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The BEST Red Velvet Cake Recipe ~Easy, Homemade, Moist with Southern Flair~

The BEST Red Velvet Cake Recipe ~Easy, Homemade, Moist with Southern Flair~


best red velvet cake recipe

(Same red velvet cake recipe with more food coloring to achieve a brighter red.)

OK OK I’VE HEARD YOU! YOU WANT A GOOD RED VELVET CAKE RECIPE AND YOU WANT IT NOW!!!! (Yeah I’ve got your emails and gosh I love it when you’re forceful!)

I have been on the search for the best homemade red velvet cake recipe too, for a while now actually. I wanted one that was easy,  super moist, melt-in-your mouth soft with that signature light chocolatey buttermilk red velvet taste.

I’ve tried a few recipes that were…OK.  Nothing that really blew my stilettos off though. Until I played around with merging three recipes (God I love chemistry) and out came THE MASTERPIECE!!! Or at least we think so in my house!

This red velvet cake recipe is SUPERB!!!! And it passes the stick to the back of the fork test like a champ!

the best red velvet cake recipe

Of course I had to make this a down home southern red velvet cake and put my G.R.I.T (girl raised in the south) stamp on it by adding in some good ol hot coffee. It takes this cake to the next level!! (don’t worry you can’t taste the coffee) It just kicks up that red velvet taste so don’t skip this step. Even if you have to run to Mickey D’s or the gas station to get a plain cup of coffee. I use Folgers Vanilla Biscotti, but any plain kind will do.


easy red velvet cupcakes recipes

The cream cheese frosting that goes with this red velvet cake is….how can I say this…. THE BOMB!!! It’s silky smooth, light, and sweet but not so sweet that it overpowers the cake like some cream cheese frosting tend to do, you know what I’m saying?

I hope that you guys enjoy this red velvet cake as much as I do. Lord knows I didn’t want to make this cake AGAIN this week…but I have to give my  readers what they demand…..and now I have all this cake…. that I have to eat all by myself…..*sigh* oh well….life is tough like that sometimes.

Click Here To Get The Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe To Go With This Red Velvet Cake!

Watch me make this Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe from start to finish!


best red velvet cake recipe

4.6 from 282 reviews
The BEST Red Velvet Cake Recipe. Easy. Moist. Homemade
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 Tablespoons unsweetened, cocoa powder
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup vegetable oil or canola
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1-2 oz. red food coloring, depends how deep you want the color
  • 1 teaspoon of white distilled vinegar
  • ½ cup of prepared plain hot coffee (don't skip this ingredient)
  1. Preheat oven to 325.
  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda, baking powder, cocoa powder and salt. Set aside.
  3. In a large bowl, combine the sugar and vegetable oil.
  4. Mix in the eggs, buttermilk, vanilla and red food coloring until combined.
  5. Stir in the coffee and white vinegar.
  6. Combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients a little at time, mixing after each addition, just until combined.
  7. Generously grease and flour two round, 9 inch cake pans with shortening and flour.
  8. Pour the batter evenly into each pan.
  9. Bake in the middle rack for 30-40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Do not over bake as cake will continue to cook as it cools.
  10. Let pans cool on a cooling rack until the pans are warm to the touch.
  11. Slide a knife or offset spatula around the inside of the pans to loosen the cake from the pan.
  12. Remove the cakes from the pan and let them cool.
  13. Frost the cake with cream cheese frosting when the cakes have cooled completely.
Be sure to not overbake! Check the cake at 30 minutes as some ovens run really hot.
Cakes are really moist and you may need to refrigerate them to firm them up before stacking and frosting.
To bake cupcakes, bake for 18-20 minutes, checking at the 18 minute mark.


  1. I love baking but have never baked red velvet cakes before (only cupcakes, and straight from the Sprinkles cupcake mix)…and this cake was so moist and delicious! I made it for a baby shower and I must say, the cake disappeared literally within minutes, with people asking for seconds! The cake was moist and not very sweet and the frosting (I made the light version) was a perfect match. I never knew it would be so easy to make such a delicious cake. Thank you so much!!!!! (from Dalian, China).

  2. Help! Followed the recipe exactly (I’m in the UK and I even dug out my measuring cups rather than risking doing any conversions), and my cake exploded all over the inside of the oven!! With so many great reviews, I’m certainly not blaming the recipe, but I’d be really grateful for any ideas anyone has what may have gone wrong! Thanks

  3. Worst ever recpie, stay clear everyone these comments are fake!

    • Sorry that the cake did not turn out right for you Ridda. I’d be more than happy to help you troubleshoot.

  4. hi there,

    I have been searching for a red velvet cake recipe and stubbled on this, I was interested in this as it seems to combine 2 of my other go-to chocolate cakes. I have just baked this and it is cooling as I type. it is soft and spongy and feels exactly as I would want a sponge to feel. I have read some people had issues with this sticking to the pan, I did mine in 3 x 8″ tins, I buttered the tins and lined them with greaseproof paper and they released perfectly. I did pinch a piece off as I couldn’t wait to taste it :) my question is, what should a red velvet cake taste like? it kinda taste like a sponge, a lovely moist vanilla sponge with a slight chocolatey flavour. is that correct? I am in Ireland so I am not entirely sure what a RVC should taste like, but as a regular cake, this is pretty good so far so that’s the only reason I am giving 4 stars.

  5. Madeliene Tarasick

    In a word, PERFECT! Made it for Canada Day, decorated with a big maple leaf made of red sprinkles. Fabulous. Followed recipes to a “t”. Thank you.

  6. I’ve never made red velvet cake before, 1. Because I thought it was this big long process, 2. Because I’ve never liked any other red velvet cake but my mother’s (her recipe is a process), nothing has ever compared to hers. Decided to try this yesterday because of all the great reviews and the process was simple enough. WOW!!! I actually like this better than mom’s recipe! Thanks so much divascancook! I won’t be trying any more recipes, THIS IS IT!!!

    • Plz can u tell me how u made the ” plain hot coffee”on the recipe. ? Am in Nigeria, Africa and dont know how to make it

  7. Would I have to adjust anything to make this in a budnt cake pan?

  8. Thank you!! My boyfriend doesn’t really like many sweets, but he LOVES red velvet cake, so I wanted to make it awesome. Some of our friends I were having a potluck and I (as usual) was in charge of dessert. I tried this recipe with your cream cheese frosting and was a total hit! Thank you!! :)

  9. hello! i want use this recipe, but i have a dilemma, i’m not sure what kind of sugar you mean for the recipe. i have light brown sugar not white, and if white is the general sugar you use and what you mean in this recipe, would light brown sugar ruin the whole recipe? financial problems currently, so i’m curious. if not, i’ll try it out. thank you!!

    p.s if you mean “sugar” as a general thing, meaning any type, then that’s great. :~)))

  10. I havent tried this Recipe yet, but before i do – Has anyone tried this recipe and covered it in fondant? and then also stacked it? i need to make sure that it is not too moist for fondant.

    please let me know


  11. This truly is the very best , most very moist red velvet cake ever, i have made it around 10 times now and have made the very same recipe into cupcakes and its amazing after trying around a dozen different recipes i gave up i was like ‘Yuck’, red velvet is grose , to sweet to hard on top and dry inside not enough flavour ….but this one is perfect perfect perfect delicious and did i mention perfect!!

  12. Girl you have done it again. I thought your Cream Cheese Pound Cake was the bomb but this one is even better. It literally has a smooth silky light taste and texture. This was my first time making a red Velvet cake. It turned out great; I ‘ve never used Vinegar or coffee in a cake recipe before. I didn’t purchase any special coffee I just used an old hotel package we had around the house. I baked my practice cake on a Tuesday and it was gobbled up that evening. So I baked another the following Saturday. The Minister was visiting and I gave him a big piece. Before he left he asked for another slice to take home. The next day after Church Service instead of saying his normal “God Bless You” as we left the church; he commented on how much he enjoyed the cake.

    I enjoy making different types of cakes. And this one is now on the top of my list along with the Cream Cheese Pound Cake. The only reservation I have about this cake is the frosting. It is so light and delicate that it needs to remain cold to keep it from melting off. Most of my cakes have to travel; so I put it in the freezer for about 30 min to 1 hour to let it set. I also would recommend keeping this one in the refrigerator. But as tasty as it is; it’s not going to last very long.

  13. I have made a few Red velvet cakes in my time but this one is my favorite one so far! I really don’t need to look further for another one as this recipe is perfect. I followed the directions and it was a big hit. I made the cream cheese frosting but omitted one cup of the sugar, it was tangier but perfect, i added no extra milk or liquid

  14. Thanks for sharing such a nice thought, article
    is fastidious, thats why i have read it entirely

  15. Felicia Gonzalez

    I made your recipe and Cakeman Raven’s, brought them both to work and did a taste test. Your Red Velvet Cake recipe won hand’s down. Diva, you really CAN cook.

  16. Did not take like a true red velvet cake – more like a Wacky Cake or mayonnaise cake being made with oil instead of butter. Not my favorite. Your rating would not let me give it less than 3 stars or I would have given it a 2. Watched and checked so did not overbake, but the top was tough. The inside was moist though. Thanks for all your posts.

  17. Wonderful recipe Monique! But seeing the great response you have received and continue to receive on this one, you obviously know that ;) This is my second time making it and officially a saved favorite :)

    • Sherry Scoggins

      My daughter and I made it together for Mother’s Day. Delish!! Tasted better the second day – moist. My son-in-law loved it. First time baking cake from scratch in a loooooong time. The recommended frosting was easy-breezy and yum. I’m not usually a red velvet cake fan, but dang it, I’m now a convert.. Video is a plus for boosting confidence.

  18. This is a great recipe which I did over and over again, and is always a hit!!! But today I ran out of normal flour and only have selfraising flour! Can I use that pls, and do not add the BP? Thanks

  19. hope you can make a cake in a mug version of this. (cooked in a microwave for a minute or more)
    i really like this recipe, been making this many times now. and this is so far the best red velvet recipe ever.

    i’ll be willing to experiment though. hope i wont be wasting too much ingredients in making the perfect red velvet cake in a mug

  20. This is absolutely THE BEST red velvet cake recipe that I’ve found so far. I’m always searching for a better recipe and I will look no further. Follow this recipe and you will be in love :) Don’t bake if you are on a diet!

  21. Simply AMAZING! one of the best cakes I have ever made. what i like best it It was moist and delicious, and this i’ll make another by sunday :)

    • Plz I will like to know how to make plain hot coffee on the recipe? and the recipe for it. Am in Nigeria, africa

  22. This truly is the best Red Velvet Cake I have ever had or made. I used my own Cream Cheese frosting recipe, but the caked rocked! I made it for a co-worker’s birthday and took it to the office today and it was DEVOURED in record time. ***One trick for this cake that worked great since it was so moist—I made the cake on Sunday, allowed the layers to cool on wire racks to room temperature, wrapped each layer carefully in plastic wrap and froze them. A big chunk broke off the bottom of one and I just got it out of the pan in one piece, let it cool, then put the chunk right where it broke off and froze it…problem solved. I made my frosting last night, frosted the cake frozen and left in a cake box in the fridge overnight—it turned out PERFECT!

  23. i hardly ever comment on blogs or recipes but i felt i just had to give you this feedback. i tried this recipe along with other ones and this came out tops. the cake was super moist and delicious and so amazing. Its a real winner. Trust me pips….this is the best red velvet cake ever!!!!

    forgot the stars!!!! 10/10

  24. i hardly ever comment on blogs or recipes but i felt i just had to give you this feedback. i tried this recipe along with other ones and this came out tops. the cake was super moist and delicious and so amazing. Its a real winner. Trust me pips….this is the best red velvet cake ever!!!!

  25. This recipe is amazing. I bake quite a bit, but this was my first time making a red velvet cake. It was for my sister’s birthday. Everyone who had it LOVED it. I got a lot a lot of compliments on how moist the cake was. It was absolutely perfect & I will certainly use this recipe again.

  26. Hi there, I check your blog regularly. Your humoristic style is witty, keep
    it up!

  27. Me and my flatmate made this and it is DELICIOUS!!! We cut down the sugar though but it is YUUUUUUMMY!! A recipe for life ♥

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  29. I tried to make this cake for my husband’s birthday. I am not sure what I did wrong (twice) but the cake overflowed and all I got out of it was a messy oven. I am at high altitude but did not see any varied instructions.

    • @Ashley,
      Hi – on my first attempt I used 9-inch pans, the same thing happened – my pans overflowed and that could be the baking powder…next time don’t fill them as much. You will most likely end up with a little extra batter which I just bake as a layer for my boys to snack on. I have made this cake too many times to count and it is definitely a hit every time! My sons don’t even like the high end bakery red velvet cakes anymore.. Good Luck!

  30. Finally found the red velvet cake recipe I was looking for! Taste just as good as i remember :)

  31. I’m a professional baker and cook, and this is definitely the best red velvet cake recipe that I’ve ever tried – so much better than anything that I tried on the food network! I don’t even like red velvet cake! The instructions are very detailed and perfect. So glad that I came across this recipe!! Thanks, Monique!

  32. I LOOOOOVE this recipe and it is the only one I will ever use for red velvet again. :-) The number of people who have raved about it is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing – recommended to everyone.

  33. I will be making this cake tomorrow. I hope It turns out good. I will be using it for my wedding! Thank you for posting your recipe


  35. I made this cake for my daughter’s birthday. Red velvet is her absolute favorite!! I have never really been a fan of it, but her birthday is about her. So, I made it. Oh…My…God!!! I am now a red velvet cake lover. This recipe is so moist and delicious. The frosting is nothing short of perfection!! Thank you so very much!! YUM!!!

  36. This is, hands down, the absolute, BEST Red Velvet Cake recipe EVER!!!! Many, many complements! I have found my new recipe! Thank you so much for sharing. DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I give it 10 STARS!!!!

  37. This is so far the best Red Velvet Cake recipe. Surprisingly I couldn’t taste the coffee mixture inside the cake and the cake turns out REALLY MOIST as promised (Yes refrigerate them before assembling is a must). I’m uploading on my blog but using different topping. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe :D

  38. Hi Diva, you know it’s true. This is an absolute winner. I have made this cake 4 x and it turns out beautifully every time. I’ve tried other recipes but I am going to stick to this one. Hugs from South Africa.

  39. how much coffe should i put in, as in how much ground coffee?

  40. Tried and it was perfect! I even made the cream cheese frosting, the only thing I did differently was add melted white chocolate to the frosting. It was moist even days later! Thank you for the recipe, I’ve almost given up on baking until I found this!

  41. Hi Monique , just wanted to say that I was really excited to try out your recipe. The cake tastes really good but I think I went wrong somewhere. Would you believe that it took 2 hours and 30 mins to bake?! No, I am not lying or exaggerating! I was SO confused and annoyed. I had the oven on 325 as you said. Idk maybe the oven just works that way or I don’t know if someone opened the door whilst I wasn’t in the kitchen. I put the cake in the oven at 10:46 pm and took it out around 1:15 am. Also, I used 1 ounce of food coloring and when I googled, 1 ounce was equal to 2 tbsp. So I used that, however, the cake looks brown like a chocolate cake and not red :(. Next time I try out this recipe, I’ll use 4 tbsp or more. Sigh. Overall, the cake is actually well baked, looks good and tastes good, I just dk what went wrong.

  42. I love this recipe a lot, so I decided to try and make blue velvet cake from it but they turned a horrible dark green. And when I added more colouring to try to fix it, they turned black. The same thing happened when I tried to make purple velvet, they turned green and then black.

    Any ideas on how to achieve a good colour (except red) with this recipe?

  43. I made this for my mums birthday on Sunday, and it was delish, i followed instructions exactly, i may have put in extra food coloring but not by much i just used all the bottle as i do in my other red velvet cake, the cake is very moist, i had no issues with it falling apart, i put it in the fridge for a day before i iced it, i used my own cream cheese icing, it got rave reviews, this one is a keeper, makes great cupcakes as well, i had some batter over to make 6 cupcakes but could of used it in my cake tins but wanted some testers before i iced the cake, thanks :)

  44. This is the only red velvet recipe I use now, I’ve tried a few and none of them come close to how good this one is. I discovered it last year and make cupcakes with this recipe any chance I get, the only change I made is which food colouring I use. Every time I make them I get awesome comments from everyone. I’ve also made blue velvet cupcakes from this and am going to try purple velvet cake tonight.

  45. can i substitute vegetable oil with shortening???

  46. I made this for a classmates birthday and got compliments from everybody in my class, even the ones who don’t like cake! Soooo moist and so delicious, you can’t go wrong :)

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  49. Awesome AWESOME recipe!!! We made whoopee pies out of this batter. We made heart shaped ones using metal heart shaped cookie cutters. So cute, and soooooooooooooooo YUMMY. I tried making a second batch and thought I would 1/2c. veg oil and one stick soften butter. This recipe does not like butter! The cupcakes rose then fell and the batter became one with the cupcake liner thingys. It tasted great but did not pass the presentation test. I just got done making a third batch with the 1c of veg oil and they came out perfect! My co-workers ate every last crumb and my kids ate all the cake pieces left over from around the cookie cutters. They then dipped the pieces in the cream cheese filling. nothing went to waste. I even took a picture of the Valentine whoopee pies and posted it on Facebook!
    Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  50. As an experienced baker, this was the worst cake recipe I have ever tried. The batter was extremely thin, and I do not know it this caused the problem, or whether it was the quantity of raising agents (a lot for a cake of this size), but what seemed to be a well-risen and cooked cake completely sank and was stodgy and DISGUSTING. A total waste of time. I will not be using this recipe again.

  51. This is my first time making a red velvet cake recipe and the recipe was very moist and tasty. I did have a big problem with the cake collapsing in the center. I also tried making the cupcakes to solve that issue and I filled the cups to 3/4 full and they came out horrible like bowls (the center sunk in). I am not a beginner, I did put the baking soda and baking powder and I followed the recipe to a T. I browsed some of the other review and didn’t notice anyone that had the same issue. Is there something I should know about making red velvet cake?

  52. Monique, Just made the cake last night for my girls at the salon where I work. It was amazing, so moist and easy to make. I made a Greek Yogurt Icing and it was a hit (everyone is on some kind of diet) so I thought that would make eating the cake a little less guilty. Well everyone was in heaven. Great Valentine’s cake.
    thanks it’s my new favorite cake. Can’t wait to make it again.
    Toronto, ON

  53. Monique, Just made the cake last night for my girls at the salon where I work. It was amazing, so moist and easy to make. I made a Greek Yogurt Icing and it was a hit (everyone is on some kind of diet) so I thought that would make eating the cake a little less guilty. Well everyone was in heaven. Great Valentine’s cake.
    thanks it’s my new favorite cake. Can’t wait to make it again.

  54. Best…Cake… Ever. Did not need to add, subtract or modify a thing! Came out perfectly. Never made such a moist cake before! And I bake a lot!! Thanks!

  55. really enjoyed this cake! made it for my boo for valentines, he loved it too, thanks for the recipe

  56. Hi. I baked this cake nice teture and taste but the middle of the cake sunk. Why does the middle of the cake sink?

  57. WOW. Let me say that I’ve baked some cakes before and non of them have turned out to be this good. My roommate loved it!!! I found the cake slightly too sweet for my taste so I’ll be adding a bit less sugar and add a darker cocoa powder next time :) Cake was unbelievably moist and fluffy!
    Didn’t have any trouble with the cake deflating in the middle. I live in Philly so altitude not a problem. Followed instructions exactly (did everything by hand and no machine), and even though I thought final batter looked a bit lumpy (guess it was the air bubbles), the cake turned out fine! Preheated oven as I was hand mixing the dry and wet ingredients together. Did 9 inch pans and 37 minutes in middle of oven.
    YOUR RECIPE MADE MY DAY. I’m never looking for another red velvet recipe again. Ever.

  58. how many cupcakes mini does this make?

  59. This is the best Red Velvet Cake I have ever tasted! You made a winner with this recipe. I am so addicted to your website and I tell all friends about your great recipes. Thank you again for your gift to share recipes and video demonstration with humor.

    • Made this yesterday for Valentine’s Day. Wow, best red velvet cake I ever made! Super moist and very flavorful! I can’t wait to eat another piece today, I bet it’s even better! I used your frosting recipe too. I cut it in half as my family prefers cake to icing. Half the recipe was plenty, I just didn’t frost the sides. Oh, and I only used half of the milk to make it a little thicker.
      Yum, Yum, Yum!

