2013 Krispy Kreme Blogger Summit

Divas Can Coook has been invited by Krispy Kreme to go and eat doughnuts. There is a God. And He really loves me!!

It’s true! I received the invite a while ago and couldn’t click that respond button fast enough to say “what time do you need me!”.  It’s no secret that I love me a good hot and ready Krispy Kreme doughnut. I don’t know how you could be from the south and not.

Eating doughnuts is not the only thing I’ll be doing. I’ll also be sampling coffee, touring the Krispy Kreme factory, interviewing the chef masterminds behind all those addictive flavor (fyi blueberry cake doughnuts will always be #1) and even taking a shot at building my own doughnut! (pray for me)

Sounds fun right? I’ll also be tweeting and facebooking the entire time to keep you all up to date on what’s going on and asking the Krispy Kreme chefs questions from YOU!

I’ll also  be giving away a $50 Krispy Kreme gift card to one my lucky reader! $50 can go a long way at Kripsy Kreme ya know!

Ok so leave me a comment below that you’d like me to ask the Krispy Kreme chefs!!


  1. Lashelle Casey says

    I would love to get that recipe… but since its highly unlikely can you give me the ingredient that makes the Krispy Kreme donuts so popular?

  2. beth says

    My family was disappointed that KK pulled out of Illinois!
    I think the reason being is that the people up here are SO eating -healthy conscious. I think one can eat right and make room for these soft, heavenly delights.

    However, when we heard that there were transfats, WE stopped eating them. That is THE worst ingredient. Transfats are ALWAYS a no-no. Why doesn’t KK remove the TRANSFATS?

    However, There is no better tasting doughnut than a Krispy Kreme!

    Waiting for the change.

  3. Janaina says

    Girl… I just loved this website!!! I loved your tutorials… so easy to understand… I’ll see if I’ll be able to prepare it ^^
    I’m from Brazil… and my hubby, he just loves Krispy Kreme… and I’m wondering, do you know how to prepare a homemade donuts?!!
    My hubby will love me more if I could prepared it!!

  4. says

    i well love to go and see all the donuts they sell but I am in my country side I cant just go dere just for donuts then ill have to come here back and do what stick all day eating donuts

  5. Shonell says

    I had some plain ones this weekend and is it just me or did the doughnuts get smaller? if so, why did they make the doughnuts so much smaller?

  6. Davina says

    Will Krispy Kreme bring back some of the previous feature donuts? Like the Oreo, cinnamon roll, and red velvet?? It’ll be like a class reunion! These were truly amazing! 😀

    And how come when I buy a dozen donuts they don’t last 24hrs in my house?

  7. Alexia says

    Why did they discontinue the wheat glazed? Do they plan to ever offer a healthier version of the original again?

  8. Nellie says

    I have a question, I would love to know if Krispy Kreme will ever decide to bring their doughnut batter to stores? So people can make their own Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Maybe I am reaching, but if Cinnabon can do it, so can Krispy Kreme lol.

  9. Knia says

    I live in Okinawa, Japan and they sell Krispy Kreme in the shoppettes here, are they shipped here frozen or are they re-heated?

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