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Grandma Barb’s Baked BBQ Chicken

Grandma Barb’s Baked BBQ Chicken

I grew up on a lot of bbq chicken recipes. Just like macaroni and cheese, it seems like everyone in my family has their own way of preparing baked bbq chicken. This is my grandma Barb’s recipe. I feature a lot of her down home, tried and true recipe son this site, like her fluffy yeast rolls, moist cream cheese pound cake and cornbread dressing to name  few. They never disappoint which is why I’ve been begging her to create a cookbook.

This bbq chicken recipe is pretty easy. It’s super juicy and tender. Grandmother would whip this up on weekdays and serve it with roasted corn, stove-top mac n cheese, yeast rolls, green beans and of course some good ol’ fashioned, ice cold sweet tea to wash it all down. Ahhhh…to be a child again. I didn’t know how good I had it!

baked bbq chicken recipe barbecue chicken

This bbq chicken recipe isn’t saucy like your typical baked barbecue chicken. The homemade bbq sauce is thin and bakes right into the chicken as it cooks.  This isn’t a very bold style sauce which makes pair up great with just about any side dish. It has that nice taste of tangy, sweet BBQ flavor without being too overpowering (not that I would ever complain about an overpowering bbq sauce)

Out of all the baked BBQ chicken recipes I make, my son seems to like this one the best. I guess because it’s not to spicy or smokey.

Watch me make this easy, baked bbq chicken recipe from start to finish!


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Grandma Barb's Baked BBQ Chicken
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 1 small chicken, cut up (5 lbs)
  • garlic pepper seasoning
  • ½ cup ketchup
  • 2 Tablespoons lemon juice
  • ½ cup water (I don't always add water but in the video I did, forgot to mention)
  • 6 Tablespoons brown sugar
  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar
  • 4 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 2 teaspoons paprika
  • 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 2-3 teaspoons salt
  • 2 teaspoons prepared mustard
  • 1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce
  1. Preheat oven to 450.
  2. Place chicken on a foil-lined baking sheet and season both sides generously with garlic pepper seasoning.
  3. Mix all of the remaining ingredients in a bowl to create the bbq sauce.
  4. Place the sauce in the microwave to melt the butter if needed.
  5. Cover both sides of the chicken with bbq sauce.
  6. Bake skin side up for 40-45 minutes, basting with the bbq sauce every 15 minutes.
  7. Turn the oven to broil for the last two minutes of baking and broil for 1-2 minutes to crisp up the skin. Watch it carefully.
  8. Remove from oven and let chicken rest for about 5-7 minutes before serving.
~TIPS~ For a more smokey flavor, sprinkle the chicken with hickory salt or liquid smoke before baking. Be careful not to over cook. Depending on the size of your chicken, you may need to adjust the cooking times.


  1. Great recipe!! I loved the bbq sauce and so did everyone else. Next time I’ll use maybe half the water the recipe calls for, my only issue was that it was a little too thin but the flavor was still there and the chicken turned out amazing still

  2. Thank you Monique! This recipe is a keeper. I have made this chicken three times and every time it’s right on point! You are an awesome cook, thank you for sharing your grandma’s recipe.

  3. So I used this recipe and OMG talk about good bbq chicken! I actually decided to use the exact same thing with TURKEY LEGS in the CROCK POT for 8 hours and OMG. This is just the best bbq sauce and best recipe I have ever made. I truly am in love and make it literally every week because our farmers market has really good chicken legs for a dollar a pound sometimes so I stock up :D Thank you so much for sharing this recipe it literally changed our home and made chicken yummy! I actually am cooking a really late dinner right now!!!! :D

  4. i love this recipe! made it for the first time last night and it was a hit! I had my daughters (6 & 4yo) make the bbq sauce and the had a blast, pouring and mixing. Then, into the oven it went! (i did bake at 425 instead of 450) When this BBQ chicken came out, it smelled awesome, but tasted even better. My pickest eater (4yo) asked for seconds. This was an instant hit! Thank you so much for sharing
    SIDENOTE: i feel like a superhero, who knew i could make my OWN BBQ SAUCE?

  5. I honestly was wonder what all the hype was able because when I made mine the sauce was runny and it did not coat the chicken very well at all. This was after baking for over an hour. It was really just okay for me the night I cooked it then…

    I had it for leftovers the next day and boy oh boy was it DELICIOUS!!!!