  60. Can you use decaff coffee? I’m going to try this recipe for Valentine’s Day.

  61. I tried this recipe and I love the taste (although mom told me the baking soda gives a little bit of an aftertaste, but she said overall it was good!). the color didn’t work that well, probably because I used a “deep red” food coloring, so that can be solved later.

    The only question is..
    I used this recipe as cupcakes and (yields around 18 cupcakes) but why is the top of my cupcake super oily? freakishly oily to be honest..
    the inside was nice, moist and fluffy but the top was just too wet to be eaten without feeling yucky (I ended up eating the middle to bottom part only and threw away the top).

    Anyone experiencing the same thing?
    please help!

  62. The almost 5-star rating this recipe has is completely justified. The cake looks awesome and tastes out of this world. I’ve tried a couple of other red velvet recipes and none of them came close to this one. Thank you for posting this amazing recipe.

  63. Can this be made in a 13×9″ pan? If so, what modifications to baking time and temp?

  64. What will happen if I don’t ad white distilled vinegar?

  65. This was literally my first time making a cake from scratch – so that should tell you this recipe is not hard. I followed the recipe exactly, and the cake was INCREDIBLE. A tiny bit of cake stuck to the center of the pans, but only because I didn’t let them cool long enough – I think you just have to wait until they are just barely still warm. Anyway it was a non-issue, I just stuck the little bits of cake back on and covered it with icing. Oh also, I thought I was being heavy handed with the icing but ended up with at least a cup leftover – I brought it to the party in extra tupperware, and people went crazy for that too and just added more to their cake. :) I think I converted a few non-believers to the cream cheese frosting cult.

    This cake was HUGE hit, people could not stop talking about! Thank you, Monique!

  66. My nephew asked for a Red Velvet cake for his birthday on Tuesday. I came across several recipes but chose this one…Glad I did. This cake was the bomb!!! I am a pretty good baker but this cake put me over the top. Everyone was scrambling for more. Needless to say I now have to make two more cakes for work tomorrow…This one definitely goes into the recipe box, Thanks Lady!!

  67. No doubt a 5 star recipe. This cake is delicious and even more so the next day.
    Nobody should have any problem with this recipe if they follow it 100%. If you follow the metric system, Google for exact conversions.
    Things I would have done different:
    For the icing make sure that your butter is fully softened, if not you will end up with butter lumps.
    I would have put a thicker middle layer of icing (because it was good).
    I would have made the icing the day before and kept it in the fridge (it turns into a perfect consistency).
    I made the icing with no milk – it doesn’t need any. This recipe will leave you with an extra bowl (not necessarily a bad thing :) ).
    I also lined the pan with paper in addition to buttering and flouring, since the cake is so moist.
    I used 3 Tablespoons of the red coloring.
    Okay, gotta go back to the fridge!

  68. One word awesome

  69. Hi Monique, I just made the cake and it’s one of the best cake I ever ate, It taste just incredible and the color is perfect! My daughter want it for her brithday cake. Thanks for sharing (sorry for my bad english my first language is frendh)

  70. So i made my first ever double layer cake and first ever cake from scratch using this recipe. The BOMB!!! + the icing recipe given. I made it for Christmas and my family LOVED it. We ate it all up so I made another for the new year, again the BOMB!!! This recipe is a definite keeper!

  71. This recipe is wonderful! I followed it exactly and the cake was delicious!! I will definitely be using this again. Thank you so much for this. It was sooo moist and yummy!! <3

    I would also like to add that I don't think it's fair to under rate (or give a bad review on) a recipe if you didn't follow it right (I mean that's all your fault).

  72. Omg, forget best red velvet cake. This is the best cake I’ve ever eaten PERIOD. I used this recipe for cake pops and it was absolutely perfect. Tasted amazing, and let’s not ignore how easy this is to make. I’m having trouble getting that perfect red color because of the coffee and cocoa powder, but I will still definitely make this again.

  73. Hello. I want to ask. One cup is equal to how many gram?

  74. I have tried other recipes that I’ve found on-line for red velvet cake none compare to yours. Needless to say when I make this recipe for my family it doesn’t last longer than a day. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing Monique!

  75. Monique, do you know if anyone has tried this cake in a 13 x 9? I’m making it for a church dessert sale and I want to make it that size hoping it will go a little father. No one wants a sliver of red velvet cake and sometimes the round just doesn’t go far enough.


  76. I have never baked a Red Velvet Cake from scratch in my life! This recipe was so easy to follow and my cake turned out perfect! I used 3/4 cups of oil instead of 1 cup, greased two 9 inch pans with wax paper, and used only 1 oz coloring. Thanks for sharing!

  77. Absolutely delish!!! I used this cake recipe to make a “Red Velvet White Chocolate Cheesecake Cake” for Thanksgiving, this recipe was super easy and the best Red Velvet Cake ever!!! It got rave reviews from everyone, it is my go to red velvet. My babygirl will be making this recipe today, her first time making a cake from scratch. I think she will be able to pull it off because you made this so easy!!! Thanks DIVA!

  78. I used this cake recipe to make a Red Velvet White Chocolate Cheesecake Cake for Thanksgiving, it was super easy and the best Red Velvet Cake ever!!! It got rave reviews from everyone, it is my go to red velvet. My babygirl will be making this recipe today, her first time making a cake from scratch. I think she will be able to pull it off because you made this so easy!!! Thanks DIVA!

    • Rhonda, I wanted to try this for a cheesecake as well, did you find that the cake was to moist to go under the cheesecake layer? I really want to try this recipe because of the rave reviews and I love moist cake but not sure how it will hold up as a red velvet cheesecake??

    • Hey Rhonda,
      I was wondering if the red velvet layers are dense enough to hold up the white cheesecake layers. I found a recipe on Southern Living and the reviews said the cheesecake was good but the red velvet was nasty. I hoping to use this cake recipe

    • That combination sounds AMAZING! Would you mind sharing the recipe for that too?

      Monique, I’ve mad several other recipes on your site and I am now the gal they call when anyone has parties! I’ve spread your site to everyone who asks and even the most inexperienced have made miracles with your guidance!! I’m going to try this red velvet cake for Fourth of July, and then experiment with your yellow cake and some strawberries to make a strawberry shortcake cupcake. Wish me luck! And thank you so much for sharing your obvious joy and passion with us!!

    • I’m about to make the Red Velvet White Chocolate Cheesecake cake too. It calls for 3-8″ cake pans for the red velvet layers. Did you do that?

  79. I just made this red velvet cake and the cream cheese frosting a few moments ago. The assembled cake is chilling in the refrigerator right now. Can’t wait to taste it later. The crumbs and the frosting I ate while assembling were phenomenal so I know an actual slice will make my day. Thanks for the excellent recipe. I will be back on your blog to try several others!

  80. This recipe is GREAT! I have tried many red velvet recipes and this one hands down is THE BEST. I used 2 one ounce bottles of red food color to give it a deeper red tone. This cake is super moist and simply divine.

  81. This recipe was delicious, yes… but the cook time was wildly inaccurate. I had to make this recipe TWICE to get a successful cake. I ended up having to bake this cake about double the time (around 60-70 minutes) to get it completely cooked through the inside. This has NEVER happened to me while making a cake before.

    • Maybe check your oven bc I’ve been baking this cake forever and I usually take mine out a little before the suggested time. Did you happen to double or triple the batter? I’ve used multiple types of pans as well and I’ve never had that issue at all. If I baked mine even 40 minutes it would be dry and mostly burnt.

    • this may be due to your levener being non functioning. over time baking soda and powder will degrade. they are made from organic matter, sodium bicarbonate (seashells have this) but i digress. they can go bad, to test them drop a tablespoon of the soda or powder in a cup of water. if you see bubbles, its good, if nothing happens, then your soda/powder has aged too far to be a functional levener. this will produce a starch layer to dense to bake in a short time. just my guess

    • You might want to check your oven…it may have been off….

  82. Lovely recipe! Tasted divine too! I just wanted to know, why my top cake was crusty/crunchy at the top, but moist and soft in the middle and bottom. Please help.

    • You have may had the cake too high up in the oven. (If you’re using an electric oven that’s where most of the heat is coming from – the top). So the top of the cake becomes crusty/crunchy but the middle and bottom becomes moist because it’s getting less lower down in the oven.

  83. I have used different recipes before, but this by far is the best. Very moist with great flavor. If you are concerned about the coffee, don’t be. You can’t taste it. Used the cream cheese icing suggested. It was great also. Thanks so much.

  84. Hello, I made this cake over the last two years and today and everyone loves it! I had a question about the color of the cake that am I putting enough red food coloring in my cake because it comes out a darker red instead or the light red. It comes out like the darker cake headlining the red velvet cake recipe. How do I make it more lighter red? Thanks

  85. This is truly one of the best red velvet cakes I had. This was my first time making a homemade red velvet cake. It came out perfectly just like your vid. I appreciate your website so much! Thanks Monique! :)

  86. It turned out great!!..but i have a question,Why does my redvelvet cake turn dark?not bright red?is it the coffee or the redfood colouring?

  87. First time to try the recipe it came out PERFECT!!!! the instructions are so easy to follow. You can’t even imagine it was so easy to bake because its truly divine. Thanks for the recipe!

  88. Hi there

    Can I substitute the oil for mayonnaise in this recipe? I live at sea level.

    Kind regards

  89. I loved how this recipe came out. I made cupcakes instead of a cake. They were very moist and did not stick to the wrappers at all, which is usually a problem I have with cupcakes. The coffee is a great addition to the recipe. My only problem with the recipe was that it was not as rich as I had been expecting it to be? The coco flavor was very mellow, and that was after I added an extra tablespoon of cocoa powder. The only change I would make next time is adding even more cocoa powder for a more flavorful cake.

  90. Thanks! Huge success!!!

  91. OMMMGGG!!! Hands down the BEST I’ve ever tasted, every time I make this red velvet cake, everybody and they Mama loves it!! Thank you so much for sharing

  92. This cake is amazing! I have been asked to make it as a wedding cake. Would you be able to tell me the quantities for a 10″ cake which needs to be 12cm tall? Thank you!

  93. hi i was just wondering if i can use this recipe in making rainbow cake for my brothers birthday? and ow ive been mking red velvet eversince i saw this recipe and it is soooooo goooooood!!!! thank you soo much for sharing us your recipes =))) TAKE CARE AND GODBLESS

  94. I live in the Netherlands. I have tried allot of red velvet cake recipes and I gave up and settled the Duncan Hines mix. My hope is restored after reading how everyone thought it was moist and delish. I am going to bake to tomorrow. I am so exited. I am sure it will be as we say in the Netherlands “heerlijk”. I can’t wait!!!!

    • THE BEST RED VELVET CAKE EVER!!!!! Really, thank you very much for this recipe. It is moist, the taste is perfect I did put three quarters of a teaspoon of baking soda. I already got my first compliment. Now I want to try devil’s food, but on my next cheat day. Thank you.

  95. I entered this cake into my works bake off competition after decorating it to match the charity theme we were donating to. It won. The complementary comments came in thick and fast with one or two orders from my colleagues. My Managing Director said “It’s the best cake I’ve ever tasted”. Hi praise indeed from someone who loves cake. Thank you so much for this recipe. Not just because it won me the competition but because it truly is the best red velvet cake recipe. I’ve baked it a few times since, my family and friends love it. Anybody who wants red velvet should try this. By the way the coffee tip is a must. After trying this recipe I added some coffee to my go to chocolate cake recipe and it took the taste to another level.

  96. Will I have to alter the cooking time and heat if I baked it in a fan forced oven?


  97. AMAZING…so very amazing!!! After trying countless red velvet recipes I had almost given up…but I am so glad I tried this recipe! I made cupcakes and they are so moist and flavourful! I’m in love!! I am making cupcakes for a wedding and will be using this recipe!
    Thank you so much! :)

  98. This is a great velvet cake recipe, with a few small modifications. It is too moist, to the point of being gooey so I changed the liquids to 3/4 cups. Both the oil and buttermilk. I use French vanilla coffee, because, well, why the hell not? Who doesn’t like a little extra kick of vanilla? 1-2 oz of red gel food coloring is also WAY too much. You really only need about 1/2 oz. I never even tried the frosting because I already had my own recipe that is fantastic, but as a base, this cake recipe was great!

  99. Agreeing with every postive comment about this recipe.It wasn’t the recipe I was going to try but I am glad I did. Cut the recipe in half and made a dozen of cupcakes. They were the best red velvet cupcakes ever and I have tried many recipes looking for the one. this is THE ONE. Next day still very moist and delicious even without frosting.
    Thank you for sharing….Can’t wait to try some of your other recipe.

  100. Theeeeeeee BEST!! Super moist, great flavor, and you can’t even taste the coffee. LOVE IT!!

  101. Best red velvet I’ve ever had! I make these for work functions quite frequently…some with red food coloring, some without and these are always a hit!!

  102. I have been making Red Velvet cake for years but I decided to try your recipe. OMG…it is so moist and easy to make. I liked the addition of the coffee at the end. My husband raved about the cake and made me freeze a few pieces so we’d have it when family comes to visit. LOL One reviewer said it was dry…she must have baked it way too long….I kept checking every few minutes to make sure I didn’t do that. It is NOT dry! Thanks for a great recipe!

  103. I saw another Red Velvet Cake recipe which used a couple tablespoons of honey, I was wondering if it would make a huge difference to the taste of this cake?

  104. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Have been dying to try this recipe, was all set then realised I only had one cup of flour in the pantry. NOOOO!!! Literally couldn’t wait another minute though I had already put the apron on and committed to baking it.
    I halved the whole reciepe and made in 2x 10cm springform tins for a mini version and 6 cupcakes :)

  105. I loved your recipe and it baked to perfection. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful recipe and hoping to see more and more beautiful recipes from you.

  106. This cake is awesome. Nothing but rave reviews every time I make it. I only use a 1oz bottle of red food coloring. Definitely sift the cocoa. Also, I use two 9″ round cake pans. In my experience, this recipe does not yield very thick layers. I almost feel like I would need about 1/3 more batter in order to yield two decent sized layers. I do experience the issue with the layers being so moist that it is difficult to get out of the pan without tearing. So its not the prettiest looking cake I’ve made. Even with these issues, hands down this is the best red velvet cake recipe ever!!!

  107. How strong does the coffee have to be? I am not a big fan of coffee flavored things so I am leary.

  108. Normally, I’m not a fan of red velvet cake. However, this cake was very good. It actually made me a fan.

  109. OMGOODNESS! I tried this recipe yesterday and the cake came out so moist and fluffy! Its by far the best red velvet recipe for me! friends and families have also commented on how delicious this red velvet cake was! THANK YOU! next up I will try your devils food cake.

  110. Amazing. hands down, perfectly amazing! I have tried 6 red velvet recipes and i was ready to throw in the towel until my husband said to try one more search. I saw your site and i was hesitant because of the coffee.. but then again.. why not..

    Poof, i am now a red velvet official!! i made cupcakes though and they.were.THE.best.

    Thank you!!

  111. Love love love love love this recipe, I’m not good about baking and did a few cake mix box cos it’s easy. But this recipe was easy and delicious, thank you for the awesome recipe!!!!!! :D

  112. After a long internet search for the perfect red velvet recipe, I settled for this… Well I must say apart from the fluffy mess of this cake, I found the taste quite strong. Will try again next time without the coffee… And perhaps 1 spoon of cocoa powder.

  113. Freaking amazing. I make these into cupcakes and they’re a hit every time. Definitely my go to recipe, and I get lots of praise for it. Thanks millions!

  114. Freaking amazing. I make these into cupcakes and they’re a hit every time!

  115. could I leave out the cocoa powder and add vanilla to get a White cake?

  116. Hi. Can I skip the white distilled vinegar step?

  117. Hi there! What if I don’t have buttermilk? Can I substitute it with something else? Thanks~

  118. Wow! I will definitely be making these this Tuesday, my “baking day”. I will be making these into cupcakes. How many cupcakes would this recipe make?

  119. This was the best red velvet cake I’ve ever made! It stayed moist, light and fluffy. Great recipe! Everyone raved about it :-)

  120. Best cake I’ve ever made! I added an extra tablespoon of coco powder. Next time I will go up to 5 tbl of coco powder. I like to taste the chocolate.

    1 tbl of red food color is a gracious plenty.


    O……M…..G is really all I can say about this recipe !! When I tell you I followed this recipe to the exact T…I mean to the EXACT T and it was to die for. I made these as cupcakes (30ct) for July 4th and I had none to take home. I kid you guys NOT. The moistness and softness itself was a hit. Thank you sooooo much for YOU!!! I thank God for your blogs and website. I love cooking and baking now lol!!! Hunty you did that!!!

  122. I tried this recipe this morning with the cream cheese frosting exactly as they were written. Great results, super moist cake and creamy icing. Oh, I added a tsp of creme bouquet to the icing.

  123. I loved this cake recipe! My boyfriend loves Red Velvet cake, and he’s the kind that can tell if it’s made from scratch or from a box. I never made Red Velvet homemade, but this recipe was easy to fallow. The only problem I had was that the cake was TOO moist. It kept sticking to the pan. At first I thought that I had burned the cake to the pan, but after a second time I my mother pointed out that the edges weren’t burn, they were just sticky. I don’t think it’s the recipe’s fault, I live in the Panhandle of Florida, so it’s close to sea level and it’s very humid. Still, I think I’ll reduce the amount of coffee I’ll use next time. I love it, and so did my boyfriend. I can’t wait to try the icing!


      I too, also thought I should have put less coffee because of the extra moistness. But Id rather have it too moist than dry. Either way, my cupcakes turned out FANTASTIC and you can always reduce instead of having to add-which is bettr to me anyway loL!!

  124. I’m about to make this in cupcakes and a cake…lets see how this goes!!
    (making my coffee now)

  125. I love this recipe!. This cake is sooo moist and tasty!. I have tried several of red velvets recipes and this is the best one ever!. I am so happy I found a recipe for this type of cake and it taste very good!

  126. I’ve been using this recipe for about six months now I’ve done very minor tweaks to it and everyone love this cake thank you very much.

  127. Where do I begin? I wanted to challenge myself to making the red velvet cake for my dad’s bday. When I say my family went crazy literally they did. This was not only the easiest recipe but tasted better than I could have imagined. I also made your cream cheese frosting. My sister asked me to just give her the icing and she will eat it all by herself. LOL Monique you are a blessing to me with your recipes. My family thinks that I have gone off my rocker with my baking and cooking. I am so delighted to have found your website.

  128. This recipe is just perfect! I’ve been a baker all my life and was lucky enough to inherit a good ol’ southern lady’s recipe, and this is almost exactly the same! Only difference is she used shortening which makes a drier crumb, which I was never a fan of. I always add coffee to anything chocolate, since coffee and vanilla are from the same family that are flavor enhances to chocolate. I usually add instant coffee though, not the liquid. I am a HUGE rvc fan, and this is the best! Only thing, for the frosting I use 4 lbs of cream cheese, 2 sticks of butter, 3 tbsp vanilla paste and 7 1/2 c. powdered sugar. It gives me enough to frost about 4 dz cupcakes. Also, if you let the batter rest about an hour, the flour absorbs more and the cupcakes/cakes will dome up. Otherwise they are flat topped.

  129. All I can say is fabulous! I moved from Georgia 10 years ago and left my favorite bakery in Smyrna, their red velvet is second to none and I offered $200 for the recipe. So for 10 years I searched for a replacement and then I found you! What a great recipe, I have now baked your cake several times and to all out there who have had problems, don’t deviate from the recipe its perfect the way it is! Today I am baking your grandmothers pound cake for my Chicago friends as they love that southern taste! Peace & love girl!

  130. Could I use this recipe to make cupcakes? :)

  131. Hi. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us. I baked this cake today and it was really tasty and moist. But it was somewhat sticky in the mouth.I mean it had a sticky mouth-feel. Is it supposed to be like that or there was some flaw in my technique? Is there any particular ingredient when put in more or less amount makes the cake sticky? Please answer my query so that i can improve next time. Thank you :-)

  132. I was looking for a new Red Velvet Cake recipe to try and came upon this one. Made it yesterday and YES, it was super moist and so far the best recipe I made in terms of taste. HOWEVER, the cake collapsed. After we took it out from the oven the center part in both cake pans just collapsed. Any ideas why? We used 8″ round cake pans – it didn’t say what size, but since you wrote feeds 12, we figured 8″ should be just about right. Any suggestions as to why the cake collapsed would be most welcome. Thank you!

