Let’s discuss passion! Cracker Barrel asked me to share my passion. For some of us answering that question is easy but for others, like myself, it requires a bit of narrowing down. I’m passionate about a lot of things, maybe too many things, but one of those things is preparing a meal for my family. I’ve always enjoyed feeding people and have killed many pet fish in my childhood because of this. There is just something fulfilling about preparing a wholesome meal that nourishes someone’s body and makes them feel happy and satisfied.

passion for preparing a meal

Preparing a home cooked meal!

I’m pretty sure this passion came from my grandmother. She took pride in being able to feed her huge family these big beautiful meals. Anytime we sat at her table we knew we were welcomed and loved simply by the dedication that she put into the entire process. Meals were memorable experiences with amazing food, laughter and conversation. I’ll never forget them and that memory is what I want for my own family. Cooking and preparing a meal are two different things in my book. Preparing a meal includes taking the time to plan out a balanced meal with colors, complimenting flavors, and textures. It means using fresh ingredients, setting a welcoming table, serving the meal, and enjoying my family’s conversation.
passion for preparing a meal

Meal is ready!! Time to serve and enjoy!!

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