    The BBQ sauce was sticky and so much more flavorful. Will definitely make it again and this time let the chicken cool a lot longer when I take it out the over before serving.

  6. Made this a few days ago and it was delicious! I never thought about making my own bbq sauce. Baked bbq chicken was never my favorite because it was just too saucy with the pre-made sauce. This sauce was perfect and my chicken was not saucy, but nice and sticky.

  7. I’ve made this recipe twice in one week and my husband is requesting I make it again this weekend. Even his co-workers who cook a lot were complimenting this chicken. So happy I found you on youtube. I’m a little chef now.

  8. left my last name on previous comment can that be adjusted? thanks

  9. I am a beginner when it comes to cooking. I am always trying new recipes and my husband usually hates them. I decided to use your recipe for bbq chicken and when my husband (very plain eater) saw the ingredients he said “I guess I’ll be ordering Pizza tonight.” I followed your recipe to the T adding water, and the chicken came out great!! When my husband ate the chicken he said “I am both shocked and surprised”, then he went back for seconds. No chicken left. lol. Thank you so much! I love the videos and pictures. I am not one to leave reviews but I had to thank you for the recipe. I will continue to use your site. :)

  10. I just tried this tonight for dinner and my partner absolutely loved this recipe. So you have officially got my partner not only hooked on your BBQ Sauce but he now likes chicken. All I have to say is that I loved it and it will be a regular from now on thank you so much for sharing this recipe and I will be defiantly be trying more of your other recipe’s.

  11. Really delicious. Sauce is great on rice. My 4 year old is gobbling up seconds…and me too. Thanks for this recipe!

  12. made this tonight, perfect barbeque chicken recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  13. This recipe was good. It had a sort of strong tangy vinegar taste and was a little spicy to some of my family, but I will be making it again in the future its definitely a different BBQ chicken recipe :) instead of the same old thing all the time!

  14. I am learning how to cook and I made this last night. It was a HIT!! I enjoyed the sauce and so did my family. I also made your mac and cheese. Delish!!

    Thanks for the recipes. I’m hooked on your website now!! I’m going to be a lil chef sooner than I thought.

    P.S. Thanks for the videos.

  15. Made this over the weekend with some friends. We all loved it. Took the left overs to my parents, they loved it, too. Very easy to make and time was spot on. Chicken was done and juicy! Will make again.

  16. Hi Monique…Found your Website While Looking Up Cabbage Recipes….You Are the BOMB.COM GURRLLL!! Thanks for Doing this for us Kitchen Challenged Ladies….You Make Every Recipe So Easy and The Choice Of Foods are Right up my Alley…Was Wondering if you were Working on printing your Cookbooks and Selling them, I would most Definitely Buy Em All!!!

  17. thank you so much for the recipe, this is the best oven baked chicken recipe ever! realllyyy delicious!

  18. Wheew I am a new fan! This turned out finger licking good!

  19. OH EM and a GEE!!! Tried the recipe tonight and it was a HIT! My fiance’ licked every single finger. Awesome, awesome, awesome recipe! Thanks! Your’e a life saver!

  20. I made this yesterday for 4th of July and my husband loved it, I have chicken left over today and still wants me to make more… All I can say is THANK YOU MONIQUE!!!

  21. Hi Monique, I am making this recipe today! Can I make this on the BBQ? If so, Can I leave the sauce off until the end or does that take away l

  22. This recipe is so good ! My boyfriend doesn’t like worsher sauce or Apple cider vinegar so i use a little bit of regular distilled vinegar & it’s still good !

    • Hi I used regular vinegar too cause I did not have the cider vinegar. It still made my husband give me those “wow” looks like the whole time he was eating it. Now tonight he wants me to make it again but this time I am using it on a porc chop. Should be great… thanks

  23. made this for dinner last night my family fought over the last wing my son said Mom you really cant expect me to eat school lunch after this (I usually pack home cooked meals for my boys) next time I will do this on the smoker

  24. Thank you and Grandma Barb so much for this recipe. I never had a recipe go so right.

  25. Wow so simple yet tasty and more-ish, I used chipotle powder instead of chilli powder, less sugar and I removed the skin and soaked the chicken pieces over night in the marinade.
    No more shop bought bbq sauce for me :0)

  26. Questions. Was planning on making this tonight but 450 seems really high if you are going to cook for 45 minutes? Especially in a higher altitude like I live in. Did anybody adjust the temp? And when I printed the recipe she says on there that she doesn’t always add water but listed it because she did in the video but I watched the video 5 times and never saw any water, she said she just forgot to mention it but it never showed her doing it either. Did everyone add the water or go off what they saw in the video? Will be back to rate this after I make it but from the reviews it sure looks killer, just wondered about those two things.

