fabulous idea!!! I love the way they feel, smell and the concept to just wipe and toss and have a sanitized surface! GENIUS!

I went through can after can before I finally said “ok Monique you have got to get ahold of yourself!”  I was spending money that could have been used to buy makeup or  #5’s at McDonald’s. These things go for about $5-$6 for about 70-50 wipes (depending on the brand) I could easily go through multiple cans a week.

AND THEN IT HAPPENED!!! God sent an appointed angel into my life!

I was speaking with a daycare teacher and she told me they made their own homemade cleaning & disinfectant wipes and that it was really easy & saved money since they go through so many a week. Yall I wanted to cry!

She told me how she did it & I immediately went home and made up several batches using different cleaning solutions like Lysol, Clorox, Windex and my favorite, purple FABULOSO!! I can’t believe I had never thought to make my own homemade cleaning wipes! They are so easy and much durable than the store-bought ones in my opinion.

Thank you so much, Mrs. Debbie, for telling me about this!! My love for you is IMMEASURABLE!!!


1 roll of extra strong paper towels
2-3 cups of your favorite cleaner
storage container
1 knife
cutting board


1.  Cut paper towel roll in half
2.) Place inside of the container
3.) Pour cleaning solution over paper towels
4.) Close container and shake it up a bit so that the cleaning solution is absorbed
5.) Remove the cardboard tube. (It should come out easily if the towels are wet enough)

They are ready to use!!

Store in an airtight container to keep towels moist. You could also tear them apart, lay them in a Tupperware container & pour the solution on them. Whichever way works best for you!! You can also make your own green, natural, non-toxic cleaning solution with vinegar & water. (which is what I used for my son’s nursery. The vinegar smell only lasts for a few minutes.)

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