  133. Anyone that is wondering what size cake pans to use for this, I used two 9 inch cake pans.

  134. I have tried this recipe and let me tell you….I was a little skeptical about the addition of the coffee, but I tried it out and it really made the cake moist and it was awesome! It was the talk of Father’s day dinner at my house. I sent a big slice each for my mother and my sister and my mother loved it! She is not a cake person, so that saying something. She might have even eaten my sister’s slice as well. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe and I will definitely be using this recipe from now on whenever I need a red velvet fix :)

  135. I just pulled my cakes out of the oven, they collapsed at the edges…any ideas what I could have done wrong? I followed the recipe

    • my cakes collapsed! boo!! Wonder what happened. The cake itself tastes wonderful, I think Ill make a red velvet trifle instead of a layer cake.

  136. If I want to bake this in a 9×13 would it still be at 325 a d what would my bake time be?

  137. What size cake pans do I need to use?

  138. True to your word, the cake came out super moist and nice! So moist it broke as I tried moving it. (I made a regular cake and cut in half instead of using two pans). However, it has this sharp aftertaste. Is that normal with red velvet cakes? Haven’t had one before. Or is it because I made my own buttercream with vinegar and milk? Thanks.

  139. This was the worst recipe for a cake I have made in quite a while. And yes I can cook. Just goes to show you easy is not always a good thing

  140. Hi… I wrote this recipe down because I am going to make this cake for my dad on Father’s Day. I just had a question about the food coloring… I was wanting to try to make it blue. I didn’t know if it would turn out or not if I just switched the food coloring color or what. Anyone with any advice?

  141. The cake was good, but the frosting recipe was like soup, and I had so much left over I could have done 3 more cakes. The recipe calls for 4 cups of sugar to 20 oz (2-1/2 cups!!!) of butter and cream cheese combined. The recipe on the back of the icing package calls for 3 cups of sugar to 8 oz (1 cup) of butter. On that basis if I had added another 4 cups of sugar the frosting would have firmed up, but then I’d have enough frosting for the next 10 years.

    If I do the frosting recipe again I’ll use 1 cup of butter and cream cheese combined and 3 cups of sugar — the more traditional 3 to 1 ratio.

  142. Hi, just wondering how this cake would handle being frozen for a few weeks? I wont have time to bake this when i need it in 10 days time. Thanks!

  143. Hello can I know how many teaspoons of coffee in half cup of water ?

  144. CAKE PANS people! It’s been asked by dozens of people. Liz just asked a week ago and tons and tons of others have asked this one simple question too. Can SOMEONE just please take a moment and answer this very simple question. What size cake pans?!?! And any other info that goes along with the size would be greatly appreciated!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  145. Loved the cake!! Threw out the frosting…tried everything to improve it…tried the mint extract…to no one’s satisfaction. I thought maybe it was just not to my taste at first, but all agreed the heavy cream was not he way to go. I then used Martha’s standard cream cheese recipe and it save the day.

  146. is there an alternative for wine distilled vinegar? its difficult to find it in my area.

    • I assume someone answered this a long time ago, but just in case they didn’t…it is
      WHITE distilled vinegar…not “wine”.

  147. Hi, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE …… can someone reply regarding the cake tin sizes. Loads of people have asked but no one has replied. Come on those that have made this successfully – be kind and share the secret of your success.

  148. What size cake pans do i use?!?

  149. Never made a red velvet cake before. But it seems like a celebrity, festive cake and I am so-o-o-o excited to try it and add it to my repertoire. I also found a great cream cheese frosting recipe. Excited! Now all I need is an occasion! Anybody got a great peach cobbler cake recipe? What about a corn bread recipe?

  150. How would I alter the recipe if I wanted to make this into a sheet cake?

  151. How do I make the cream cheese frosting ? :)

  152. This is the first time I have ever visited this website and I have a confession to make. I have NEVER eaten or baked a red velvet cake and I am the baker of my household. My birthday is this Wednesday so I decided what the hell and am going to try something new. This recipe is fairly short and since I have no time for baking long things this seems to be the recipe for me. The one thing I plan on changing is red food coloring to blue and I hate cheese, even cream cheese, and even I know that’s odd, so I’ll probably find a butter cream frosting or something. I’ll post how it goes if anybody cares and I say GERONIMO!!!!!

  153. Hi.. can I replace veg oil to melted butter instead? (:

  154. I tried this recipe.It’s superb. very moist and tasty. I reduced the vegetable oil to 3/4th of a cup and since I was making it for an occasion, I skipped the cream cheese frosting and made some fondant decorations. It turned out to be delicious! Thanks for the recipe:)

  155. BEST RED VELVET CAKE EVER! I am 14 and my friend and I made this cake a few weekends ago. My mom tried some, (She doesn’t like cake at all) turned out: She loved it! She said it was the best cake she ever had. Also, we tried to do a “blue velvet” …turned out gray. >.< It still tasted great tho! I love this website, so much stuff to make simply. A++ Monique!

  156. i found that the cake did not work and did NOT GO RED so i was very disappointed and i will not be using this recipe again.

  157. I was looking for a red velvet cake recipe,for my cousin’s birthday at last I found it. And when I tried it the cake turned out very fluffy and nice!!! :)

  158. This is a perfect recipe. I use it on red velvet cakes and cupcakes and it’s always sooo delicious. Thank you!

  159. does it matter if the coffee is hot or cold?


      No, i tried both ways ( made 2 bacthes) and either way is fine…it will get hot anyway in the oven ;)

  160. Is 325 the right temperature? What about the diameter of the pans? Thank you!

  161. Hi… Can i use instant coffee powder to make plain coffee? If so,what will be the proportion? Thanks in advance…

  162. Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe. I have made it 5 times and it has WOWed everyone. Getting more requests for my family functions. You were absolutely right, the recipe never fails!!!!
    God bless

    Anna, Malaysia

  163. Hi, I’m gonna try this recipe at the end of the week for a friend’s birthday. I just have one question : which diameter did you choose for your pans to cook this cake ? Thanks a lot in advance for your answer !

  164. This recipe is fantastic! I don’t have much experience with baking; in fact, this was the first cake I have ever made, but it turned out wonderfully! I didn’t have any cocoa powder, so I just used hot chocolate mix and less sugar, which turned out just fine.
    Thank you thank you thank you Monique! You are my internet food-goddess!

  165. You go girl! This recipe turns pout perfectly every time! You really can’t mess it up! The coffee gave it a really full flavor and it was super moist as promised! Thanks again!

  166. Hi Ive been meaning to try this recipe for a while. But i was meaning to ask if In sted of vegtable oil i could use olive oil? I’ve just started baking so sorry if its a dumb question but Thank you (:

  167. My search for a good red velvet cake recipe has finally come to an end. This seriously is the BEST red velvet cake I’ve made — and I’ve made a lot of cakes! I made for a colleagues birthday last week and everyone raved about it. Thanks for sharing :)


  169. How many cupcakes does the batter make I have a friend whom Im making cupcakes for and really want to know.

  170. Great cake- the coffee really made it moist. I ran out of red food coloring…so I used blue as well….for a purple velvet cake (which looks like chocolate cake…haha). Since I couldn’t find what size pans to use, I used the ones I had- 8in pans. They did rise a bit over, BUT a 9in pan would solve this issue I think. This cake is REALLY moist…so be very careful moving it around. I was really afraid it was going to just fall apart. Thanks for the recipe!

  171. Oops, I guess I forgot to rate the recipe. Five stars for sure. :-)

  172. The best Red Velvet Cake I have ever tried. And the more amazing is that I was the one who made it. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe.
    I wonder if I can use the same recipe to make a chocolate cake. If yes, how much more cocoa should I add without losing the moisture of the cake?


  174. I don’t even like cake and this is YUMMY!!!!!!!! I have to twerk the ingredients and cooking time becauce mine kept coming out sunken in the middle but once I did..OH BOY! Still can’t get my cakes from sticking to the pan though. I’ve made this cake at least 20 times trying to get it right! My husband loves it.

  175. I made this recipe into 24 cupcakes and it was sooo moist and tasty :D Thanks so much for sharing. Other people said that their cupcakes turned out flat and stuck to the wrappers, but that didn’t really happen to me. They really did turn out perfect. Will definitely make again!

  176. This recipe looks amazing. I will definitely be trying it soon. What size cake pans should I use? I currently have 9″ pans, will that work?

  177. I was looking for a Red-Velvet Recipe for a 90th birthday cake and Google brought me here….but I am glad it did!, it was one of the best cakes I have ever tasted and that was echoed by everyone who ate it!, I baked two double sized cakes and they both turned out perfect, we had some leftovers for nearly a week and it tasted as moist and fresh as the day it was baked!….thanks for sharing!!!

  178. This turned out absolutely awful!!! I am never using this recipe again!

  179. Hi I was wondering if I could add an extra 1/2 cup of flour to the recipe to have it a bit more sturdy and keep the same flavor. I wanted it to be a little denser more pound cake like?

    Thank you,
    Love the recipe as is..but just wanted to see if anyone has done this :)

  180. Can I bake this in a 13 x 9 pan. If so, how do I adjust the timing? Having a small party and want to make 2 different cakes. I figure a sheet cake will probably serve better.

    • I’ve made this cake 2x as a 13×9 cake instead of a round. Rather than doubling the recipe, I 1 1/2 the recipe and made a double layer 13×9. I baked for the same amount of time.

      Also, I second all of the positive compliments for this recipe!

    • I just made this cake like 10 minutes ago, in a 13×9 inch pan. I cooked it at the temp suggested (325), but it took considerably longer than 30 minutes. I checked it at that time and it was really wobbly in the center, so I had to hurry up and close the oven door and let it keep cooking for an additional 15 minutes (it probably could have stayed in there another 5 after that). Its now cooling on the table and it looks and smells good, although it kinda deflated just a bit in the middle (maybe that extra 5 minutes). I have been baking awhile and baking cakes in this oven for some time. I have baked all sizes with 13×9 being the largest (smallish oven), and have not ever had a problem, but this is my first time making THIS cake. I hope it tastes as good as it smells….. Hope this helps…..

  181. how long should i cook it for if I am making mini cupcakes? Please respond, I am dying to try this recipe out!

  182. I was wondering if there is a way to make it three layer? I like tall cakes. :)

  183. hey there…really excited to try this out …just wanted to ask if i can use normal milk instead of butter milk …will it work fine ?

    • famz, I’ve used regular skim milk every time (and I make this cake often) with no problems. Always moist, fluffy, and flavorful.

  184. i made this cake numerous times and its delicious but the problem that i am having is it keeps sticking to the pans when i try to take them out. I end up having to make them all over again! please tell me what i am doing wrong?? i tried cooking it 40 min thinking that it wasn’t done but the same darn problem…. please help diva im so frustrated :(


      Hey diva, try using less coffee. The coffee tends to make it very moist-which we like-but a little too much can have it stuck to your pan. The cupcakes that I made were so good that I was scraping the insides of the cupcake liners with my fingers to get it out and eat it LOL. (dont judge me). Good luck!

  185. I tried the recipe and it was GREAT ! so soft nd it tastes like the bakery’s cake . I just wanted to ask there was a bit of a salty taste! what should I do ? is it too much salt? or is it the food color? (it’s powder) or is it the vinegar ?

    THANKS AGAIN ur recipes rock !

  186. I’ve always been interested in red velvet cakes..thought I’d give it a try next week or so!! I bet 100$ that it’ll turn out moist and awesome like everyone says <3 xo

  187. I am sorry but I simply do not get this. Why would anyone put a bottle of red food coloring in cake batter? It doesn’t have any taste, does it? Is it just for looks? I have NEVER understood this. Could someone please explain??

  188. I’ve tried this recipe, 3 times, as cupcakes as 1. the middles always collapse and 2. the edges get hard. I checked at the 15 min mark and they were way underdone. Set it for 5 more minutes, still underdone. 3 more minutes later, finished. Seems that, as they sat, the edges hardened? Never gets a great dome, in the middle – just immediately bakes flat. I’m a fairly accomplished baker so not sure what’s going on? Maybe this recipe works better just as a cake?

  189. This recipe is amazing!!! The coffee made it so moist but it didn’t make the cupcakes taste at all like coffee which made me very happy because I’m not a fan of coffee. I sold these cupcakes at a bake sale and they were gone super fast and everyone loved them! Thanks for the recipe, I can’t wait to try out some more :)

  190. I have tried different recipes for red velvet but yours test amazing super super moist and every body love it

  191. Well i must say It’s AMAZINGGG !! First time i made it didn’t turned out that good but the next time it turned out AWESOME !! My grandfather just simply loved itttt !! He gave me gift for making this deliciouss cake <3 Thank Youu !!

  192. Please help. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I really want this recipe to work. i love the flavor so much that I have just tried to make it for the third time and every time I end up with the pans overflowing and making a mess of my oven and then it shrinks down to half the size of the pan when i pull it out to cool. I have tried varying cook times just to triple check that the cake is cooked through even though the toothpick comes out clean. I desperately need a red velvet that makes people say “Oh My God”

  193. Hi there,

    I was wondering if I could use your video for my English class – my ol’ girls just love to bake!
    I’d just have to take your video and put some subtitles in.
    Maybe you could even mail me your video? This way I wouldn’t have to download/hack it *sweat*.

    Best from Germany

    PS: Maybe I can organise a kitchen and I’ll bake it with my language course – but only after I’ve done it myself.

  194. Really so much food coloring is not healthy at all…
    Love this recipe but will do it without color. Thank you

  195. Made this cake for my bunko group and they loved it. This is the only recipe I will use for red velvet. The cake was beautiful with a rich dark red color. Thank you Monica for sharing!

  196. Monique, you do not know how happy I am that I stumbled upon this recipe. I love to bake but had never made a Red Velvet cake because I was always told how dry they were. So when I decided to tackle one (at my husband’s request), I specifically looked for one that claimed to be super moist.

    I tried your recipe tonight and followed it to a T. I must say that you are “the bomb” and “the truth”!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! By the way, I just made the cake this evening for my family, and it is already half gone (I swear, no lie)!

    Keep doing what you do; you are AWESOME!

  197. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I used your recipe for my second shot at baking RV because I didn’t like the first recipe i used. Yours fantastic!!!! It’s so moist and chocolatey!

  198. I have made Red Velvet Cake for over 30 years and used my grandmother’s recipe that was past down from my Aunt. I decided to try this one this past year , wow it was the best cake I’ve ever made. The coffee was the thing. I’ve never had so many to say how moist it was. I am sold on this recipe, will never use another recipe again. My granddaughter I know will pass this on like I did my grandmothers ( but changed it alittle.) Thank you so much for this recipe.

  199. TOO GOOD! I made this cake in heart-shaped pans for Valentine’s day. Now, I’m not a pro baker by any means, but it seems like even I can’t mess up this recipe! Beautiful color, very moist and rich. My boyfriend and I ate half the cake this weekend alone. I followed the recipe exactly, frosted it with the Kraft Recipes Philadelphia Cream Cheese icing (just cream cheese + butter + powdered sugar), and then covered it all with a simple heavy cream and semisweet chocolate ganache. Unfortunately I sent the cake home with him, and so there’s no more left for me! :(

  200. Not bad! I had higher hopes for this cake, but it didn’t turn out the way I had planned. :-(
    It was moist and yummy! The plan was to layer them and frost them like you did, but the cake didn’t rise much and was quite oily. Though i greased and floured the pans, the cake still stuck to them! I didn’t mind much at all, because they were so moist I scrunched them up into cake balls, without adding a thing! They turned out nice! Everybody liked them. I even altered this just a bit and made a good vegan cake with this recipe. I liked this cake, and I’m sure I’ll make it again! Thanks!

  201. Buttermilk is not available in my country , how can i make it at home ? and secondly i can’t see frosting’s recipe or we have to put simple cream cheese on the cake ? and we have to prepare 1/2 cup coffee first and than pour in the mixture or we have to pour coffee granules in the mixture ? Please do reply , waiting .. Thanks !!

  202. I actually have a question. Does this really taste like a red velvet cake or is it a cake that has the color red with a chocolate taste?

  203. This is THEE best red velvet recipe ever I’ve made it so many times and everyone who eats it loves it so simple yet delicious truly THE BEST. I’ve made cakes, cupcakes and cake pops with it <3

  204. Hi I wanted to know if anyone has added extra flour to the mixture and how much. I am trying to bake a princess cake doll and need the base to be a bit sturdier? I love this recipe..the flavor is awesome and so moist and delicious otherwise. I used it to make cupcakes.

  205. I’ve never made Red Velvet Cake before and this one sounds delicious! I was wondering if I could add in some chocolate chips to this cake?

  206. I have to be the one voice of dissension. I haven’t had trouble baking cakes before, but this one didn’t turn out. I thought the batter looked a bit thin, but figured it was supposed to be that way. Baked until the toothpick was clean, but it won’t come out of the pan, and it is nice and sunk in the middle. The batter is too wet. And since I am baking in the middle of winter in the northeast, can’t argue the humidity made it that way. So much for my wife’s birthday cake :-(

  207. If this recipe were to be used into a cupcake form, how many minutes would it take to bake and how many cupcakes would it make?

  208. Hi
    Am cooking this cake today… I have heard that a 1 cup measure in America to a 1 cup measure in Australia (which is where I am). I can convert between ounces and millilitres / grams as required.
    Can you tell me the ounces/millilitres you have used in the recipe for 1 cup, 1 tablespoon, and 1 teaspoon, please?
    Thank you

  209. THE BEST red velvet recipe EVER! I’ve tried a few recipes which usually fail miserably. But this cake was AH-MAZ-ING! Thanks for sharing! :)

  210. I made this cake for my boyfriend’s families Thanksgiving dinner. His cousin said it was the best cake he had ever eaten, and he looked like he had a few. My boyfriend took one bite, looked at me and said, ” You are never allowed to make this cake for anyone other than me, ever again.” So I am making Valentine cupcakes for just him, tomorrow. That’s some kind of amazing cake! Thanks for experimenting!

  211. Hi…great video! Important question about the coffee. Do you add HOT coffee into the batter or cooled coffee?
    Thanks! I’m gonna try this recipe soon!

  212. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I have made a cupcake version and a regular 9 inch cake version. They both came out AMAZING.
    BTW, for the cupcakes, I had to keep it 5 minutes extra for it to cook through.
    I was looking for a good red velvet cake for a long time and I have finally found it. This is the first and last red velvet cake recipe I will try.
    Everyone loved it. Thank you again. I will making this cake a lot more now that I have found the perfect recipe.
    BTW, do you have any good chocolate and vanilla cake recipes that are not overly sweet?

  213. Good recipe. The cake is moist.

    I’m in Florida, we’ve made the cake twice and both times, we’ve had to bake it for 60 minutes (as opposed to the listed 35 minutes). That may be because we used a 9″x13″ pan.

    Flavor is as good as any red velvet we’ve had.

  214. HI!
    thankyou so much for this recipe!
    i made it and it came out wonderfully!
    :D it also is very pretty
    looks very nice and professional after its been iced :D

  215. I just had to jump in here and say THANK YOU! I pulled this recipe up at the grocery when I decided I want to make homemade. My stepson and his wife were coming over and he loves red velvet cake so I gave this a shot. I used canned icing however, as I was running low on time. THIS CAKE was a huge hit! It’s truly fabulous! My husband is still trying to figure out adding how adding coffee works (for some reason this seems odd to him HAHA). For anyone attempting it…the batter seems too thin and I kept going over everything after I poured it into the baking pan thinking I had left something out. I baked a 9×13″ one layer cake…at 35 minutes the middle was totally liquid and I was panicking but at 50 minutes the toothpick came out clean and it was perfect (and I would suggest checking at 45 minutes too as my edges WERE just starting to get a little TOO done, but not hard or anything). In any case, it’s been a week and my husband is still raving about the cake to anyone who will listen so there you go! Definitely my new one-and-only recipe for this cake!

  216. The best RV cake I’ve ever had – now, how can I change this into a Black Velvet Cake? Would all of the ingredients remain the same except for the food coloring?

  217. I made this cake last night as a surprise for my GF.
    Let me just say it turned out perfect! I am to stranger in the kitchen and I’ve pretty much mastered baking from scratch
    But this recipe is amazing! From one cook to another i a VERY impressed and satisfied! The chemistry is perfect!
    The coffee us a nice twist! This is my first try at a red velvet!
    It’s awesome! Only thing I will do next time is amp up the red
    Food coloring! Yummy!

  218. Somehow the str rating thing didn’t work for me.. but needless to say, it is five stars!

  219. I will NEVER try another red velvet cake recipe! This is the best cake I have ever had or made and I have made hundreds! Thank you:)

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    Love this yummy recipe……..
    Thanks for sharing….

