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How To Make Cake Pops ….EASILY!!!
Decorated and bagged! Cake pops are great for any occasion!

How To Make Cake Pops ….EASILY!!!

ow to make cakpops cake pops recipe tutorial

how to make cake pops tutorial

Cake Pops are so fun to make and great for any occassion!

I thought I HATED cake pops. I made them for a baby shower a few years ago and they were a pain in the butt cheeks with all that freezing and refreezing, dipping, twirling, decorating, and oh that texture!! Ewww!! It was soggy, grainy, and tasted like someone had chewed it up already.  My hubby  sat quietly, ate the whole thing and calmly said “you don’t have to make these again please”  LOL

I seriously did not see what all the cake pop hype was about, but I kept getting requests to “PLEASE DO A CAKE POP TUTORIAL!”.  I can’t let my babies (you) down so I got back in the kitchen to figure these things out. Something had to give!

I discovered that I LOVED cake pops.  Here’s what I learned:

  1. Go EASY On The Frosting: What a lot of folks failed to mention in the cake pop tutorials that I was following was to ONLY ADD A LITTLE BIT OF FROSTING. That is super important!!  Most cakes are already moist. Too much frosting and it’s ruined in my opinion, not unless you add more cake.
  2. Use Your Hands To Mix: It really helps to mix it up with your hands so that you can get the feel of it. When I used a spoon to mix it up, it looked as if I wasn’t putting in enough frosting but it  turned out that it was way too much when I went to make a ball. The cake should still be a bit crumbly even when the frosting is mixed in.
  3. Mini Ice Cream Scoop Works Great:  Use an ice cream scoop to scoop out the “dough” so that you will have equal portions.
  4. No Need To Keep Refreezing- I only placed these in the freezer once. Twice if you plan on bagging them or you want to speed up the final setting time.
  5. Use A Deep, Narrow Cup For Dipping:  The melted chocolate/candy coating should be deep enough to submerge the cake ball completely to avoid having to twirl it around.
  6. Box Cake Is Just Fine-  If you’re not against the ingredients, make it easy for yourself and just purchase a boxed cake and a can of ready-made frosting. I seriously couldn’t even taste a difference when I made these using homemade cake and frosting.
  7. Use A Styrofoam Holder- A block of Styrofoam makes a really great holder to stick the cake pops in while they are drying and it’s cheap.

These cake pops are what I consider cake pop perfection!!!  They are the best cake pops I’ve ever had.  No need to keep refreezing and double dipping! The texture is fluffy AND moist and it was no where near as messy and time consuming as my first attempt at making cake pops.

how to make cake pops cake pop tutorial

Such a cute little homemade gift don’t ya think?

Now if you’re looking for a tutorial on how to decorate cake pops…ughhh, I’m not the girl for the job!! Sprinkles is as good as it gets over here : )

Even without fancy decoration, these cake pops can still make a pretty cute, cheap and festive gift idea! Let your imagination run wild!

Give these cake pops a try and let me know what ya think! I can’t wait to make these again!

How To Make Cake Pops from start to finish!


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How To Make Cake Pops ....EASILY!!!
Prep time
Total time
Fluffy, moist little cake pops! Yum! So easy and pretty quick to make!
Serves: 13
  • Chocolate Cake, prepared (I used ½ of a 9x13 devils food box cake)
  • Chocolate Frosting (amount depends on moistness of cake. I used two big spoonfuls. See video)
  • 2 boxes Premium white chocolate ( I used Baker's brand)
  • cake pop sticks
  • sprinkles
  1. Add cake to a large bowl.
  2. Crumble until it resembles fine crumbs
  3. Add in frosting a little bit at a time until cake is moist and can hold a ball shape, yet still slightly crumbly.
  4. Use your hands to incorporate the frosting into the cake crumbs.
  5. Use a mini ice cream scoop and scoop out two balls of cake mixture.
  6. Roll the mixture into a tight ball and place on a plate.
  7. Repeat until all the cake mixture has been rolled into balls.
  8. Melt 2-4 ounces of white chocolate in the microwave.
  9. Dip the tip of the cake pop sticks into the white chocolate and insert into the cake balls about half-way.
  10. Freeze for about 20 minutes.
  11. Meanwhile prepare all of your decorating supplies.
  12. Melt the remaining chocolate in a large cup. Make sure you have enough chocolate to completely submerge the cake ball.
  13. Remove cake balls from freezer.
  14. Dip cake balls carefully into the chocolate until covered.
  15. Let the excess chocolate drip off. Swirl and tap gently if needed.
  16. Add the sprinkles while the chocolate is still wet. It will harden quickly.
  17. Stick the decorated cake pop into a styrofoam block to finish setting.
  18. Place into the freezer to speed up setting time.
  19. Cover with a clear treat bag & ribbon for gift giving, if desired.
  20. Store in a single layer, in an airtight container.
  21. Enjoy!
~TIPS~ Want to use food coloring? I'd suggest using the candy melts instead of white chocolate for the coating. I wasn't impressed with how the white chocolate took the food coloring. It made the chocolate thicker.I purchased all of my ingredients including the cake pop sticks and sprinkles at Target. The styrofoam I had already, but you can get a block of styrofoam at crafts stores or Walmart. The recipe (using only ½ of a 9 X 13 cake) makes about 13 medium sized cake balls. Feel free to change up the cake, frosting and coating. Red velvet cake, with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate coconut coating is really good! You can also use homemade cake and homemade frosting but I seriously can't tell the difference in taste.