  27. its so easy and simple, I tried it the other night. WE LOVE IT! Very Delicious!

  28. After my husband got up for thirds, I ask so did you lke it? He says it’s weird that he does but yes. He said it was weird because it had a spicy kick to it, so his mouth was on fire but at the same time the sweetness kept it cool. He loved it, we barely had enough for left overs for tonight. Can’t weight to try the BBQ recipe on the grill. This was an awesome recipe! THANKS!

  29. I baked on 425… but this chicken was EVERYTHING!

  30. I’m making this tonight, but are you sure it should be 450 degrees? I would have thought that would be way too hot. Can anyone confirm this, I don’t want to get it wrong? Thanks, seems like a great recipe!

  31. Fabulous! Made it exactly as shown and even my picky 5 yr old loved it! A keeper for sure!!!

  32. Made this BBQ Chicken today for me and my husband…he took one bite and said “this chicken is delicious”!! Thanks, Monique!! BTW: I am so happy I found your website and that your children will grow up having home cooked meals!! Thanks again, girlfriend!!!

  33. This chicken is Everything.gov.com/bombeezee! LOL! Forreal tho, this chicken is delicious and the banana pudding will make you weak!! God bless you Monique :-)

  34. Trying this out tomorrow for the first time. I’m a teen cook helping my mom cook dinner so this week I wanted to try your bbq chicken : ) With these great reviews I’m sure I won’t be let down !

  35. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, I used less sugar, used a whole clove of garlic and black pepper, but it was delicious

  36. This recipe was AMAZING! it was finger licking good! perfect seasoning and tender chicken. I cant wait to try another recipe of yours.

  37. Giving credit where credit is due.that has to be the best chicken ive had in a long time..kudos to your grandmother..i cut back on some of the ingredients because i was sharing the food with my fiances grandma(kinda like a meals on wheels thing)..she cant eat spicy foods and it STILL turned out perfect..very good dish

  38. Omg Monique I cooked this the beginning of this week and it was off the chain…Blew everybody away in my house!!

  39. Monique , Girl !!!! I L.O.V.E your website , it’s the best out of any thing else I’v looked for. Thanksss <3 Your video has really taught me a lot . :))

  40. Followed this recipe to the letter and it was deliciously awesome. I made the chicken for 25 guests at an in-house dinner and they all loved it. All I kept hearing was, “who made the chicken?!”

  41. This was so good, I cooked this for me and my husban and we both loved it so much! so far this one is my fav.!!!

  42. I made this chicken for dinner last night, it was so good! I doubled the recipe for the sauce so I could have extra (glad I did, my family loved it!) The recipe was easy to follow, and cooking time was right on. Chicken came out juicy and delicious! I followed your instructions and basted every 15 minutes. I have been looking for a good baked chicken recipe for a long time, so glad I found this one! Thanks for sharing!

  43. My Grandma approved! It was delish!

  44. I just made this chicken its delicious. I am so excited to have made homemade BBQ sauce. I made your Collard Greens too.

  45. I made this tonight and it was relish. Adding to my recipe file

  46. This was so easy and very good:)

  47. This was great! I just fixed this for dinner and it was soooo good. I was honestly licking my fingers, so sad but true. Thanks !

  48. Absolutely LOVED. Made this last week (08/29/12) and again EZ & inexpensive. The meat was falling of the bone, family enjoyed it. I served it with collard greens, yellow rice, and cornbread. The sauce wasn’t as thick as I would have liked, but overall a +10 and I would make it again. I want to thank my BFF for finding your site because she wanted to make something fruity and she googled some stuff and ran across your Drunken Melon Balls. She made them for a party and got nothing but great feedback. DCC keep up the good work!! Love your decoder at the bottom before you send the comment

  49. Absolutely delicious! I’m a teenage cook and my family lived it!

  50. I made this but I didn’t not like this one! But I love this site & mrs monique has taught me to cook. Thank u so much

  51. Tried this recipe last night…my whole family loved it! They thought it was from a restaurant!LOL!

  52. This recipe turned out great. Delish! Thanks Diva!

  53. I am tired of making the same old chicken, so I searched and found your video on YouTube. I have been CRAVING BBQ chicken, but I can’t work our grill. This looks so good. I’m going to make it for dinner. I’m so excited that I found your video and your website. My family is really going to enjoy this.