  221. And I totally rate this a five star

  222. This is the best red velvet I’ve ever had! After I tried this for myself I knew I’d use is always, so it’s my go to recipe whenever I get red velvet cake orders from friends and family. I refuse to use any other recipe…in fact I need to know if there is any way I can turn this into a cookie recipe…I need red velvet cookies lol but I just cant bring myself to use an actual RV cookie recipe..I’m just way to picky…so with all that said…is there anyway I can convert this delicious cake into cookies?!!! Helppppppp!

  223. I wouldn’t recommend the frosting you suggested. it tasted way too cream cheese-y and was too rich for my liking. but the cake is absolutely amazing. i will never use another recipe.

  224. The best red velvet cake ever…. seriously… it makes me want to try every other dessert recipe on your site… and i will. White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake is next!

  225. What size cake pans? And can you use canola oil to replace vegetable oil

  226. I have been looking for a good recipe for red velvet and it was the best decision to choose this! I made it as cupcakes and it really did turn out well! It was super moist! My mom loved it but she doesn’t really like how sweet it was. Do you have any advice on how I can make it less sweet? Thank you very much!!!!!

  227. This may sound silly but can I omit the vinegar part? Not worth me buying it for a teaspoon. Can I just use white vinegar instead? Thx!

  228. Holy cripes! that was the best red velvet cupcake ever! My friends actually asked where I bought it :) I’m stuck making red velvet cupcakes for them :3 Oh well… I’M SOOO IN LOVE with this recipe!!! Thanks so much for sharing it

  229. Hi I’m oumena from Pakistan , came across your blog and loved it , tried this recipe at home. It was super moist and luscious , will definitely make it from this recipe every time I make a red velvet cake , two thumbs up !

  230. i have to know how much coffee will i use in proportion to the half cup of water.. is it a teaspoon? pls let me know so i can get started. plain coffee means no sugar?

  231. I have to admit, I was a bit of a skeptic when I came across this recipe. Typically I like to follow recipes on sites like Food Network, but due to the lack of satisfaction on their red velvet recipe, I was left in the dark to find a new concoction for homemade red velvet. I began to search frantically, as I needed a reliable recipe for my boyfriend’s 16th birthday dessert. This happens to be his favorite dessert and his mom is an amazing cook and baker, so as you could imagine, I had some competition! Haha. He normally enjoys everything I make for him, but he said this was one of the BEST red velvet cupcakes he has EVER tasted! I would recommend this recipe to anyone; the cake was so moist and the icing was just delicious. The batter came out a little runny, but in the end, it baked to perfection- and I only used .25 oz of red food coloring and the cake still had a nice red color to it. I used instant coffee instead since I didn’t have time to boil coffee in a pot and everything still ended up tasting fine. In fact, I brought these cupcakes into school and EVERYONE was impressed, even my cooking class teacher! Thank you for helping me make his birthday treat amazing:) I will definitely be using this website for a yummy Valentine’s Day surprise and many more special days to come!

  232. I am officially a covert to your recipies. Thanks so much for real world ingredients and recipies that don’t require a chemistry degree or ingredients that no one ever heard of before. I made this cake and was sceptical about the coffee (love the smell hate the cake and never heard of it for moistening) and I was wowed at how great it was. I am known for my scratch German Chocolate cake and added coffee to it with the same great results. I have several recipies that I am going to try and know it will please my family. It is hard to please a man who is a much better cook than I am but now I have a fighting chance. Thanks so much.

  233. I just tried this recipe and it was THE FIRST cake I’ve ever made from scratch, and I’m telling you it was GRREEAAAAAT!!!!! My mother loves red velvet cake and asked me to make one for her birthday. SO glad I found this one on your site!!! The whole family raved about it and my husband is already asking me to make another one. THANK YOU for an amazing recipe.

  234. I made this cake for my brother-in-law birthday but he never picked it up so my family & I ended up eating the cake and I must say I’m glad he never made it around to pickup the cake. my husband & kids loved the cake it was my first time making a red velvet cake from scratch. The cake was so delicious & moist I alternated the recipe a little by adding a little more sugar and used less food coloring. So far it is the best red velvet cake I every had & the cream cheese frosting is the perfect frosting for this cake.

  235. Hi , I’m oumena from Pakistan , wish me luck coz I’ll be trying out your recipe fr the first time tomorrow on my son’s seventh birthday, I’ve never tasted a red velvet cake in my life ,let alone baked one , but I was surfing through YouTube and found your video , loved it , i really love your recipes and videos , everything looks so delicious ..and you make it look so eay ..

  236. Rico the Puertorican Male Diva

    All I can say is that this recipe was the bomb. Almost better than sex. I’m a single gay male, I live alone and rather cook at home rather than eat out. I love baking. I tried a boxed red velvet cake and ended up throwing it away. This cake however beats any bakery red velvet cake I’ve ever bought. I used French Vanilla Capuccino coffee. Monique, you are the best. Thanks Girlfriend!

  237. I was searching the Internet for a Red Velvet Cake recipe to make for my Mother’s 76th Birthday. I was a little shocked with the combination of coffee, vinegar and buttermilk. However, I made the cake, and made my own version of Cream Cheese Frosting. My family went nuts over this. My oven cooks hot, so i reduced the heat a bit and kept checking on the cake every 5 minutes. The cake was extremely moist and flavorful. Thank you for your blog and your recipe!!!!

  238. Humbled!! During the Christmas holidays, we were delivered 3 different types of cakes af work and everybody could not believe how exgremely amazing they were especially the red velvet..so much so that I called the sender to find out the origin!! Was not looking for this recipe but ran across it while searching for fondsnt ideas for my daughter’s bday cake..after viewing video over 60x, I made it today. Let me say, I am humbled! Even after all the exceptional reviews, I still did not believe it would be that good, but I WILL NOT MAKE ANY OTHER RECIPE!! Taking the leftovers as cupcakes to work tomorrow:-)

  239. RE: Coffee in the recipe…

    This is an old bakers trick. Coffee intensifies and deepens the flavor of chocolate while disappearing in the cake. Don’t skip it.

    You can also buy espresso powder and it really kicks the chocolate flavor up.

    I’m looking forward to trying this recipe. I’ve been a professional cake decorator since 1974. I’m doing my son’s wedding cake and he and his lovely girl requested red velvet cake. Oddly enough I’ve never made one before. Everything else but not RV.

    So as I was reading different recipes the coffee in this one cinched my decision to add it to the 4 or 5 recipes that I will be testing for them.

    Thank you and I’ll let you know how it works out!

  240. I just want to say I made this amazing cake for the first time for a friend for a birthday. The next day being today, I made a cake for me and my boyfriend. We love it. It was easy to make.I did look at a lot of cakes and reviews. This one just stuck out. I took advise from the reviews with the icing and decided not to add the milk until last. So I would get what I was looking for. It was moist and fluffy and melt in your mouth delious :) I will be using this again. Thanks so much. I am excited to bake this amazing cake :)

  241. very good, made it for Christmas and sprinkled some crushed candy canes on top of the icing. can’t taste the coffee. definitely moist but I had a little difficulty getting it cleanly out of the pan, even after generously greasing them (probably because it was so moist)…maybe if I cooked a little longer it would have helped. my only problem was the icing, I used the icing recipe you recommended but mine was a little thin/runny (good, just not the fluffy icing I had hoped for). I put the cake in the fridge to firm the icing which helped a little

  242. I tried this recipe for Christmas. I was quite skeptical about the coffee, however, I followed the recipe completely. I must say it was a huge hit. I received such comments as “now this is a real red velvet cake” and “this is the best red velvet cake I have ever tasted”. And the best part was, it was very easy with little mixing time and no sifting. I had to share with my daughter as she is the red velvet cake baker and her recipe required more work. Thank you very much for sharing!

  243. This was the best cake ever. Thank you so much! My husband doesn’t really like cake and he had two pieces. : )

  244. I made this twice for Christmas, a sheet cake and cupcakes. I have used other red velvet cake recipes in the past and they were kind of dry. This recipe by far is the best and most moist that I have made in the red velvet line up. Great flavor and the frosting is super. My search is over for a moist red velvet cake recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  245. For years I have made Red Velvet Cake, but always used different recipes because I was never satisfied with the result. This recipe was the one that I have been searching for! It was moist, fluffy and slap somebody good. It is a keeper. Thank you so much!

  246. PS- I only used 1 oz red coloring and that was plenty. I watched your video beforehand and noticed that you did too.

    again- AWESOME cake!!!

    I almost cannot believe I like RVC now. lol.

  247. okay, I have to admit, despite being a true southerner (born and raised and 99% of my family never left) I never have liked RVC and could not understand why all of a sudden it’s so popular (I live overseas now and there is a red velvet craze going on here). I’ve made them before and swore never to again as it was just a ho-hum type of cake…plus I just always thought it was tacky too for some reason.

    Then I saw your recipe. I knew I had to try it as it contained coffee and my amazing chocolate mud cake recipe has it as well…made your RVC twice now and it is AWESOME! BAM! That cake is Ah-May-Zing!

    Even my husband, who doesn’t even like cake in general, was in awe of it. I’m going to check out your other recipes as I do miss some southern cooking! Thank you so much! You’re a great baker!

  248. I made it for the Christmas and it turned out just perfect as shown in your pic. I have also used your cream cheese frosting recipe and its perfect too!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  249. I made this cake along with the cream cheese icing last night to have for Christmas day. I was so afraid to try this recipe, but OMG…it was amazing. Everyone loved it. Super moist, great color…I almost can’t believe that I baked it! I will definitely be making this cake again. The recipe was very easy, and did not require as much product as some other cakes (like pound cakes). Love it and highly recommend it!

  250. Hi, it’s Christmas Eve and I just made your red velvet recipe…I made cupcakes. My family loves them. Thank you soooo much for making me the BEST baker in the family. I’m planning on making your white chicken chili for new year’s and for the super bowl!!!!

  251. I made this last week and it was a winner. I am making it again for Christmas. Thanks.

  252. Oh my dear diva, you made my day! This year again I made red velvet cake (again using your recipe) for my husband’s b’day and this time, it is even better than last time. It is soooo moist and yummy…just perfect, I think we both are going to finish the whole cake today itself! This is a foolproof recipe and nothing can go wrong if followed as directed. The only difference was I used self raising flour instead of all purpose flour (so did not add baking powder and salt) and used lesser amount of sugar. I used a different cream cheese frosting in an attempt to make it slightly healthier (using tofu) but I don’t think the frosting in itself tasted great.
    Thank you soo much for the recipe! God bless

  253. Have you ever used any natural food colorings in your cakes?

  254. I made this cake seeing all the fantastic reviews and it turned out far too sweet!! I don’t know what I did wrong. I put exactly 2 cups of sugar. And I also made the cream cheese you suggested to go with it and it was headachingly sweet and the two combined I just couldn’t eat it at all. I even put less sugar than required in the frosting(400g instead of 600g). I used icing sugar for the frosting but the texture is extremely grainy! Help!!! I’m so disappointed it went wrong I feel it must’ve been something I did

  255. Hey, just wanted to say that I made this recipe for a Halloween cake and everyone loved it. It was a severed head cake and won most frightening, but it was also most delicious! I am making cupcakes for Christmas! So excited! I wish I could share the photo of my winning cake, it was sooo cool!

    Thanks for the great recipe, it is the only one I will use for Red Velvet cake!

  256. I’ve been making red velvet cake for years, trying various recipes. I was in search of a new one and stumbled upon “divascancook.com”. I’m not even gonna lie – this recipe really is the best. It wasn’t even just the super moistness that made the recipe – I believe the coffee really brings out what cocoa/chocolate. So the combination of the moistness, plus the depth of the chocolate made it nice…real nice. Great job.

  257. I love red velvet cake and am eager to try this recipe…I would like to know if i can make ahead, refrigerate for a day or 2, and frost on the day I want to serve it..

  258. Just one more thing i forgot to mention, we used 2 small jars of the red food coloring, out of the cake supplies at WalMart and they have them that say no taste red coloring. And there was absolutely no taste of coloring. It is a gel not like the bottled red food colorings on the baking isle.

  259. My Granddaughter (11 yrs old) is in 4H and she is going to make this cake to be entered in our County Fair in January. She has made this cake 2 weekends in a row. The first one she make a couple mistakes, just in the steps, nothing that messed the cake up. last weekend when she made it she did the entire cake with no errors. We have a cookout the first wekendand she was told not to try any other recipes, that this is the one. My son, her Father that usually doesn’t eat sweets had her make this cake just for him! Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe, and let’s hope she gets a blue ribbon on this one!! We haven’t tried he frosting recipe yet, that will be this weekend. i am glad i have read all the reviews, we need to be able to pipe the icing so she can decorate, so now I know if runny to add some flour. i will check back in with you in late january 2013 to let you know if it was a winner. It sure is a winner at my house with all my company and family already..

  260. The icing was a little runny but I wont add milk next time. The cake itself is fabulous

  261. I’m trying this for Christmas but using my mothers recipe for whipped cream frosting she has made since the 50s. Not whipped cream at all and my favorite over cream cheese frosting any day.

  262. Thanks heaps for this recipe it is true to the title best ever ever red velvet. i just made this and it came out awesome easy to make, very moist indeed and great flavor
    thanks so much

  263. Honey, I don’t normally bake but my we celebrated my boyfriend’s sister bday today and she loves red velvet cake so I decided to make her one from scratch, first time mind you…I came across your recipe and thought she is from NC so she must definitely be able to burn and your recipe was a hit! Everyone loved it self included! Thanks you! I shall be using more of your recipes.

  264. I’ve never before left a response to a recipe I have tried from the internet. A true southern girl here, born and bred, and let me tell you…I have tried everyone’s red velvet cake and then some! I thought my own was pretty freaking good until this one caught my eye. I just finished my first cupcake and I have never before had anything this delectable. EVER. It was light, fluffy, rich and just melt in your mouth goodness. My recipe for the frosting is basically the same only I use the confectioners sugar one cup at a time until I get the perfect taste. I don’t think I have ever used 4 whole cups…maybe 3 and a half at the most. But then again, I don’t like overly sweet icing. All in all, the cake recipe here is OUTSTANDING. Bravo!!!

  265. just made this used this recipe for my 11 year old sons birthday today and it was a huge hit…. the last red velvet cake i made was a disaster the recipe was so complicated!!!! but this one was so simple yet soooooooo delicious!!! and that cream cheese frosting! omg! thanks so much for posting this and making my sons b-day a great one! :)

  266. It was awesome! I’m African-american and my husband adores to cook, so when i found your site, we cooked a gigantic dinner. It lasted for three days straight!

  267. Just wanted to say that I made this cake and seriously within the first five minutes, made several mistakes. However, this cake is SERIOUSLY fool proof. My best friend and I ended up coloring it green and had pink cream cheese frosting. It was a good birthday LOL.

    It was super moist, and one of those cakes that just get better as you leave them in the fridge. It absolutely did not taste like brownies for me.

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I’ve been asked to make it for the upcoming holiday parties! :D

  268. Hi Monique, just wanted to tell you that I am very grateful to you for sharing this amazing recipe. I really liked it, the best I’ve tried so far. Thank you! Greetings from Colombia

  269. Honestly, I can’t stand Red Velvet Cake. It is my husband’s favorite so I made this for him for his birthday yesterday. I tried a little piece and was an instant convert. It was absolutely perfect, moist, light yet rich… wow. My only modification was the cocoa. I’ve NEVER found myself without cocoa in the house, so I didn’t even bother looking for it until I had begun baking. I had to improvise and used bittersweet chocolate grated on the finest setting. I omitted 1T of the fat to compensate. I was really nervous but it came out really well! So now I’m a Red Velvet Cake convert and I learned a new substitution! :) This was a win-win. Oh, and hubby said it was the best cake he’s ever had. That’s saying a lot!

  270. I have been making red velvet cake religiously for all of the holidays that is very similar to yours. I went out on a limb and made yours…giirrrrlllll let me tell you I don’t even LIKE RED VELVET CAKE!!!! I tore that cake up…is there any way you can figure out a 3 layer cake recipe because it looks prettier as a 3 tier cake, also I dressed mine with pecans and that cake was PURE FIYAH!!!! I couldn’t stop eating the crumbs and the frosting wasn’t even on yet…lol I had to put patches on the cake from me eatin’ chunks out of it lmao!

  271. Cake is lovely, frosting is awfully runny. Unusable, in fact.

  272. hey i just wrote this recipe down going to try it for christmas this year.. im going to use green food coloring for the icing and white cake writing for drizzle and chopped chocolate for top :D i never baked a homemade cake in my life,so i hope i turns out good lol wish me luck…
    i need to know bout the vanilla.. comments says 1 teaspoon but ingredients says 2 so which one? ty

  273. Hands down, the BEST cake ever. I wanted to try making this cake for my family for Thanksgiving. I don’t eat or even like red velvet cake (so I thought) and ended up almost eating the whole thing by myself.

  274. THE BEST EVER….. This was my first time on your site and my first attempt at making a Red Velvet Cake from scratch – phenominal……moist, tasty, the best. It was easy to follow the instructions and there were no problems – I made this for Thanksgiving and today (two days later) I am now making the Sour Cream Pound Cake on your site….. THE BEST!

  275. OMG!!! This cake was the bomb and the video helped as I was able to see how the cake should look after each step. I made it for Thanksgiving and had to make another one the very next day….love it love it love it

  276. hey u r a real diva………..i made the cake today……..super awesome………so moist and just like what we get from stores……….but i just had one problem !!!!:) the cake turned brown instead of red…….anyways first trial and superb…..my hubby liked and even my 2 year old daughter!! planning to make it again for her birthday this december …
    thank u so much!!

  277. This really is the best red velvet cake ever! The first time I made it, I must have put too much coffee because the cake came out too moist, the cake even broke :( but the second time I made it I used the correct amount of coffee and it came out perfect. My husband and I aren’t really cake fans but we were eating this cake for breakfast :)

  278. Just tried this recipe, the cake tasted like brownies.

  279. WOW! Super Duper moist! Easy and super delicious. I would like to recommend parchment to line the bottom of your pans. Makes it lots easier to remove from pan. Otherwise, wonderful recipe! I love it!

  280. Monique, thank you sooo much! I have NEVER made a red velvet cake before and I was worried because I couldn’t find any recipes with rave reviews…before this one. I took it to work today for a coworker’s birthday and everyone loved it!!! People were making up words to describe how good it was ’cause nothing in the English language can quite capture it! Amazingly moist and DELICIOUS!

  281. I love this recipe and have used it for cupcakes successfully many times, however, not sure what has happened but I tried to make it an 8″ cake tonight and it sunk in the middle!! Help!! What could I have possibly done wrong? I didn’t bake it in layers, just put it all in one tin, is that perhaps the problem? Hope you can help me. Regards, Laura

  282. this was my first attempt in making red velvet and it came out divine. Made it for my mom’s birthday. Everyone enjoyed it. It was moist and delicious ! Excellent recipe. Thank you 

  283. U said to use coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I don’t anything about it. What kind of coffees should I use? I also don’t own coffee pot so can I use instant?

  284. What size cake pans, 8″, 9″, 10″?

  285. Hello,
    Looks like a delicious cake and i would like to try it out. I have 2 qtns:
    1) how large should the cake pans be, and
    2) is there a substitute to buttermilk? as i dont think i will find buttermilk here or else i never noticed it on the shelves :(
    Thanks :)

  286. I want to make this recipe but live in the UK. I went shopping bought a set of 4 measuring cups but I was wondering can I measure both dry ingredients (flour, sugar etc) and wet ingredients (the coffee etc) with the same set of measuring cups? Or is there a special measuring cup just for liquids? Any help would be appreciated!

  287. YUUUM! I CAN’T WAIT to try this!! Both mine and my boyfriend’s fave is red velvet!!! I’m a bit of a healthier food nut though, so I’m wondering if this can be lightened up (ie- subbing applesauce or yogurt for the oil, baking stevia for the sugar, egg whites for the egg)? Please help!! I’m new to baking, so any/all help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!!!

  288. Your recipe is excellent. It’s indeed a very flavorful, moist, and appealing cake. Many of my friends told me that the cake my wife and I baked was the best of all the red velvet cakes that they ever tasted. Thank you.

