How To Tell If An Egg Is Bad Without Cracking It

I’ve ruined my share of recipes by cracking open the eggs right into the bowl only to find out it was a bad eggIf you aren’t sure whether or not an egg is still some good try this handy technique.

Place the egg into a glass of cold water, if it sinks to the bottom then you have yourself a fresh eggif it floats to the top it may be time to toss that bad boy.

Looks like this one is a keeper!

Here’s the whole logistics behind it:
Eggs have a small air pocket on the end. A fresh egg has an air pocket about the size of a dime, but as the egg ages it loses moisture and carbon dioxide. This causes the size of the pocket to get bigger. The size of the air pocket determines the buoyancy of the egg.

A fresh egg submerged into water will lie on the bottom.

An egg that is about a week or two old will also lie on the bottome but will bob a little.

An egg that is three weeks old will balance on it’s small end with the large end reaching up.

bad egg will simply float.


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