Banana Pudding Milkshake…Say What Chick-Fil-A?

Banana Pudding Milkshake

If you follow me on facebook then you know how obsessed I am with Chick-fil-a’s new banana pudding milkshake. Yall…like seriously…I was drinking one of those every single day!

It was like a milkshake full of comfort. It didn’t matter how stressful my day had been I knew that all would be well once I got my banana pudding milkshake fix.

Then all of a sudden SOMEBODY(and I thank you) had to ruin it by sending me the calorie count ….780 calories!!! What in the milkshake hell!!!! I just lost my muffin top and I was not about to get her back….at least not before Thanksgiving.

I knew I had to stop but it was so hard!! It’s not unusual for me become attached to fast food items. Not to long ago I kicked my McDonalds Real Fruit Smoothie addiction by recreating my own. That was exactly how I was going to handle this addiction! I would try to recreate Chick Fil-A’s banana pudding milkshake!!!!

I played around with some ingredients and made it about 5 times before finally settling one that I thought was awesome (dare I say better) and had that same comfort appeal!!

I love this banana pudding milkshake and YES I think I am officially done buying them everyday. Well…not unless I’m out and about when the craving strikes.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as I’ve been!!

I love the person who thought of banana pudding in milkshake form!!
Watch me make this banana pudding milkshake from start to finish!!

Banana Pudding Milkshake...Say What Chick-Fil-A?
Serves: 1
  • ¼ cup plain soy milk
  • 1½ Tablespoons banana cream instant pudding mix
  • 1 cup Homestyle, Slow Churned Vanilla Ice Cream (Edy's)
  • 4-6 vanilla wafers, crushed
  • diced banana (optional)
  • Cool Whip (optional)
  • Cherry (optional)
  1. Pour soy milk into large cup.
  2. Add banana cream instant pudding mix.
  3. Stir to combine.
  4. Add in homestyle vanilla ice cream.
  5. Stir until creamy and combined. It should have the texture of a frosty. You may add more soy milk if you prefer it thinner.
  6. Stir in vanilla wafers and bananas.
  7. Top with cool whip and a cherry.
*Note* You can add in more pudding if you prefer a sweeter, stronger banana taste. If you do that you will also need to increase the soymilk and ice cream as well. Otherwise, you run the risk of just have pudding. (Made that mistake a lot during my recipe testing)


  1. Tamatha says

    Hey Diva,
    Me again.. Do you think there is anyway to add some alcohol to this yummy shake? If so could you say what kind you would use and how to maybe tweak the recipe?
    Thank YOU!

  2. minniemin says

    omg…i FRIKIN LOVE YOU!!! i was SO SAD when they took this off their menu :'( i was craving those shakes so badly…

  3. PhatKiss says

    PS…YOU’RE right, it DOES taste SOOO much better than Chick-Fil-A (no offense Chick) :-D..still love ya tooo-wah!! :-).

  4. PhatKiss says

    OhhhEmmGeeeeeeeeyah, I made my 1st one of this last night & all I have to say is, “Yuuuuuuuummyyy!!! I am IN love!! Thanks SO much Divaaa-h!! You rock!! :-).

  5. carol hagan says

    I made this milkshake today, never had the chick fil a one, in fact never been to chick fil a , anyway, awesome. Im carb concious so I used a low carb ice cream, sugar free pudding and low fat wafers and it was the best. Thank you for the recipe.

  6. karina says

    my rhythmic gymnastics coach officially hates you for making me gain weight. lol, it its not your fault…its sooooo freaking good(:

  7. Denise says

    Ok, this is the last recipe(3) in one day until this weekend. I cheated a little and used the pudding cup already made, it was still DeeLishUs, so good I can’t spell anymore, time for a walk…….

  8. Anonymous says

    Have you ever tried almond milk? Oh my goodness, it's so good. I love the vanilla and the chocolate flavors. So good.

  9. BESOS LYNN says

    OK, so don't tell my trainer. But, I am making this for dinner. Yes, I said dinner! Thanks for sharing….
    besos, lynn

  10. ydcc says

    LMAOOOO@kick that cow! I know I'm kinda mad at them too for introducing this thing in the summer time when they know folks trying to keep their weight down!

  11. Juakeia says

    OMG!! I am obsessed with Chic-Fil-A's BP milkshake… I want to kick that cow…they ought to be shame…lol!! I cant wait to try your recipe…YUMMY!!

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