  289. I really really loved it…..It was off the Chain yeeeeesss sir……Miami FL

  290. This cake was awesome! Super moist and delicious, it’s the best red velvet recipe I’ve ever tried.

  291. I was very skeptical of this recipe because of the hot coffee but after searching many other sites, i decided to try it. I was so happy i did! It was delicious. I was nervous about the cake actually baking properly because the batter is so runny but after 30 mins, my cakes were fluffy and moist. Definitely going to be kept in my recipe box!

  292. I used the quantities stipulated, but landed with a ‘chocolate’ color red velvet cake! What shall I do differently to ensure the ‘red’ color comes through. The taste and texture was awesome, just the color needs to be perfected now. Any suggestions? Thanks Urquidia

  293. One word…awesome!! My family loved it!!

  294. I was really nervous making red velvet cake for the first time so i read over 20 recipes but kept coming back to this one. I was skeptical of the coffee but since i was making it in the morning (actually while drinking my morning cup of coffee) i figured what the heck!! I was also nervous while pouring it into the pans because it was extremely thin and runny. To my surprise, it baked beautifully and the taste was amazing! Because of the cost of red food coloring, i only used 1 oz and it was a nice red color. I also just soured milk myself (using 2% milk and vinegar) instead of buying buttermilk. I used my own recipe for the cream cheese icing and the cake was a hit. I especially enjoyed it the following morning with my cup of hot coffee.

  295. Recipe looks great but could you use melted butter instead of vegtable oil?

  296. Ok I just ran into this recipe by chance, and I decided to try it …it came out beautiful, delicious and “Moist” :Dnobody believed that I actually did it ..the only change I made was using purple color instead of red ^_^ .Thank you sooooo much from Egypt :)

  297. I made this cake over the weekend and it tasted great, however it fell apart when I took it out of the pans. I didn’t flour the pans I just used cooking spray. Do you think that is what caused the issue? I have to make 2 of these for someone this week and I don’t want them to fall apart again.Please offer any advise you can. Thanks

  298. Hi All! So excited to try this recipe! Does anyone know if you can save the batter?? :)

  299. Just put mine in the oven – it’s my first time making RVC, but I have a cast cake to make for a play about 1920′s Hollywood and RVC was the first thing that sprung to mind and I ‘m determined not to chicken out and use basic yellow cake. I used paste food color (I had it to hand) and ended up with a lovely rich wine red batter. I added an extra tbsp of cocoa, and made myself some ‘perked’ coffee for the recipe. Very simple recipe, and I’m hoping it turns out like the Oiled Chocolate Cake I used to make as that was delicious and moist (and moreish!)

    I used a single deep square tin, @35 mins still liquid. Same @60 mins, except very risen in center. Turns out 1hr15-20 mins is about perfect. Very yummy and moist.

  300. Nomie (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

    I’m Nomie from Malaysia. Baking has never been my passion, until I found your Blog.. SUPERB..!! Monique- you really a Diva!!! All these while, i thot only those graduated from Culinary school can make such lovely cakes..
    But, since i found your blog, i dont believe that view anymore!! Anybody can bake, YES!!!
    My fav recipes – Carrot Cake & Red Velvet. (i replace Vege Oil with Unsalted Butter for both recipes.) Awesomeeeee.. Monique, You’re the Best!!!

  301. LOVED IT!!!!! Absolutely the best red velvet cake I have ever made! I have used the same recipe for years and wanted to try something different. I stumbled on your blot and saw the reviews. For your red velvet. My recipe is almost identical to yours but there is no coffee. I thought this might make it interesting. It took my red velvet cake to a new level! I am hooked on hour blog now because of this. Thank you so much for sharing.

  302. After browsing through several sites, I decided to use your recipe to make red velvet cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday. It was a hit! Super thank you! It was the best – super moist, red, and chocolatey! You were right about the coffee!

  303. Was wondering if the vinegar is really important could not find it anywhere? thanks

  304. This cake was awesome!!! My husband just loved it.
    This recipe has no complaints from my side.

    This was my first cake that i baked :) n it was perfect.

    Will definitely make more cakes :D

    Thank you so much.


  305. I would like to make this red velvet cake but I don’t want to make a big one because I want to do a trial run first. so I want to make a small heart shaped one or make about 6 cupcakes. how much do I need to cut this recipe down in order to do that

  306. First off let me just say I love your recipes! I make your Mac n cheese all the time and everyone loves it. I have been searching for the best red velvet cake recipe and am SO excited that you have one! My Fiance loves red velvet cake and I want to suprise him with a home made one for his birthday. Cant wait to try this. I’ll let you know how it goes, thank you!

  307. The best indeed! Definitely a keeper! Thanks so much for sharing the best RV cake recipe!

  308. I made this for a family bday party and everyone * LOVED * it! I just got a call from my SIL, that my nephew asked if I could make the cake for his bday on Sunday…i’m so flattered! THANK YOU MONIQUE!!!!!!!

  309. Hi..I was just wondering if we put the coffee in hot or about room temperature?


  310. Hi

    I made this recipe and did them as cup cakes rather than a big cake. Although very nice they seemed to stick a lot to the paper cases I uses. Do you have any suggestions on how I can reduce the amount the cake sticks to the case?



  311. Judging by all the rave reviews, this recipe must be superb! This is a dumb question, but I’ve never made round cakes before and have to go buy some round cake pans (unless I decide to do cupcakes with these!) Could you tell me what size round pans you used? 9 inches?

  312. Hi from sunny South Africa. I made this cake to your instructions and it was FANTASTIC.
    Have to bake two more next week.
    Loved the tutorial and found it very usefull!!!

  313. I made cupcakes with this recipe! It makes about 2 dozen cupcakes, but I ran into some problems! The first batch that I made looked like they were rising just fine, but then flattened out onto the rest of the pan instead of going upward! The consistency of them was chewy and a little oily… So for the second batch of I added a few tablespoons of flour to the remaining batter, they turned out a little better! I think that next time I’ll be adding an extra egg and a half cup of flour so that they’ll rise a little better. Any other suggestions?

  314. Hey! The cake looks amazing and i am going to bake it next weekend but i was just wondering what size cake pans you used?


  315. I made this cake for a co-workers birthday and received so many compliments and future orders LOL… Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe :)

  316. Hey
    What size cake tin should I be using? I need to bake a 26cm cake and not sure if this will be to much/little for each layer??

  317. I would like to know if I can use sunflower oil replacing vegetable oil… and also can i use self-raising flour instead of flour, baking powder and baking soda…. Thanks for ur reply…

  318. Hi…how many minutes would you bake cupcakes? How many does the recipe yield? Lastly, how high should I fill the liners??

    Cant’ wait to make this recipe..I have been through 10!!

  319. My cake came out great, the only problem was that the cocoa and coffee made it too dark and when I added my blue food coloring it turned out a very ugly dark green.
    So I guess you can’t really make it any color…

  320. Great recipe. Someone i know has been this selling recipe. I just had to.
    Check it for myself
    And yes it’s the same.

  321. Great recipe, thanks so much Monique… Just a quick question, is there a way I can reduce the moist? Mine came out very very moist. Please advise what ingredient or part of the process that makes it moist?

    Thanks Again!

  322. if im making this into cupcake about how many cupcake can i make…thanks!!

  323. I made this cake yesterday and it was devilishly delicious. the only thing is that it sticked at the bottom of the pan ( – not that i didnt enjoy scraping the crumbs) and for some reason the cake inflated then deflated. It also came up a little too sweet , maybe because i used caster sugar instead of the regular sugar?
    I don’t know what i did wrong any suggestions?

  324. This recipe is without a doubt the most delicious thing I’ve ever baked. I have never written a review for anything before, but i felt compelled to write on your blog how amazing this is. Holy cow! It’s beyond good. I made them into cake pops and they were so popular with my friends and family, I’m getting requests to make them for birthdays and events! Thank you for sharing!!! AMAZING!

  325. I can’t thank you enough, I live in Australia & I did not know what all the fuss about red velvet cakes were about until I discovered your fabulous recipe. I have made the cake & cupcakes which have made me the talk of the town & people want more, I followed the exact method & measurements & everytime they come out perfect, use cupcake liners for cupcakes & fill half way as they do rise & use a vanilla cream cheese frosting & they are super moist, fluffy & devine!!! Always set your timer for 18-19 mins & they will always come out perfect!!

  326. i’m definitely gonna try this!

  327. Hi. im just preparing to make this cake the first time and i came across your recipe. Since i am in the UK, i would just like to check the oven temperature, to be sure. 325 should be equal to 160 degrees in electric oven?

  328. This is such a foolproof recipe, especially with the video!
    I halved the recipe and used less sugar (3/4 cup) and it turned out perfect! If I were going to make this for my family on a regular basis (very likely) I would probably keep using less sugar and skip the food coloring. I will use the food coloring for celebration cakes and for gifts.
    It is my first time commenting on a recipe but this is well worth it!
    As an amateur baker, can you explain the purpose of the different ingredients (vinegar, coffee, buttermilk, baking powder/soda)? I can’t seem to taste any of that in the final product…

  329. This recipe and of course the supporting comments looks GOLD MEDAL good. Would it work for cake truffles, balls or cake pops?

  330. Hi Diva! Thanks so much for the recipe. I was raised in Louisiana living is Atl so my blood bleeds red (velvet) :). I do need you to clarify the cake pan size. I think if you are going to use 2 cake pans, they need to be 9×1 1/4. 3 cake pans if using 9 1 1/2? I used 2 of my 9 1 1/2 pans and it overflowed into the oven.

    Please clarify and thanks SOOO MUCH for sharing

  331. I just made this recipe as cupcakes, and it was a disaster! There are so many great reviews, I was sure I did something wrong, but I went back over the recipe and I followed it to a “t.” I haven’t tasted them, but they didn’t rise at all. They’re still liquid and flat in the center, even after 30 minutes. I even put some extra batter into a small, shallow ramekin and baked that along with the others, and it turned out the same. When I stuck the toothpick in that one, it just disintegrated.

    I don’t know why this happened. I’m a pretty experienced baker, and I followed the recipe exactly. I’m sad it didn’t work out, since the reviews give the impression this cake can move mountains :). I’ll have to dump this batch and try a different recipe.

  332. Hello Monique. OMG thanks so much for the recipe it is for sure Da Bomb! I had the pastor and his family over for dinner and made the red velvet and had a cupcake centerpiece in my table. He has a couple of teens and I thought they’d enjoy red velvet cupcakes. Can I tell you they loved them! So peeps if you are looking for a cupcake that is a gourmet cupcake without paying 3 bucks a pop, Make this recipe…
    Now the frosting.. it was too watery and I could never get the consistency right even after 3 hours of refrigeration. I will have to work to perfect that. SO I can pipe it pretty like the upscale bakeries do. Thanks again mil this will be the ONLY red velvet cupcake recipe I bake….

  333. It is my sons birthday and he wants a red velvet cake and I decided to find a new recipe. I will let you know how it goes.Ryan I recommend 9 inch cake pans that is what I use.

  334. I had a similar experience to Adrian (above) in that both sandwich tins overflowed during cooking! They are 7″ tins, so bear that in mind when following this recipe!

    Could someone just confirm the temperature this should be cooked at? I converted the 325F to 160C (I’m in the UK), but I have a fan-assisted oven, so does this temperature need reducing further still or is 160C still OK?

    I then had an issue with the cake coming out quite brittle around the edges, although still lovely and moist. The edges didn’t hold together well at all. Not entirely sure why, so if anyone has any idea, please let me know so I get it right next time. I did grease the edges of the tin, and left the cakes in the tins to cool fully.

    After cooling, I then made the schoolboy error of making the cream cheese frosting with one tub of full fat Philadelphia, and one tub of half fat Philadelphia. The frosting was really runny. My mum tells me that I should always use FULL FAT cream cheese, and it was my calorie-saving effort that led to my problem!

    All in all, my first effort turned out to LOOK a total mess, but it tasted GORGEOUS. Will definitely make this again. If anyone has any tips to improve my next effort, please reply to this comment :-)

  335. So, I made this today. It went perfectly up to step 8. Then, I don’t know what happened – it seems to have risen, overflowed, poured onto the bottom of the oven and collapsed. What a mess! Well, I stuck it together with the cream cheese frosting and my bible study group loved it!! The colour and texture and flavour was fabulous. I suspect my pans were just too small. So Ryan, I suggest you make sure you have slightly bigger pans that I used.

    I should mention that I’m a Divo, not a Diva. And come from the deep, deep South – South Africa.

    This is a recipe I will definitely do again! Thanks so much

  336. Oh and can I make it into cupcakes rather?

  337. Hi there. I really want to make a red velvet cake and it seems as if people really enjoy this one BUT I do not drink coffee! So that brings me to my question, can you taste the coffee in the cake and how necessary is it, can’t I replace it with something else?

  338. i’m going to make this for a friend’s bd..but i have a question. how big is each cake pan? thank you !

  339. Hi, i’m from Malaysia and i’ve tried this recipe but it taste bit bitter.. Is that normal? I used a bottle of red food colouring but it turned out as dark red.. Btw, the frosting is so yummy..thanks for the recipe.. :)

  340. It’s the first time I made a red velvet cake and it turns out really great, I love this cake it’s so moist…… I cant’t find words to say……
    Thanks you for sharing the recipe…

  341. The flavor in this cake is excellent! I made them in cupcake form and they came out pretty flat. The cake in your video didn’t rise much so I don’t think I did anything wrong. This will be my go to recipe for cakes but any suggestions on how to get a nice dome using this recipe for cupcakes?

  342. By the way 5 stars for you! Applaud applaud applaud!

  343. OMG! This cake is sooo delicious! I baked it just a while ago and the result was gorgeous! Super moist and the taste is heavenly. Thank you very much for sharing

  344. Hey! I decided to make this cake for my friends birthday. I followed the recipe exactly but the sponge has turned out orange? I used one whole contents of the red food colouring (38ml) and the mixture was bright red before it cooked. Do you know why this could be?? The cake itself tastes amazing! Thanks :)

  345. Hello Diva,

    This is my first time writing in to anyone’s site that I have gotten a recipe from. I made this red velvet recipe in hopes of finally knowing what all the hoopola is about “red velvet”

    I did not read any of the reviews on here before I copied down the recipe so I didn’t go into this with any negative or hyped up thinking.

    When I first made the cake I didn’t care that the batter was runny because I make a chocolate cake where the batter was loose just like this one.

    Instead of doing a cupcake I did cupcakes, I was being so fast that I seemed to have skipped over some of your instructions ( too darn fast lol) so I cooked the cupcakes for 40 min…yes cupcakes for 40 min!

    When they were done out of the 24 I was only able to save12 because the rest of the bottoms burnt. I tasted it aboutb5 min outta the oven and I just didn’t care for the cake I thought it tasted funny and wasn’t sweet. The top was a oil hard and the baking cup pulled off most of the cake need,ess tonsay I didn’t like it point blank period.

    My 17 yr old daughter and mom like it but not me. S I had planned on taking the remainder of the cupcakes to work so I let them sit in the cake keeper overnight. I frosted them with cream cheese frosting in the morning and went on about my day.

    When I got to work around my break time I decided to go ahead and try it and Diva I have to say I WAS SOOOO WRONG!!!!! These cupcakes made a lover outta me they were solo moist and sweet and flavorful.

    I was really surprised especially since I over baked them. I recommend anyone who is looking for a moist beautiful cake/cupcake need not look any further.

    Sorry this was soo long but I had a story to tell..lol

    Thanks Diva :)

  346. Everything you said about this cake is true! I needed an awesome recipe and this cake along with the frosting knocked it out of the ball park!!!

  347. as a 14 yr old who often messes up under pressure…these things are awesome!!!!! i made some cupcakes today…bliss and i made some for camp the entire sheet was done in about 5 minutes. my cousin who usually disses my cooking ate 5 large squares. thank you for this wonderful recipe.
    definately a favourite

  348. as a 14 yr old who often messes up under pressure…these things are awesome!!!!! i made some cupcakes today…bliss and i made some for camp the entire sheet was done in about 5 minutes. my cousin who usually disses my cooking ate 5 large squares. thank you for this wonderful recipe.

  349. I made this red velvet cake using 9 inch tins. It took 50 minutes to cook and it was delicious! I served it with white ganache rather than a cream cheese frosting. I want to make a red velvet wedding cake using 6″, 9″ and 12″ tins. I have tried making a 12″ cake with the amount of ingredients in your recipe and it was cooked at the edge but not in the middle even though the skewer came out clean. The centre, althoug it tasted nice was rather solid. I am afraid that cooking it for much longer will burn the cake. I wondered if the mixture is too wet for a large cake.
    Have you any ideas?

  350. I have tried many, many, many different recipes for red velvet including Cake Man Ravens. This is waaaaay better!!! I love, love, love this recipe. My family says to keep this one! Made cake before now I’m gonna try cupcakes for my 10 yr old birthday in a couple of days!! Thanx so much!! Love what u do!!!

  351. Hey there. What size cake pans are you using. Thx

  352. simply delicious! I made them as cupcakes — very literally the best red velvet cupcake I have ever eaten.

    thank you for generously sharing this recipe — I plan on making it a family tradition.

  353. if i cannot find buttermilk, is it ok to use milk instead?

  354. How much is the cup you use? Im a little confused on that? Like you say 2 cups of flour but how many grams/weight or size is that?

  355. the best cake ever and quite simple. the cake batter was very runny but turned out superb so moist and beautiful. The frosting was excellent as well a bit runny but delicious. next time will make them as cupcakes. I believe the key are using oil and coffee. thank you

  356. This is such a fantastic recipe for an amazing cake !!!!!! Love Love LOVE IT !! You made it look so easy, I have shared it will my friends, and just love it. Today I made a Blue Velvet Cake, and my husband said its the best cake I’ve ever made :-) but I think that next time when I use a dark colour that I will only put in half the amount of food colouring. Thank you soooooo much. Christchurch New Zealand is smiling more than ever now :-) :-) :-)

  357. First time baking anything ever, and I was looking for a good red velvet cupcake recipe and I found yours snd its s success!!!!! I am so confedent of myself right now, and those cupcakes where so flyffy snd moist! Me like!!! Thank you so much.

  358. I stand up to applaud!!! This recipe has made me look like a top chef! Please continue to share your recipes with us.


  359. Ohhhh Myyy God! This is THE best red velvet cake EVER! I’m making a batch for a baby shower and just tried my “tester” cupcake and it stopped me dead in my tracks. It’s THE most moist cupcake I’ve ever eaten! The flavors blend perfectly. It came out more of a deep burgundy red rather than a bright red even after a whole bottle of red food coloring and several toothpick heaps of wilton coloring but that’s fine. And if it were me, to cut down on the sugar, I could totally eat it w/o the cream cheese….it’s THAT good of a cake, alone. AMAZING! *bows to the diva cake god!*

  360. I would like to use this recipe to make cupcakes. Could you give me some guidance on how to convert the measurements for making cupcakes.


  361. Forgot to say thank you!!! I especially loved your helpful video on how to make this — perfect! I appreciate you sharing. :)

  362. I have been in search for a red velvet cake for an upcoming Clifford party. But I have never made, or even tasted red velvet before! So when I made this the other day, I felt like I hit the jackpot! The cake batter was so easy to make and was absolutely delicious! I doubled the recipe and made a three layer 5 inch cake and many cupcakes. My whole family loved them and I haven’t even made an icing yet. I plan on making a Swiss meringue buttercream and I may add a little cream cheese to it. Right now the cake layers are in the freezer just waiting to be assembled and decorated. The only modifications I made were that I used 1/4 cup less oil because I ran out and it worked out great. I will probably do this next time too (and there will definitely be a next time). And, it seemed to take longer in the oven than the recipe says. It was a tiny cake and I had it in for about 50 minutes.

  363. I tried this recipe to make cupcakes for my wifes B-Day. The batter was extrremely runny, I was able to pour from a a measuring cup. The consistency was slightly thicker than a cream based soup. I followed the recipe exactly but something is not right. Is the batter supposed to be thin? Has anyone else had similar results with the batter? I will try one more time but was dissapointed with the results.

  364. CORRECTION: OMGoodness!!! After literally years of searching for the best Red Velvet recipe. I have finally found it. The only things that I will change for the next time is the icing (I think I like buttercream better) and allow it to cook a little longer. This IS the recipe for red velvet!!!!!! Thank you.

  365. OMGoodness!!! After literally years for the best Red Velvet recipe. I have finally found it. The only things that I will change for the next time is the icing (I think I like buttercream better) and allow it to cook a little longer. This IS the recipe for red velvet!!!!!! Thank you.