  54. The bbq chicken was delicious, I liked the sweet bbq sauce. Thanks Monique.

  55. omg i tried these and my family loved them and im only twelve. i used chicken wings instead of a whole chicken. what did you set your broiler to? my temperature is hi and lo so….

  56. I made this last night it was easy and very good.

  57. I made this tonight with chicken wings and left out the red pepper flakes (my moms a wimp, can’t take the heat!) and it came out wonderful! Monique, honey, I’m gonna mess around and catch a husband if I keep cooking like this!

  58. This recipe is AMAZING! The bbq sauce is so good. I will admit that I got a little scared because I thought the chicken was burning but it came out perfectly. Thanks for the recipe! =)

  59. I made this recipe with boneless chicken breasts…..O.M.G. lip smackin GOOD! The sauce is to die for Monique! I will be trying some of your other recipes soon and I’m sure they will be just a delicious!

  60. I fell in love with the sauce alone, not to mention the chicken like the roasted texture.Nice switch up from the norm . Thanks Grandma Barb and you too Monique LOL just kidding keep up the good work! :)

  61. Wow! I could not wait to taste these. I used chicken wings. The home made sauce lit up my kitchen. The flavor is exactly what I’ve been trying to find. I usually buy my sauce, but nothing tops this one! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. I use them quite often.

  62. I made this chicken the other day and it was so yummy, thanks!

  63. Wow is all I can say!!!! My daughter stayed up just so she could eat this BBQ chicken. LOLOLOL!! She kept saying “mommy is it done, its smells so good?” My man is not the one to want to try new things and when I told him that I was making a new receipt he said ” ahh man I don’t want that.” (every since I cooked something from the Monique cook book. He has been scARED TO TRY NEW THINGS THAT i SUGGEST. LOL! Before I could eat my one drum stick he was on his way back into the kitchen to get another piece saying “this shit good.” LOL As I type right now my kids are coming downstairs to get another piece. LOL. It is 12:21am. LOL. Thank you so much for sharing your families receipts. Next up, drinks for my friend tomorrow. She is going through something so I told her about your site and that will make the blackberry drink. I will let you know how it turns out.LOl

  64. You’re right sis! cant wait to cook with you on 4th of July!

  65. Those look soooo yummy! Monique, you make really good recipes on this website! I’m going to try this recipe on 4th of July.

  66. Loved, loved, loved this! I didn’t have time to make the sauce so I used Sweet Baby Rays but will make it next time for sure!! Thanks for sharing all these great tips and recipes.

  67. Do we preheat oven to 350 or 450???

  68. Monique, this was really really good! Thanks for sharing! The only issue I ran into is my chicken came out more smoked then the one in your picture and my smoke detector went off! Any suggestions for next time? This was really yummy nonetheless. Thank you! Keep up the good work!

  69. Can you use bottled barbq sauce for the recipe?

  70. Ps.I really like how you made all your dishes simple and easy to follow! Coming from a 19 yr old student who is trying to learn how to cook PROPERLY, I really appreciate that. Thanks Monique

  71. I made these today, first time ever making bbq sauce. It was fantastic and tasted sooooo good. Thank you so much. :) :) x

  72. Ok Monique, is there anything on your site that isn’t delicious (LOL)!
    I made this chicken for my family for dinner yesterday and it was really really good. My twin boys ate them like potatoe chips ( I used bonless chicken thighs). Keep em comming Monique and thanks for sharing your family recipes with us :)

    • Okay so i posted my comment under the wrong recipe, it’s suppose to be for your Honey Curry Chicken. Guess I got caught up looking at this one and was salavating at the pic. Sorry but this recipe is a home favorite

  73. I’m a 22 year old wife with a son on the way and you make the thought of cooking for two men sooo possible!!! I didn’t know much about cooking before about a week ago and now that ive found u I think I’m a lil chef ! Thank u so much for your help. It’s so simple yet delicious ! I could compliment you all day!!!

  74. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to try looks delish!

  75. Girl, This recipe came right on time! I was looking for something different from my normal chicken recipe. We really enjoyed this dish. It was so simple and so delicious.

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