Homemade Frozen Yogurt Drops….My Smoothies best friend!!

When I saw this idea for homemade yogurt drops on Pinterest I wanted to kiss the person who came up with this easy, mess-free technique.

I drink yogurt based smoothies almost daily and normally I’d pour my yogurt into mini ice cube trays. This works but sometimes the yogurt was a pain to get out of the ice trays and made a mess while trying to fill. I like this way sooooo much better!!

homemade yogurt drops recipe

Frosting gun loaded with yogurt and ready to make yogurt drops

I had a huge tub of Chobani Greek yogurt that was about to expire and decided to try out this homemade yogurt drops technique. I’m always forgetting about yogurt and letting it expire (drives my husband nuts!) so I was glad when I found this stuff hiding in the back of my fridge.

It’s super easy to do and once you make your first batch, you’ll probably go out to the store to buy different flavors just so you can do it again.

 frozen yogurt drops how to make

Piping little yogurt dots on nonstick paper

All you need is:

  • Icing gun or ziplock piping bag
  • Yogurt
  • Non-stick pan liner
  • Pan/tray

I store my homemade yogurt drops in a freezer bag inside of the empty, clean yogurt container.

storing homemade frozen yogurt drops

When it’s time for me to make a smoothie I just scoop out  1/2 cup worth and I’m good to go! So easy, quick and mess-free! They also make  quick and healthy snacks…yogurt chips!

Don’t you just love it when you find things that make your life easier?

homemade frozen yogurt drops recipe

Frozen yogurt drops ready for my smoothies!!!

homemade yogurt drops recipe

Get the Recipe: Homemade Yogurt Drops For Smoothies or Snacking!

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Making homemade frozen yogurt drops are so easy and quick. Great for smoothies or for snacking!
Prep Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes


  • yogurt


  • Line a baking pan or tray with nonstick paper.
  • Load your frosting gun with yogurt.
  • Make small dots onto the nonstick paper. Try to keep the the yogurt dots uniform in size so that they freeze at the same time.
  • Place the pan into the freezer for 30 minutes or until frozen.
  • One frozen store the yogurt dots in freezer-safe container.


An icing gun makes this process really easy and quick, but a ziplock bag can also be used.
Be sure the yogurt drops are completely frozen when you place them in their storage container.
Author: Divas Can Cook
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