  366. Hello all the way from Malaysia!~ ^_^

    I made this cake last Sunday and the outcome is soooo great!! I tried few recipes before but yours is the best, the rich flavor and what I like most is the moist texture. This would be my favorite RV cake recipe and even had an idea to put some coffee in chocolate cake recipe.Wonder how it taste and would it be moist as this cake…

    Anyhow…thanks for sharing this recipe ^_^

  367. 325 degrees Fahrenheit or Celcius? I’m assuming Fahrenheit?

  368. I made this cake for my grandson’s 12th birthday, he loved it, every one said it had great flavor. My granddaughters were over and they helped make the cake, so they were so happy when they got to taste the finished product. I didn’t use the cream cheese frosting but used butter-cream, kids enjoy the butter-cream, ok adults do too. thanks again for this wonderful recipe

  369. What size pans have you girls used? My first cake is baking right now and oozing all over the sides of my 9″ cake tins!
    In other words, some of this glorious ruby richness is going to waste on the oven floor and not in my tum!

  370. hi
    what about the milk in this recipe?? i did not find it or any liquid …i making it now with the milk and im waiting the result…..

    thank u very much for this great recipe

  371. I never leave comments, but this was so good I HAD to come back. I pinned it too! I made cupcakes for my little one’s first birthday – they were the BEST CAKE I HAVE EVER HAD! Not even the best red velvet cake – the best cake period. Wow. I think my dad ate 4 cupcakes and took one for the road. Thank you for making me look like a superstar to my family and for starting a new family birthday tradition!

    • Oh, and I was worried about how thin the batter was at first too, but it cooked fine. I filled the cake cups about 4/5 full and baked for 20 mins. One tray was fuller than that and I put them in for an extra 3 mins right after I turned off the oven. I can’t wait to try them with jumbo cake cups!

  372. I ought to find you and smack your momma personally! My neighbor whole house, everyone within voice range at work, my roomate, her children and boyfriend… that fat guy I hate at work and a stranger… lol ARE IN LOVE WITH THIS red velvet cake… no joke! Thanks so much!!! All the way from NC (where ever you are) THANK YOU!

  373. I just made this, following your recipe and not only does it look exactly like your cake, but it is delicious! The cake is so moist and fluffy, I love it!

  374. Used this recipe for the 2nd time on 7/3/12 except I made cupcakes. Very moist and very good! Thank you for this awesome recipe! Love it!

  375. Wow! Found your site from a Google search, guess it was my lucky day! I am a new baker and had a request for a Red Velvet Cake, which I had never made before and this was the 3rd recipe I tired and by far the best. I also love that you have the video. I did not use your recipe for the cream cheese icing because I already have a great recipe but that also looked good. My customer loved how moist the cake turned out.

  376. I have just started trying to make red velvet cake after being in teh states for 6 months. when I tried your recipe it tasted great, but it keeps sinking in the middle with the big cake and cupcakes. any advice how to stop it sinking?

  377. I’ve tried loads of red velvet recipe, from the published Cake Man Raven one (I think it’s a fake recipe!) to the super complicated one on Joy of Baking. Let me just say that this is FAR superior to all of them!!!!!!!!! The cake definitely comes out more moist (other recipes use butter) and fluffy! I tasted the batter before it went in the oven and was afraid it would taste too much coffee, but it was PERFECT! You don’t taste the coffee after it bakes but it definitely adds an extra layer of complexity. I found the frosting recipe to be too runny for immediate piping so may follow another reviewer’s advice and use cream cheese straight from the fridge. VERY excited and will definitely make again!!!! This recipe yielded me 42 mini cupcakes. :) Only tip I would add is that the cake did rise quite a bit so I only needed to fill my container halfway.

    • Hahahaa…you don’t think Cake Man Raven published the right recipe???…lol…that is highly possible. However, I did try his recipe and it was the bomb diggs!!! That cake was sooooooo moist it didn’t last a good 30 minutes. People were eating that cake before dinner. And most times I don’t allow that! Lolol..but those jokers were begging! Smh…So I do have to admit that Cake Man’s recipe is top notch even if he is leaving something out of the reicpe! The Diva’s cake is still pretty awesome! Paula Deen has a good one also….but I must say Diva is up there at the top! This lady should have her own show!

  378. I’ve made this cake a couple times before and love it but I’m going to attempt to make cupcakes with this recipe, and was wondering if anyone has any tips?

    • I made cupcakes the other night. For the regular size, I used the cupcake papers but not for the minis. Not sure if it made the difference but I know that the the regular size cupcakes tasted a lot better than the minis…more moist! The recipe did not require any tweaking.

  379. Hi, I want to use this recipe for my son’s birthday, but I was curious about the size of the pans. I have 8 and 9 in but I wasn’t sure which one you used. Thank you!

  380. Can someone please tell me how many cupcakes this would make?! I need to make 24 tomorrow.. hopefully someone can get back to me!

    • First time making red velvet. I made cupcakes. Incredible recipe.
      The batter was so runny I thought I was making pancakes but it’s perfect. I only used 0.3oz food color and it was fine. I’ll try beet juice next as I’m not thrilled about weird chemicals in my home made stuff.
      The recipe made 4 dozen mini cupcakes and 1 dozen regular sized. I think the minis took about 15 mins at 325 while the regular sized took more like 22.
      Yum – am eating them straight out of the oven!

  381. Hi, Sounds like a fantastic recipe. But I’d like to try it on cupcakes. Anything I should change in cooking time/temperature for doing this on cupcake moulds? Thanks!

  382. Hi
    I would love to try this recipe out, just one question. What’s a good red food colour.

  383. Hi, your recipe looks great and I would be making it for my hubby’s birthday. I have few queries: (a) How much coffee should I use to make 1/2 cup I generally use 1/2 tsp. (b) I live in Karachi which is humid and its hot like 104 degree F so will the cream cheese frosting will be ok or will it be all running. In case this frosting wont do can you suggest some other for such extreme climate. Thanks a million.

  384. This is absolutely delicious!! So moist and flavorful!! The only change I will make next time is to line the pans with parchment paper and grease. This is the first time a cake wouldn’t come out of the pan for me. I finally got the layers out and then just removed whatever didn’t come out of the pan and pressed it into the layer. Trust me, frosting covers up any mistakes!! Oh, and the frosting! The best cream cheese frosting I have ever made!

    My husband has never eaten red velvet cake and after trying this, he’s a fan!

  385. LUUUUUUUUUUV this sooooooooooooo much lol. Bake this at first was not sure about the coffee but man oh man me and my little lady enjoyed these cupcakes. thanks so much for sharing 5 stars for me

  386. hi! it’s look yummy. thanks for the great info. i really want to make the red velvet by myself. thank you for helping me. what a great website!

  387. Nice picture, it looks very delicious… thank you for sharing great recipes…

  388. I have try this recipe together with my daughter and it turn out to be very hard and solid. Would you be able to advise us what we have done wrong. We have follow every single step in the recipe.

  389. one word for this cake recipe….. AWSOME!!

  390. Can’t wait to try this cake. I have a red velvet groom’s cake for this weekend and I have just never found a perfect recipe. And I have tried many! I’ll let you know….

  391. Hey,
    I am a young girl and I love this recipe, I have one question thought Do you taste the coffee? I dont like coffee, thats why. Thanx I hope you wil reply.

  392. I don’t usually leave comments on recipes, (I never leave comments, actually), but I HAD to leave a comment on this cake recipe! You’re AWESOME!!! This cake had EVERYONE at my brother-in-law’s birthday dinner wanting more! My boyfriend and I don’t even like red velvet cake and we both had our fair share of this one! I have my own cream cheese frosting recipe (16 oz. cream cheese, 1 tbs. vanilla, 2 c. confectioner sugar, 1/2 lb. butter) and I use cake flour instead of AP flour, (I always use cake flour in my cake recipes.) but other than that, I followed this recipe to the T and it baked up the most moist cake! The hint of chocolate from the cocoa and coffee was pure perfection!!! Thank you sooooo much for this recipe! I will DEFINITELY be trying some more recipes from your site!

  393. I added 14 drops of red coloring and the cake was not red but brown so next time I will use more as well as a mixer since I did not have one at hand.Husband did not like it but everyone else said that it tasted good (was my first time making it).Will definitely make it again since it tasted so good!

  394. Angie: Absolutely loved this recipe, I live in Australia and I did not know what the fuss was about with red velvet cakes & your recipe was devine, made 24 cupcakes and first time baking this recipe and it turned out just as described. Topped with my own vanilla cream cheese topping now everyone wants more. I followed exact measurements and they were perfect no defaults and I am not a professional. Much appreciated I now a great baker thanks to your recipe! I am going to try the cake for a friends son’s birthday next week!

  395. Simple ingredients are available here. Cake is delicious. I’m adding it to the cafe menu as cupcakes. The video really helped my young baker to make her first stacked cake. Thanks.

  396. The very best out there, super moist and not complicated to make. This is a keeper! Thanks

  397. I have been doing a small amount of research for red velvet cupcakes. Have been reading all of these great reviews and will definitely give this recipe a shot. I love the coffee idea and hope everything turns out great! I am making them as cupcakes for my sister’s wedding. Suggestions on oven temp and cooking times??? Thank you!

  398. How many cupcakes will this recipe make?

  399. OMG!!!!!!!! This is THE MOST AMAZING Red Vekvet Cake in the Universe! After having tried a number of red velvet recipes (including some by very famous folks) I could not come up with a cake that was moist and delicious no matter what I did. Well, let me tell you — this is IT!!! Somehow the buttermilk and vinegar combined with the coffee make it moist without the cloying sweetness of other cakes. It is PERFECT and will now be my go to cake :) Thank you so very much for sharing this delicious recipe!

  400. I am going to make this for my sons birthday cake, he is turning 2 and his dad decided that he needed a red velvet cake. I am thrilled to see so many good reviews and will let you know how it came out. I have a red velvet affectionado coming to the party, so I will also post HER thoughts on it. I like the coffee in it, I recently make a chocolate cupcake recipe with coffee in it and was AMAZED at the results, so I am looking forward to baking with coffee again. I will use my standard tried and true cream cheese frosting with this, I think the simplicity of the frosting would go well with the cake.

  401. This was my first red velvet cake ever and I made it for my son’s 2nd birthday party and it turned out great ! (I skipped the coffee since it was a kid’s cake). Thanks so much for the amazing recipe.

    • Hi….the coffee in the cake does not affect you in any way. Any caffeine or impurities will burn off and all that’s left is flavor. Just thought you should know that…it really adds to the flavor of the cake. I make it for my nieces and nephews all the time….I do have a different version that doesn’t require coffee and it’s the bomb diggs also…but this Diva does have an amazing recipe….. :)

  402. what size pans did you use.

  403. this is indeed the BEST red velvet cake recipe ever!!!!!! so light and spongy… =)

  404. hey
    can i substitute apple sauce for the vegetable oil to make it low fat?

  405. I loved this recipe, have been looking around for a great recipe for red velvet cake and i must say this is the best one i have found. My first time i made this cake it was a hit that everybody loved it was finished in a day. Everybody commented on how moist it was, I used this recipe for the cake, cup cakes and this is such a great recipe for cake pops. I omitted the sugar by 1/2, stil turned out great! Thankyou so much for this recipe that you shared.

  406. It’s been said over and over, but this recipe is amazing!!!! I made it for the first time last night for a birthday at work and everyone was racing about how moist and delicious it tasted. A lot of people said it tasted much better than red velvet cake they’ve bought from stores and bakeries and tasted much more authentic. I used cake flour so I did have to add more flour and I also doubled the amount of cocoa to bring out the chocolate flavor. I doubled the recipe to make a two layer 9×13 cake and used the Sprinkles cream cheese frosting recipe. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  407. Update on the wedding tower: At the last minute I decided to try another Red velvet recipe the day before the wedding…(head hanging low) I tried it….HATED IT! Hated even the color. When back to my original Diva recipe and Three weeks later I am still getting rave reviews!!! Thank you this is now part of my “arsenal!”

  408. Also, I’d absolutely recommend adding a teaspoon of cinnamon. It enhances the flavor immensely.

  409. This cake is SUPER amazing and amazingly moist like you said. Even though mine always bake longer than required, even when I make them into cupcakes!
    I add an extra tablespoon or two of good cocoa and that takes it from amazing to AH-MAZING.

  410. Im going to give this recipe a try, we don’t get red velvet cake in Scotland! (as far as I know) I’m going to try cupcakes but wanted to know if this type of cake would be suitable for a royal iced birthday cake – not sure if it would be too soft?

  411. Hi when is says oven at 350 how many degrees do i have to convert to Australian temperature???

  412. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I used it last night to make cupcakes. I had a taste test with your recipe and another recipe. My fiance and my neighbor both chose your recipe as the winner. I was looking for taste, moistness and fluffiness in the cupcake. Your recipe hit all three marks. Here are my thoughts:
    Pros: Great taste, cupcakes were moist, light and fluffy.
    Cons: Cupcakes didn’t rise as much as I’d like (no dome shape), cupcake liners were oily (this can be fixed by using grease-proof liners).
    I look forward to making more cupcakes with this recipe!

    love making this and fmaily loves it so much they have volunteered me to amek 60 for my sisters birthday… Help! do you know how i work out how much of the mix to make?

  414. By far the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had. Made it today and it came out so moist. Thank you so so so much for sharing. I’m so glad I came across your site. I was looking for a candied yam recipe on Thursday, which I made and it came out great by the way. But I absolutely LOVE this cake. I’m bringing most of it to work because I’ll end up eating the whole entire thing its so good. JOB WELL DONE. THANK YOU :-)

  415. Hi the reviews look fab so deibitely Wana make this by have not got vegetable oil, could I use sunflower oil instead and would it be the same quantity? Or what else could I substitute it with and how much? Thanks x

  416. This was by far the best red velvet recipe I have tried. I will be making this again – thanks s much for sharing. I made mini cakes and cupcakes. I think the coffee was the big ticket. Good cocoa helps, too. I did ditch about a 1/4 of a cup of sugar which still worked out just fine. Thanks, once again!

  417. I baked cupcakes using this recipe and it was a huge hit at my nephew’s graduation party. I didn’t change a thing in the recipe. It came out moist and delicious. Thanks!

  418. Okay Love/hate comment.
    Love: This cake is incredible! My first attempt at a red velvet that I will make for a friend’s wedding in two weeks. I always thought red velvet was dry and tasty….uh not this one. So moist and light and chocolatey. Note to those trying the recipe, it does look a little greasy in your baking cups when you first take them out of the oven, but do not despair, there is NO greasiness in the cake and after they cool, they look great. My only concern was they did rise as much as I would have liked…no biggie as the cream cheese frosting was the bomb and all my guinea pigs that tried them….asked for more, more, MORE!
    Hate comment: I hate that I LOVED THIS CAKE SO MUCH I COULDN’T STOP “SAMPLING” THEM. Oooooo my weight watcher sponsor is not happy with me…..but look at my smile….I am!

  419. So true what are the US measurements with the cups I think 1cup is 240????

  420. hi there loving the recipe and would really love to try it as i grown a passion for baking one thing is that i would like to know is how much ml is in 1cup cause i wanna buy some american cups but some shops say 235ml or 240ml i live in the UK so if anyone knows could you please please please help a young girl out lol

  421. The cake was just ok. Very oily.

  422. I tried this recipe. it was just ok. Very oily on the cupcake wrappers as well.

  423. I tried this recepie for cupcake and it turned out very good. It was very moist. Thanks a lot…I tried the remaining batter for cake. How much should I fill the cake pan? It kind of overflowed. Also if I want to half the recepie, do I have to half the baking soda and baking powder as well?i would appreciate if you could let me know.

    Thanks a lot :)

  424. Made these as cupcakes this morning. Amazing taste and flavour. Was disappointed because I followed the directions for baking the cupcakes and ended up having to leave them in the oven much longer, and rather than risk them being overbaked I removed them after 30 minutes only to have the centres fall. This is a trial run for my grandson’s first birthday so I will be making these puppies again…

  425. Dear Monique,
    this is the best red velvet cake recipe ever!!!!
    The result was SO delicious + moist.
    Thank you for your wonderful recipes.
    Lots of love from Greece!

  426. Thanks for posting. With the help of my sister-in-law, I am attempting to make 150 red velvet cupcakes for my wedding. (yeah, no stress here, lol)

    Well, I didn’t make 150- but I made a few and it really is a very moist cupcake:) The ones I tried at the wedding shows were kind of dry and nasty so I thought- my goodness, if professionals can’t even make a good red velvet- how the heck am I going to do it??? With this recipe…..I think I’ll survive:) Thanks again!!

  427. Hi! I’m planning to make this cake for my brother’s birthday this weekend, and I was wondering if it was possible to make a three-layer cake out of it? And I’ve also seen other recipes using butter, and they say that it adds more flavor. Should I add a little bit of butter or stick with the original recipe?

  428. Hi, I tried your recipe a few weeks ago making cupcakes and they were delicious!!!
    I now need to make it but in a 12″ round pan. Can you please give the proportions I would need to adjust the recipe? I hope you’re able to respond before I need to make these. Thanks! for the awesome recipe.

  429. This is sooooo good Diva! I made these in the form of cupcakes and made your recent lighter cream cheese frosting. So incredibly moist and delicious! Another hit :)

  430. Hai! I really want to make this, but instead of making cake i wanna make red Velvet cupcake. Can i use this recipe to make the cupcake? Thanks a Lot! Cant wait to make this

  431. This cake was AMAZING. Seriously. I never ever write reviews or leave comments, but felt compelled to as the cake really is just that good! I made it last night, and my boyfriend has already eaten half! On top of that my sister said it tasted as though it had come from a bakery. Thank you very much Monique for such a beautiful recipie. I will be making this bad boy again and again.

  432. Hi Monique, This is the by far the very BEST red velvet cake that I have ever made and tasted, even the frosting was exceptional!!! I live in Canada and have tried several recipes but was never satisfied so kept looking; I think you are right it’s the coffee that does the trick…thank you so much for sharing..this recipe will definitely be a keeper and I don’t have to look any further…I can’t wait to try your other recipes starting with your Mac n’ Cheese next then sweet potatoes…thanks again!!!!

  433. Hey monique! I’m a 14 year old girl who LOVES to bake.. I just made your red velvet cake recipe today, but instead i turned them into cupcakes. They were awesome! It’s the best red velvet recipe i ever made! The batter was quite thin though so i was worried at first, but then when i baked it, it started rising beautifully and it was so moist. The frosting is also really good. I used milk though instead of what you used, soya milk. Would the taste and texture be better if i used soya milk? I also wanna ask, do i just use white granulated sugar for the batter? Cos i used granulated sugar and it turned out so good, but in your video, it seemed that you used powdered sugar. Anyway, is it meant to be powdered or granulated sugar. Thanks for the recipe and .. i hope you post more of your delicious recipes!!!

    • Did your cupcakes come out with round or flat tops? I felt like my batter was thin too, and my cupcakes came out with flat tops. They seem to stick to the cupcake wrappers too. Did you have the same problem? Any idea why they came out flat as opposed to round, anyone?

  434. I don’t know what I did wrong. I’ve gone back over everything – I added everything except the cocoa – it wasn’t in the directions, so I stirred it in at the end. The cake was sunk down in the middle and I couldn’t get them out of the pan – they completely fell apart. When I tasted it, it has a very oily taste to it. I used 1 cup of oil (canola) like the recipe said. What did I do wrong. I also was careful not to beat it too long. :(

    • Hmmm…I haven’t edited the recipe since I posted it so the cocoa powder has always been there, although stirring it in at the end shouldn’t have caused it to turn out the way it did. Did the batter look oily?

  435. What a flop, quite literally; our cake came out brown and fell apart! Tasted good though, but a little oily.

  436. I’ve been searching for red velvet cake recipe for awhile. I kept on wondering how come the rating for this cake does not reach 5 stars.. However, I would say this recipe is the best, especially with my chocolate frosting. Thank you very much!

  437. This was the best red velvet cake ever!!! After making 1 I immediately made another. After 1 week the cake was still moist and the taste was just as bold as it was when I first made it. THANK YOU FOR THIS RECIPE!!!!!!!!

  438. Holy wow! This is seriously the best red velvet cake I’ve ever made, or even tasted!!!!! Somehow I missed putting the cocoa in the cake batter – I think because it isnt in the instructions area – but the cake still turned out great! I ended up adding the cocoa to the frosting, which actually made for a wonderfully contrasting flavor. I might just do it on purpose next time! I live in Denver, so I increased the flour by 1/2 C and cut the sugar by 1/4 C to adjust for the altitude. I HIGHLY recommend this recipe to ANYONE thats ever lived in the South – it truly brought back some very flavorful memories! Thanks for posting this recipe Monique – I’ll never use another recipe =)

  439. Absolutelyy the best cake of any flavor ever! I decorate cakes and have never found one (red velvet) good enough for decorating for someone.This is the best, but use Waldorf- Astoria frosting for a real Southern cake.