  1. I made these for my fiance’s 50th bday party and used red and white candy melts so they looked like fishing bobbers to go along with the fishing theme. They were awsome!! Great recipe..thanks!! Can these be made in advance and if so how far in advance and how should they be stored?

  2. I can’t wait to try it

  3. Thank you for this great blog recipe and video!!
    I made an awesome batch for my daughter’s birthday!!
    Photo on IG: M_Spectacular

  4. Thank you for this blog recipe & the video!!
    I made an awesome batch of cake pops for my daughter’s birthday!!
    Picture on IG: M_Spectacular

  5. Thank you for this blog recipe & the video!!
    I made an awesome batch of cake pops for my daughters birthday!!
    Picture on IG: M_Spectacular

  6. I loved the cake pop recipe!!! Making them as my Halloween treats.

  7. Thank you! Your video was great and gave me confidence I could do this!

  8. I thought that I would make these for the first day of Sunday School but after making a trial run I’ll not be making them. The cake balls held together very well but I never could get the dipping to work. No matter what I tried, it was too thick and most of the cake balls came off the stick. The white chocolate was very thick and when eaten, all you could taste was the icing. Any tips about melting and dipping into the white chocolate would be very helpful.

    • I have been making these for years and the trick to getting the right consistency for the dipping chocolate is to thin with solid Crisco or your choice of shortening. After you have melted the chocolate and decide that you need it thinner, just add a teaspoon of Crisco while the chocolate is still hot and stir until Crisco is melted. Continue to add Crisco a little at a time until you get the consistency you want. Hope this helps. :)

      • How much total Crisco shorting to be added to the melted chocolate??
        I Can’t wait to make these easy to make cake pops for my brothers Christmas party. Thanks for a fun and informative tutorial. Now I know where to buy my supplies too.

    • Use shortening, such as Crisco, to thin the chocolate. I use 1-2 TBSP.

  9. wow very easy ima have to try this my kids been bugging me to make these!! looks real simple and yummy too..

  10. This was very helpful! Thank you so much!

  11. Thank you for your tips. I’ve made cake pops twice. Once without your tips (I used too much icing and many of the pops fell off the sticks during the coating stage) and once after reading your page. I used a stand mixer with a dough hook to crumble the cake both times. The last time I think I ran it too long – the cake came out a little too doughy. I didn’t use very much icing and they held up beautifully!!! I also used confetti cake and blue raspberry icing. They weren’t very visually appetizing. I’ll stick to yellow cake and chocolate icing. I’ve learned from my mistakes and from your wonderful tips.
    As a side note, the first time I used Wilton candy melts. The second time I was at the supermarket and just bought Toll House white chocolate chips. They worked just as well as the Wilton.

  12. this tutorial was great! I haven’t been to your blog before, but i’ll be back as you were funny and gave great tips! thanks :)

  13. shalei wilkinson

    So I was thinking about making these for my wedding but letting people decorate themselves. I had plans of having a chocolate fountain and they could just dip them. Would that work?

  14. How early in advance can I make cake pops? Thanks!

  15. can you use any king of cake mix

  16. Wow I was going to order some for my sons graduation now I may try it myself! They are charging 25-35 a dozen! Great tutorial!

  17. Thank you so much for your wonderful video and recipe on making cake pops! My 10 yr old daughter wants to make them, and I was terrified to venture there; but you’ve really make it look easy and given me the tools (easy tools/ingredients) to do this! Thank you!

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