  440. Have you tried makin cupcakes for these I want to but if the cakes better I’ll make that which one do you recommend????

  441. i just put my cakes in the oven and realized i forgot to put the cocoa in! will it still taste the same! or at least ok?!

  442. Being that it is Valentine’s Day, I decided to bake a red velvet cake for the first time. I found your recipe by googling “moist red velvet cake”. I am thrilled! It looks beautiful! I haven’t tasted it yet (saving it for my sweetie and I tonight) but I did taste the batter (I know, it’s not good to do that) and it was fantastic!

    Thanks so much!

  443. If I had red food coloring I would make this cake today. I am making the sweet potato pies again today. I have been cooking your recipes and passing them off as my own. Just telling my family that I have been practicing and working on my cooking skills…lol. Anyway I love your blog and all the step by step videos that make your site unique.

  444. I’ve made this several times and it’s the BEST cake I’ve ever had! Thanks Diva

    5 Stars

  445. I’m so excited to try this recipe! I only wish I’d found it 3 years ago when you first posted it!

  446. I made this for Thanksgiving and it was delicious! The icing was great too!!

  447. The BEST red velvet cake is RIGHT!!! I’ve tried several red velvet cakes and this one is IT! I’ve made it 3 times and everybody loves it. Even my picky, grandfather who always says nobody can make anything better than his late wife. He ate 2 pieces. If anybody thinks this recipe is bad then please know that it is you that has messed it up and not the recipe.

  448. hi there if im making cupcakes would i bake for the same amount of time and at the same temp? Pls help! thank you!

  449. I was wondering if the cake rises very much while baking? Also how tall the finished cake is? I like to make a 4″ cake, I couldn’t tell how tall your layers were.

  450. I have been searching for the perfect red velvet cake recipe for months and OMG I finally found it!!!!! I made cupcakes with this recipe for tailgating (Go Raven’s!!) and they were a hit. They are dense but very moist. I think the addition of coffee really brought out the chocolate flavor. I will never look for another red velvet recipe because this is THE BEST HANDS DOWN!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you:-)

  451. Judging by all these comments, this cake must be the bomb! I’m in charge of bringing a dessert for a get together next week and I’ve been having this craving for red velvet cake, so guess what I’ll be bringing ;). I have a question about the coffee though. I’ll be bringing the cake to people who don’t drink coffee (for religious reasons) so I was wondering if I could use coffee alternatives such as caf-lib or does it have to be coffee? I’m baking a trial run today (so that I’ll be ready for next week) and I was wondering if anyone had tried with caf-lib or should it just be true coffee. I’ll come back and tell you how it went!

  452. I had been looking for you over the past couple of days & it freaked me out that your site was down. I am totally EXCITED TO HAVE YOU BACK UP & RUNNING. This is the best recipe ever, especially the southern hot coffee tip! Please don’t go away again LOL

  453. This is the best red velvet cake recipe hands down. I have used this recipe on a few different ocassions and people have not been able to stop talking about it. The coffee was hardly noticable in taste, and it definitely stuck to the fork like any well baked red velvet cake should do. For anyone who is apprehensive about trying this recipe, don’t be. It is absolutely delicious. And I took the advise of some of the others here, and instead of distilled white vinegar I used distilled apple cider vinegar and because I used cake flower instead of plain flower, I added about a cup more….this cake will leave you speechless. Thank you so much Monique for this recipe.

  454. I really love the taste of red velvet cake but never thought I would/could ever make one myself (and I love to bake). Well, because I’ve enjoyed so many of your other recipes, I decided to try this one for Christmas (& I used your frosting recipe as well which went great with some gingerbread cookies I made). Ooooh guuuuurl, when I took the first bite I wanted to slap somebody’s mama (not mine, of course)! lol It was soooo good. My husband loved it too and we each had a piece everyday until it was gone. I used cake flour instead, a little over 1oz of food coloring, and instant coffee but it still came out absolutely light and delicious. I think I’m going to try this in cupcake form next time but I know I’ll absolutely be making this cake again! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!

  455. This is definitely THE BEST Red Velvet cake!!! I am so happy that I found your site, and have made several of your recipes!!!!

    I have tried several red velvet recipes and they were all just ok…thank you, I have found the one for me, and the coffee definitely brings out the chocolate flavor…I think people forget that this is a chocolate cake with red food coloring. Since I am such a lover of chocolate I used 3 tablespoons of cocoa instead of 2.

  456. The cake is delishish! My only problem was I couldn’t get it out of the pan. The first layer really fell apart. The second layer stayed together a little better (I did grease and flour the pans). I think next time I will use a seperate rack for each layer. Thanks for the recipe.

  457. I’ve been putting off making a red velvet cake for years even though I’m an avid baker. There are just too many recipes and trying to combine the best elements from them was simply out of my interest zone.
    That’s why I’m so glad you did the dirty work for me lol. This cake is really good (although I did use a diff icing recipe that I think works really well) and exactly what I would hope for in a RV. The coffee was genius!

  458. You have 2-3 oz of red food coloring. The whole bottle is 1 oz and it looks like you put in a tsp (~4 ml) or 1/2 tsp (~4 ml). I’m assuming that’s what you meant (1/2 tsp ~2 ml)

  459. Thanks a ton for this wonderful recipe! I am in the beginner stage of baking and for the first time, I could bake a cake that was exactly how I wanted it to be…really moist and dense and I love you for this! I made it for my husband’s b’day and on seeing/ tasting it, he asked me when did I buy the cake! now that’s a compliment. Thank you once again! Lots of hugs to you!

  460. OK, after reading all the reviews on this cake, I gave it a try. A good friend of mine and her daughter thought it was the bomb and that I did a great job. I just tried it, and I will have to admit, this cake is to die for. Thank you once again for another can’t miss recipe.

  461. Hi there, This recipe looks amazing.. But, before trying it I would like some information. Can I use a Bundt pan to bake this recipe or mini bundt pans?? If so how long would it need to bake for and at what temperature????
    I would appreciate any information and would like to try this tomorrow.
    Thank you:)))))))

  462. I am so addicted to your blog. I am new to baking and this red velvet recipe changed my attitude about baking. It is so good and you made it so easy for a new baker. I am so happy I stumbled upon your site!!!

  463. This cake brought me much joy! Thanks so much for your chemistry in finding the best red velvet recipe. A week ago I tried a different cake from another site and it was not impressive. This cake was WONDERFUL!! I look forward to making it many times over. I used cake flour and only 1oz of red food coloring and it was perfect! It hit the sweet spot!

  464. This was a great recipe! I made this for my friend’s birthday. It was my first time making a red velvet cake, and I was so happy with how it came out. In fact, I can’t stop eating the leftovers!
    I didn’t have distilled white vinegar so I used apple cider vinegar, as per another reader’s comment, and it still came out great :)

  465. OMG!!! This is the Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe Ever… This was my first time baking a red velvet cake from scratch.. It was Delicious. I got so many compliments and my HUSBAND was very pleased.. My two year old too. LOL ! I want to thank you so much for sharing and to tell anyone if you’re thinking about trying this recipe, give it a shot. It came out very moist and most importantly delicious… I can’t wait to try the Bake Mac n Cheese and order my book next… I love this site. Again, thanks for sharing… I’ve tried recipes online before, and NOTHING can touch this…. Thanks again Girly…

  466. I’ve these in the oven now! In cupcake form.
    I was a bit concerned with the thinness of the batter, but they seem to be baking well. I shall stop back tomorrow to comment on the full results.

  467. I first fell in love with Red Velvet after tasting my aunt’s that lived out of state. Unfortunately, after that first time, I didn’t get to taste it again before she passed unexpectedly. No one ever knew the recipe either; it was her secret. Ever since, I’ve been searching high and low for a red velvet cake that reminded me of hers. Fortunately, with your recipe, I found it! I made this for Thanksgiving, and it was gone in a day. This was my first ever cake, and no one believed I made it. But they loved it!! I will be making this again for Christmas. Thank You!!

  468. OMG My family loooooooooved this cake! It was gone in less than 24 hours! Everyone that tasted it couldn’t believe how good it was and now I have to keep baking them!! Thanks!!

    • I haven’t made this cake yet, but the reviews are all really good. I was wondering if this cake woyld be sturdy enough to make a tierd cake (like a wedding cake).

  469. The best red velvet cake EVER! I have searched high and low to find a recipe that was just right. I have tried many and this is the first one that had people literally about to pass out. GREAT JOB! I have already gotten requests to do it for Christmas!

  470. oh and i used olive oil instead of veg oil, maybe thats why?

  471. I dont know what i did wrong :( i forgot to add vinegar and coffee and added it at the end after i had mixed half of the dry ingredients.The batter tasted really good but when the cake baked the flavours were kind of mute! ill re-make it and see how it turns out! Im pretty sure its something i did! Thanks for the recipe

  472. I goofed and added 1CUP of coffee instead of 1/2. I thought my cake was doomed, but it still came out banging! Since it was flatter than it should be though, I just made another half batch of the recipe the correct way and ended up with a three layer cake that was amazing! Everyone loved it! It was beautiful and beyond delicious. Thank you!

  473. I had a little problem frosting, but it all turned out great! My family loves this cake and are demanding more for Christmas. Thanks so much!!

  474. Ok so this was my first time making a red velvet cake! It came out tasting real good we’ll see what the fam thinks for Thanksgiving desert. I was surprised because I had to make some changes to Monique’s recipe. While I was at the grocery store I forgot to pick up buttermilk, so I had to make a buttermilk substitute. Which contains just about a cup of milk and a teaspoon of lemon juice OR white vinegar. I also read the ingredients wrong and ended up putting 2 tablespoons of vanilla instead of 2 teaspoons lol. I ended up using cake flour instead of all purpose flour. I also forgot (yes I’m very forgetful) to stop by 7 eleven to get the coffee, so I didn’t add the coffee either. The recipe is really easy to follow, it’s very idiot-proof (hence all my substituting in the ingredients) lol. The icing came out great I couldn’t stop licking the bowl lol. Great recipe, next time I need to follow the directions exactly, either way it came out good lol. Monique could you please do a cooking video for sweet potato pie and smothered pork chops please:)

  475. Hey Monique,

    I thought I should drop you a line or two…A coworker told me about your blog (I recently started a food blog and she thought I would be interested in yours). I’ve been looking for an authentic red velvet cake recipe and happen to come across yours. Needless to say, I just made it! I didn’t taste it yet-lol (Frosting have to harden a little in the fridge). I’m also trying out your candid sweet potatoes. Based on other reviewers responses, I think they will be a great addition to our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow! I’ll holla back after tasting! Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)

  476. I’m a fourteen and I wanted to contribute to my Thanksgiving dinner this year. My family doesn’t think boys can cook at all so hopefully this recipe will prove them wrong! I bought all the ingredients already, just waiting for Thursday! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  477. I tried this recipe and it was absolutely outstanding. The cake was extremely moist with a mild chocolate flavor, that is one of the main attribute of red velvet cakes. Thanks so much for the recipe! God bless you!

  478. I think I found the perfect recipe, will try sometime soon. Cheers! ;)

  479. OK,OK the cake was soooo GOOD I messed up my icing my fault but the coffee was def. a great add thanks so much!!!!!!!

  480. My sister an I have been searching high an low for a GREAT RED VELVET CAKE the coffee is a twist but we are so ready to try it ill b makin it today wish me well! will give feedback!

  481. I made this recipe as cupcakes for my hubbys surprise birthday and they were sooooo good. Everyone loved them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  482. This recipe was really really good. I made cupcakes, and they were sooooo moist and perfect. I used my own Buttercream Icing.
    Great Job, and Thank You! I love your site…..

    • Hi!!! I’d like to know how long do the mini cupcakes take in the oven?? I made the cake and it’s grate, everyone loved it.

  483. I will try your recipe in the morning and was wondering if you have advice on how to substitute the food coloring. My daugter is allergic to food coloring so I understand beet juice may be an alternative. How much beet juice should be added. Should it be the same as the recommended food coring …2ounces?

  484. Just made this cake last night because I decided to start testing recipes early so I can bring something to Thanksgiving dinner with me. Not having a ton of experience with Red Velvet cake, I can’t say that I really have anything to compare it to. That being said, it is a pretty darn good cake! It came out moist, I didn’t have any problems with it falling apart on me but I was super gentle. The frosting was good, though the only frosting I truly love is whipped cream frosting; otherwise just give me the cake and lawd PLEASE don’t give me any icing flowers or decorations because I scrape that crap off lol! Anywho, I realized after cutting into it that I didn’t put enough frosting between the layers and I think that was because I thought I wouldn’t have enough. I still have a cup and a half left over with no alterations to the recipe! One last note, I only used 2 ounces of food coloring and it was a nice shade of red. Other people were right, that crap is expensive! I got 2 bottles for $6 and that was on sale. Thanks so much for sharing Monique!

  485. I’m a midwest bred lady living in the desert but when a friend requested a red velvet cake I just had to come through for her. I scoured a BUNCH of recipes but when I ran across this one – it was the coffee that let me know I had the right one. It used a tad more chocolate and less red color (lord that stuff is expensive) so it was not as brightly red but it was phenomenal and everyone loved it! Thanks a bunch – I’ll never bother with a different recipe!

  486. my grandmother’s recipe is VERY similar to this. This is the real deal ladies & gents!

  487. This cake is delish!!!! This cake did not last long at my house, my fiance was on cloud 9. Great recipe. Never had a red velveet cake this good!!! Thanks!!

  488. made this cake for my bf's birthday, hes very picky, and he loved it, as did I and my entire family. its simply delicious!

  489. Hmm… My cake is overflowing in the oven! What a mess I have! I followed the directions, but thinking 3 pans would have been better. Your picture didn't look like it ha rised in the pan much, so I thought it was safe. Idk! On another note I tasted the batter and it was very good. I'm sure if I can get the cakes out of the pans they'll taste just fine. :)

  490. Also! The first time I made the cake I couldn't get it out of the pan without it completely falling apart – I greased and floured it and everything. I still stacked up the pieces and frosted it and it tasted amazing, but this time I used wax paper so hopefully it'll come out easily.

  491. This cake is amazing. It was the first red velvet cake I have made myself, but I've been a picky red velvet cake eater for years, and this is possibly the best I have had. One adjustment I made that some might be interested in is using significantly less food coloring than the recipe calls for. The first time I made it, I thought it called for way too much and just used 1 oz. It tasted amazing and was still super red. The cake that is in the oven now only has about 7 drops of food coloring in it. It's a darker red, but I don't really care much about the color, more about the taste, and I think it will make the cake taste even more natural. I'm making another one tomorrow for another even also! It's been a hit! Thank you so much for sharing.

  492. Thank you for posting this recipe. I tried it and it was perfect. By the way, I'm writing from Malawi.. a small country in Africa. we don't have great recipes here. You can be proud you made a difference for me and my family. We had a great time eating this cake. For the frosting, I didn't use cream cheese because it is too expensive here 'imported from south Africa' but I used whipped cream stabilized with gelatin.worked just fine… Once again thanks!

  493. i love u for posting this recipe… its my go to cake recipe now.. i just change a few things here n there for different cakes.. its the softest yummiest cake ever!!
    the coffee taste doesnt even come through its amazing and kudos to u!!!

  494. This recipe looks amazing, and after all of the rave reviews, I am ready to make it for a friend's birthday. My only question is do you have any ideas about how to adjust the cook time of this were in just a single, 13×9" pan? I will be making a creative cake that I need that size to cut and shape. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for any input!

  495. Hi,

    I just wanted to say I stumbled across your website while looking for a red velvet cake recipe. I decided to try my hand at it after reading all the positive comments. I was a little hesitant about the coffee because I absolutely hate coffee. This cake is so good and a hit amongst my family. They loved it. Just like you stated, you do not taste the coffee at all. I only encountered one problem…my top layer crumbled into multiple pieces once I removed it from the pan. Thankfully this was my first time making it and it was a trial run. While the cake looked like a 5 year old made it, it tastes great. I don't need to try another red velvet cake recipe…this is it!!! Thank you for sharing. I think I will allow the cake to cool longer next time I make it so it won't crumble. What's so funny, the first/bottom layer did not crumble. I'm assuming it was not cool enough to remove from the pan. Lastly, I used McDonald's coffee (plain)….perfection :-)

  496. the best recipe so far, thanks for sharing…

  497. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS RECIPE! The coffee added something great to it…I took pictures of my outcome and would love to post about it in my blog and since it's your recipe I would like to ask if this is okay. I always site my sources when possible ;-)

    To cut cost on the food coloring I'm searching for big bottle since a 1oz bottle in DC cost 4 bucks off the top; any suggestions?

    I'm sure I will be on this site for many more recipes to try

  498. Hi Monique,

    I just want to say that I love this red velvet cake so much!!! I'm baking one as we speak and I have 2 more to make today. It's Memorial Day and this is the dessert that I'm taking to my family's houses since I'm house hopping today. lol. I've made this red velvet cake quite a bit and I've NEVER had a problem with the cake bleeding!!! Anonymous probably didn't make it right!!! My Family members that has tasted this cake loves it and request for me to make it every holiday!!! Thank you so so very much for sharing this delicious recipe and every recipe you've posted!!! God Bless you!!!
    Danielle W.!!!

  499. Thanks guys!!

    Anonymous sorry they didn't come out well for ya but thanks for trying them out. I have made this recipe well over 20 times and have never had the food coloring "bleed" or turn mouths red lol (even after using 4 oz) I'm not sure what went wrong in the cooking process but that is definitely not how the recipe should have turned out. Yikes!

  500. I challenged my hubby to a red velvet throwdown and decided to use this recipe. It was not the winner, and I think the culprit is all the red food coloring, if I read correctly, 2 to 3 ounces? I went with 2, which is 2 one ounce bottles. It was horrifying. When I peeled the cupcake wrapper back to take a bite, it looked like the cupcake was bleeding. My fingers were red, the inside of my mouth was red. It was soooooo much food coloring. My husband's recipe only had 1 tablespoon of red food coloring and used red dutch cocoa. It was so much better. These are necessarily bad tasting, but not great tasting either. Thank you anyway I appreciate the try! :-)

    • The food coloring is .3 ounces which is not 3 ounces. It is one plastic vial of food coloring. There are (4) .3 ounces roughly in an ounce, soooo if you put in 3 ounces you added about 11 times too much. Also she has 2 tablespoons of cocoa power, I doubled it.

  501. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I have searched high and low for a good one and this is the best red velvet cake recipe ever! I always try new recipes on coworkers first and they loved it. One guy told me he just wanted to dive into it the cake. Now you know that has got to be some good cake. Haha!

  502. ALL – THIS IS SIMPLY THE ABSOLUTE BEST RED VELVET CAKE RECIPE!!! I admit, i haven't tried any other recipe's because I used this recipe a couple of times already and everyone loves it! I have to make sure to hide a piece! the instructions are not that complicated just get the right ingredients & follow the recipe. Cake comes out incredibly moist with a true red velvet cake taste that I LOVE! I look forward to making it again and again! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!

  503. Hi!! I made your red velvet cake and it was DELICIOUS!!! I used green food coloring for St. Patrick's Day:)

    Thanks for the recipes!!

  504. Oh Lawd this is a good cake!!! I've made it twice. The first time the flavor was fantastic, but the cake was too dense. The frosting was too soupy because I softened the cream cheese. The second time I baked the cake at 350, and mixed the cream cheese in the frosting straight from the fridge. What did I get? Heaven…that I ate alone over the course of four days. So, so good! Great flavor and perfectly moist! The coffee sends this over the top! Great cake!

  505. They are very good! However – if you use cake & pastry flour (like I did), the batter will be very runny. You can fix this with another cup of flour. I also added 1 tbsp more of sugar so it wouldn't taste too doughy. We did find the icing a bit too runny to be piped, so we added a bit of flour in it as well.

  506. Monique,
    I want to try your recipe. It has so many good reviews. However, I want a three layer cake. How much more ingredients do I need to add to make the batter fill three pans instead of two?

  507. I love your red velvet cake. I've now made it three times…first two as a double decker cake and then third as cupcakes. My family loves it so much, they took all them home and left me with one! Now they want it for Chinese New Year's. Yes. A Chinese gal that just discovered red velvet cake this past year. This one beats out the one I had from the bakery and that one was good. This one's far better. Now I'm going to check out your peach cobbler. Yum!

  508. I am so excited to make this cake that i have been reading the recipe over and over but after reading all the comments, one question did stand out, the 1/2 cup coffee bit.

    Can i pls clarify if this is 1/2 cup coffee granules or 1/2 cup hot coffee. If it's hot coffee can i use instant coffee, and if so, how many teaspoon coffee to water (i guess im asking how to make the hot coffee) please advise. Many thanks in advance

  509. This is the BEST recipe I've ever tasted for red velvet cake. It was super moist and flavorful. OMG just thinking about it makes me want to bake another one.

    I'm a huge fan of your blog and YT channel. Keep up the good work! Most importantly, thanks for sharing!!!

    Happy New Year!

  510. I have been on a hunt for an awesome red velvet cake recipe and your recipe is the BEST. I made it for Christmas and my family devoured it (one sister even asked me to ship her some at a later date). This is the first recipe that I made from your website and it will definitely NOT be the last. Thanks so much for sharing. By the way, I used instant coffee that I bought at a dollar store and it still tasted amazing.

  511. this cake is really good, but try apple cider vinegar instead of white. It really adds to the flavor of it. This is a culinary school tip by the way. Apple cider vinegar add a little sweetness.

  512. This is the first and last recipe I will ever use for red velvet cake. I was always turned off by the idea of plum baby food that was in so many recipes. You truly are a master. This is the third recipe of yours that I've used and they are always on point. Thanks to you I'm showing the world that a dude can cook too

  513. I'm back again (used to be Fredmyn)! I used your recipe again and I am so excited for my family to try it. I just wanted to add a tip for the guests: I made the mistake of leaving my cream cheese out so that it would be easier to "mix". I didnt think about the fact that I was making icing and not cheesecake. Make sure your cream cheese is cold and the icing will be thick but oh so smooth. : ) I did last time and the icing was fine. I'm going to go with what I have…I know they'll eat it anyway! Thanks again for sharing this recipe! I'm going to try your biscuit recipe for brunch on Sunday! : )

  514. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. This is the first holiday (Christmas) that I decided to make homemade desserts, I normally order from the local bakeries. Girl the Red Velvet Cake I just made thanks to my new bestie (LOL)my cake taste better than theirs. I can't wait until my family taste it. Thanks for making me look like a "Cooking Diva". Merry Christmas, Smoochies!!!!

  515. I made this cake for Thanksgiving and it was absolutely fantabulous! The cake has such a rich flavor and very moist. Oh and the frosting, so rich,smooth and creamy, but not too sweet, was the perfect topping for the cake. My tastebuds were elated! I received so many compliments. Thank you sooo much.

  516. I made this for the very first time ever and I just love how you give step by step instructions for challenged peeps like myself. This recipe is by far the BEST I have ever tasted yet alone made. Even my momma who is skilled at cooking and baking was oohing and aaahing because it was sooo GUUUD! It is still moist and soft. Claude have mercy I'm trying to get away from sweets but this is hard. I'm gonna give the rest away at work to share the calores.

    Love it@

  517. OMG I made this tonight and it is so good it will make you want to slap your momma! My 3.5 year old helped me make this for tomorrow but we could not waste so we cheated and ate some tonight…. SOOOOO GOOOOOOODDDDD and I plan to make this as often as my hips will let me !

  518. It's in the oven now…I will be back later to let you know how it turned out

    ♥ SailorWifey

  519. hey can u use nescafe instant coffee instead i cant find the folgers where i live in the caribbean?

  520. If you're baking cupcakes, use the same oven temperature, but check them after 22-26 minutes depending on your oven. If a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, they are done. Be sure not to overbake!

  521. THE HEAVENS HAVE ANSWERED!!!!!!!! This is THE BEST Red Velvet Cake Recipe I have ever made! And I must say I have experimented with almost every recipe out there trying to find THE ONE and hands down this is it! It's moist, flavorful, rich and decadent! Thank you sooooooo much for posting this truly AMAZING recipe!!!

  522. if u are making cupcakes how long do you have to bake them , also mini cupcakes.

  523. I'm DONE making other red velvet recipes because this is THE ONE!!! I've tried all the top red velvet cake recipes on food.com, foodnetwork and allrecipes because my husband loves red velvet cake and this one takes the cake (no pun intened)! Monique, I don't know how you came up with such a winning recipe but everybody who eats this cake asks for the recipe and I'm not sharing it!!! lol The cake is a bit oily when you first take them out of the pan but once they cool they are fine. I also had to cook it a tad bit longer. So moist and soft and the flavor is so good! I've also make several of your other recipes and my husband told me to start making more of your recipes because normally I make his mothers recipes so that is a HUGE compliment to your cooking. Thank you soooo much!

    • I agree completely. I made this for the first time for a Christmas meal and it was POSITIVELY DIVINE! Crazy moist and actually on the second and third days. My search for red velvet cake recipes is over. Thank you for a truly outstanding recipe.

  524. Me too..I will make this soon and do it as cupcakes…thanks Monique Girl!

  525. Actually you can't even taste the coffee at all. It's only 1/2C added in the batter. I think that is what helps to make the cake SO MOIST!

  526. this sounds delicious! im not a really fan of coffee.. im just curious.. does the cake have a strong taste of coffee?? can i substitute coffee for something else?

  527. I've never made red velvet cake before so I decided to try this recipe yesterday. I followed the recipe accordingly, but instead of making the cake I opted for cupcakes. All of the cupcakes are gone and I got such rave reviews! Everyone talked about how moist and delicious they were. They couldn't believe I'd actually made them myself!

  528. Found this last week and decided to try it today. I have never had a red velvet cake before but most reviews said it was tasteless and there was way too much food coloring so I opted to use beets. So, I did everything to the "T" according to the recipe except the food coloring (did not taste at all in finished cake). My cake was not red but that didn't matter as I wanted to taste what the rave was with the RVCs was. I cooled and found the cake to be very, very soft and you definately have to handle with care, alot of care as mine split in several spots. I did a crumb coating and put in the fridge to set overnight. The icing wasn't enough as I like it to be thicker so I made more. I sliced a piece and tasted and it was very moist, icing was great, but as I read with most reviews on the web with other recipes, I just wasn't thrilled with the taste. I tasted a bit of chocolate and that was it. Will definiately pass this on to my family to try.

  529. Does it matter if the coffee is hot or not?

  530. Thank you! I had to run back to the store to get more color, lol. But OMG, if this cake is not the best cake I have ever had!!! I have never really been a cake person before, because they were either too dry or just not good. This cake however, is the bomb! Everyone loved it! Thank you so much for the recipe. I totally agree with spbeautiful, when is the cookbook coming out? I would so support you!

  531. yep 3 ounces, I've even added in 4 ounces before.

    • I made this cake yesterday – quick & easy. As for red food coloring, I used Red Velvet Emulsion (can be bought online or maybe at Michaels) – it was perfect – didn’t have to use too much either. My sister took it to work and the they want me to make the cake for their next birthday celebration – normally they purchase their cakes.
      I also used a Swiss Meringue Buttercream which was a perfect blend and not too sweet at all. I did use Swan’s Cake Flour instead of AP flour. Not sure if it made a difference or not. The batter was runnier than I expected from other homemade cakes, but it made it so light and full of air.
      One note I would add, sift the cocoa powder into the flour – I ended up with some specks throughout the cake, but it didn’t affect the wonderful flavor at all! The coffee is a great addition.
      Thanks for sharing such an awesome recipe!!
      I’m making my next cake on Monday!!

  532. Hello. I am about to start on this recipe but I am confused on the red food coloring. It says for 3 ounces. Went I went to the store, the regular lil bottle of coloring is 1 oz. The even smaller bottle was .3 oz. So I wanted to make sure it was actually 3 oz and not .3 oz. Please advise. Thank you.

  533. I have been searching far and wide for a red velvet recipe that looked trusting, as I will be using it for some valentine's cake orders. This one intrigued me because it uses oil and coffee! Butter and shortening tend to leave a dryer crumb.
    It is fan-friggan-tastic. It may even replace my usual chocolate cake recipe! It is SO TASTY! Moist, velvety, and gorgeous deep color. I've used coloring paste as well which works fine as long as you match it with liquid (more coffee or water). Also, no mixer? Yes please! Loved it. THANK YOU!

  534. Yayyyyyy….I made these right after my horrible turn out and they survived!!!! I guess I didn't mix the oil and sugar properly before. Phew! I thought I was a bad cook for a sec. Thanks Mo! :o)

  535. Oh no :0( I don't know what I did wrong but my cake came out oily and weird…ugh!!! I will try again tho :o)

  536. I've been trying to find a good red velvet recipe and this one looks great and has received several good reviews. But my one concern is the coffee. Is there anything that could be substituted for this, or could it be left out all together?

  537. Made this cake for the 1st time in my life using your recipe and it was fab! I found it tasted better the next day. For some reason I could still taste the vegetable oil in it so I didn't know if thats something that should be cut back on or not. But again, the next day it was wonderful!

  538. Ok, I am from the Pacific Islands and have 2 biracial children. I am not with their father anymore, but felt it is really important to learn how to cook what is usually eaten on their side of the family…and your blog really saved my butt! lol I've never tasted Red Velvet cake til I met my husband and always have wondered how to cook a lot of the recipes on your blog…I am definitely going to try this cake recipe! Keep up the good work!

  539. I made this cake twice for family get togethers. It was wonderful!! I received alot of compliments on it. One question I have is…Should it be refrigerated because of the cream cheese icing?

  540. Anonymous – hmmm…try adding just a couple of teaspoons of milk and then after you mix it up if it's too thick continue to add in a few drops of milk at a time, mixing after each drop.

  541. The cake was wonderful but my icing was kinda soupy. I may have done too much butter but definitely added more and more powdered sugar to compensate. Any ideas?

  542. hey girl! i've just made this cake and now i', going to some more! Its just delicious..esp the coffee! my mama loves it!
    Thanks so much for posting this..i love your site!

  543. Thanks so much for trying out this recipe ladies!!! I'm sooooo glad you all liked it!

  544. I made my red velvet cake this past Thanksgivings using your recipe and it was awesome!! The coffee definitely did the trick, I had people asking for leftovers a couple of days after and that was unusual for my red velvet cake. Thanks!

  545. Charmaine, Body Magic Rep

    I came back to your blog to say that this recipe is CERTIFIED excellent! This had to be the best cake I've made yet. Everyone loved it. It was so moist and full of flavor.

    Thanks for sharing!

  546. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe!!! I've never been one to eat Red Velvet Cake, because whenever I've tried them their dry or taste too much like dye or something. LOL!!! Well, I decided to follow your recipe and make it for Thanksgiving. As I was making it, I was a little afraid, because when I tasted the batter I could really taste the coffee. Can you believe I almost dumped the batter because I thought the cake would taste too much like coffee? Well, too my surprise everyone who ate a piece loved it! I decided to eat a piece and couldn't believe how good the cake tasted! It was soooo moist and light!!! I couldn't taste the coffee in at all. For someone who doesn't really eat Red Velvet Cake, um, I ate like 4 pieces! Family and friends that were over couldn't believe that I had baked it! Thanks again!!

  547. This really is the best red velvet cake recipe. I've tried many recipes trying to recreate the kind I had at my wedding. I wish it made 3 layers. I made this for Thanksgiving and it left everybody talking. Nobody belived I made it. This was even better than my wedding cake which cost over a thousand dollars! My husband said I better not lose this recipe : ) I'll be making this again on Thanksgiving. So far he has liked everything I've made from your site. He's a southern man and says your recipes taste just like his grandmas. That is a huge compliment because his grandmother is a OUTSTANDING cook. Thank you so much for such winning recipes and for making them so easy! I also made your sweet potatoe pie and loved it!

  548. Monique! You need to have your own cookbook – for real! This cake was so good, my family wants me to make two more TODAY!! They also loved the sweet potato pies (I made 3) AND the mac & cheese! I would so buy your cookbook – You have a gift! Thanks to you and your blog I can make homemade recipes that aren't too complicated for even me! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  549. Thank you for posting the recipe! It was a BIG hit! It's become my red velvet recipe!

  550. I made this cake and it was soooo good. Had a little problem at Mickey D's with the coffee but it all worked out. Hope everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Ready for Christmas??

  551. Hey Vetta!!
    Yeah just use straight coffee, no creamer or sugar.

    Fredtmyn I used two teaspoons of vanilla actually. LAwd have mercy I have got to stop answering questions so late at night. If you used 1 teaspoon it will still come out perfect as I have done that when I've ran out

  552. Hey, first time on your site! Love the look and useful info. I've been making red velvet cakes for about three years now and still can't get it just perfect, lol. If you get this comment in time, I would like to know if the coffee should be with or w/o sugar? Also, what about cream–we have French vanilla cream and original cream, should creamer be added as well? Sorry, comment so long but I really want to try something different. THANKS!

  553. Thank so much Kaidance! So glad you liked it!

    Oh wow Fredmyn I sure did forget to put how much vanilla! I'm so sorry! Thanks for pointing that out. It was 1 teaspoon. Let me know how 1 Tablespoon turned out though. It should be just fine.

    Yeah if they have lines in them then they are probably to hot to be on the racks just yet. Let them cool in the pan a bit longer.

  554. Thank so much Kaidance! So glad you liked it!

    Oh wow Fredmyn I sure did forget to put how much vanilla! I'm so sorry! Thanks for pointing that out. It was 1 teaspoon. Let me know how 1 Tablespoon turned out though. It should be just fine.

    Yeah if they have lines in them then they are probably to hot to be on the racks just yet. Let them cool in the pan a bit longer.

  555. Thank so much Kaidance! So glad you liked it!

    Oh wow Fredmyn I sure did forget to put how much vanilla! I'm so sorry! Thanks for pointing that out. It was 1 teaspoon. Let me know how 1 Tablespoon turned out though. It should be just fine.

    Yeah if they have lines in them then they are probably to hot to be on the racks just yet. Let them cool in the pan a bit longer.

  556. Thank so much Kaidance! So glad you liked it!

    Oh wow Fredmyn I sure did forget to put how much vanilla! I'm so sorry! Thanks for pointing that out. It was 1 teaspoon. Let me know how 1 Tablespoon turned out though. It should be just fine.

    Yeah if they have lines in them then they are probably to hot to be on the racks just yet. Let them cool in the pan a bit longer.

    • heyyy there this cake sure looks good, but what temp do I bake the cake for.

      • this looked great and when i read the comments i was so eager to try it (i love red velvet cake and had been looking for a good recipe) but i doubled it and embarassingly quadrupled the amount of coffee. it took about an hour in the oven, and when the toothpick finally came out mostly dry, the cakes had fallen in the middle. i have to give my family a while before i try again, but i dont see why it wouldnt work next time. im so excitedd!
        i give it three stars only because i couldnt see how it would have turned out if i did it right. thank you for sharing it :D

    • im really excited about trying your cake I wanted tony know if swan cake flour could be substituted for the all purpose flour

    • what size cake pans do you use for this recipe

    • What do I do if I want to double the amount of servings? I’m making it for my whole class! Please help I’m very confused.

    • One more thing, how many ts or tbs of coffee did you use before you mix it with 1/2c of water? thanks.

    • You had posted,modifications to the recipe but I no longer see them coul dyou please remind me of them?

  557. Thank you for posting this! But I have 2 things:

    1) You never mentioned how much vanilla to put in step three. The picture looked like a tbsp so I went for it.

    2)When I cooled my layers on the racks they ended up with lines on them. Should I let them cool a little bit longer in the pans?

    I love the coffee twist; this was not included in Grandma's recipe! I'm making it for Thanksgiving. I'll come back and tell you how it went over. : )

  558. ____________I have officially flatlined! This cake & frosting is…there are no words really. All I can say is thank you. I made this for my roommates and we sat up moaning with our eyes closed after every bite. The three of us ate the whole cake in one night. So moist and light. If I didn't make it myself I would think it was from a bakery or a really good boxed cake.

    I doubled the frosting but otherwise followed the directions. I'll be making red velvet cake cupcakes this week to take into work! I'm not a diva but I Love this site!!!

    • Daphne Mascarello

      Best Red Velvet Cupcakes ever! Thank you!

    • Hi :) I would like to ask if how many tsp of coffee did you used in 1/2 cup of water?:) thank you

      • I did the math, and assuming that you need 1 tsp to make 3/4 cup of instant coffee, you would need 2/3 tsp to make only 1/2 cup of coffee.

    • This recipe is a disaster at altitudes over 4,000 feet, and the cream cheese icing recipe never became firm enough to decorate my cup cakes. I added 1/2 cup of flour and 1/4 cup of water to the cake recipe, and it came out okay–not good enough for the buffet I was catering. I wound up making butter cream frosting.

      • I know this is an old post but just came across this recipe. I live at 6000 feet and wanted to share my high altitude changes that made this cake come out perfect. Flour increased to 2 1/4 cups, baking powder and soda decreased to 3/4 tsp each, 3/4 cup oil, 1 3/4 cup sugar. Baking temp increased to 350 for about 25 min. Came out so moist and flavorful, not greasy or falling apart. Its so hard to bake at high altitude, but this recipe is a keeper!! Thanks Diva!

      • We live at an exceedingly high altitude and this cake came out fabulously! Followed the recipe exactly. The only thing I did differently was to use a chocolate cream cheese icing in the middle and a dark mocha icing for the rest – it was a HUGE success!

    • Sad to say, I had never made a cake from scratch before until last night. I promised a friend that I would learn how to make a red velvet cake and present it to her on her birthday. I spent a few days looking up recipes and this was the only site that had a readily accessible video, which I think is critical if you have never baked before. Unlike cooking, when baking, every measurement has to to be pretty precise and you cant leave out ingredients. Monique’s tips on adding the coffee, not over beating or over-cooking the cake were exactly what I needed.

      My first cake experience was a HUGE SUCCESS. The cake came out moist and delicious and I followed Monique’s recipe to a tee! Everyone at my friends birthday party raved about the cake. This built up my confidence to try more baking. In any case, I will definitely be making this again. Thanks!!!

    • I’ve wanted to try making a red velvet cake for the longest time. Finally i decided to stray from my family birthday cake recipe and do something different for my sister’s birthday. The first time i put it into a springform cake tin as i do with most of my cakes. It rose and rose until it finally flopped i brought it out out after more Than an hour. It Was A Mess. Soggy In The Centre. I Scrapped It And Tried Again. This Time I Split The Batter. Again It Rose Beautifully And Then Flopped. Its Been In The Oven Now For An Hour And 20 Mins And It’S Still Wet In The Centre. Taste Is Good But I Have No Idea Why It’S Doing This. I’Ve Never Had A Cake Do This Before. Any Suggestions??

    • OMG-I have made this recipe twice today and both cakes deflated in the middle. The second one I added an extra egg which helped but still fell some. I did 1 1/2 recipe in 2-8×3″ cake pans as I love very tall cakes. Do you know what could of happened? The flavor is absolutely amazing so I want to get this figured out so I can keep this recipe forever!!
      Thanks :)

    • I must have done something wrong. This cake came out bad. It fell apart coming out of the pan, the batter tasted weird and the pieces of cake that I picked up off the counter tasted weird. Going to have to re-bake a cake today, which I had not planned to do. Oh well, I tried! :(

      • Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong!
        It’s not the baker, it’s the recipe. I’ve made this twice now and I followed the instructions down to the letter. And I got the same results: fell apart. I think this has to do with the huge amount of oil and liquids vs amount of dry ingredients. Yes,it’s a moist cake, but with that much oil and liquids of course it’s moist! I also don’t think the flavor alone is great, mediocre at best. I make my own version of cream cheese frosting and it couldn’t save the flavor. Very disappointing cake, waste of ingredients. :( ****tried leaving 1 star rating, it doesn’t allow???!!!

      • Try letting the cake sit for about 10 -15 min when u take it out the oven. I used 9 inch round pans with parchment paper lining the bottom. Also I used 1/2 the oil it requires and replace the other with 1 stick of butter because the original texture was like a pudding muddy texture. I also used hazelnut flavored coffee to get rid of that slightly peculiar flavor. And if u really want to set it off… I stuck a vanilla cheesecake between the 2 layer red velvet cake. Froze it overnight and let it come to room temp the next day. Girl!!! But anyway Don’t give up. Try again.

    • Last thanksgiving I tried making “velvet” cupcakes (no red food coloring). They came out dry. This year I made these and replaced the food coloring with buttermilk. Delicious!

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