Watch my kitchen studio tour!

Ever wondered where I filmed my cooking videos and what equipment I use? No? Well, I’m gonna show you anyway! Ha!

When I first started recording back in 2009 I lived in the cutest little 900sq ft house with a super small kitchen. Yep, that little kitchen below is where Divas Can Cook started! I LOVED that kitchen!

Check out this video below to see one of the first videos I recorded in that kitchen.

Once baby #2 came along and Divas Can Cook starting growing it was time for more room!!

We moved around A LOT (over 4 times in one year!) before settling into the house we’re in now. I started recording out in my sunroom because I LOVE natural light. However, I would freeze out there in the winter and roast in the summer.

I needed a studio with controlled lighting. My sweet, sexy, maybe better than Chip Gaines husband built me a studio in the corner of the garage and it’s worked well…up until now.

Now I find myself running out of space and being really unproductive. I’m not a good work-from-home person. I’ll start doing house tasks and everything else when I should be working.

Which brings me to this post!

I’m building an away from home filming kitchen/office!

I’m hoping that having to go to a physical location outside of my home and clocking in and out will keep me focused. My new film kitchen will basically set up like a house (in case we ever decide to rent it out in the future) but used only for filming and other work-related projects that my husband and I have going on.

It’s long overdue and I’m dreaming of those productive days without interruptions from the kids or house stuff.

It’s going to feel so good to separate work life from home life. I know so many of you at-home folks can relate to the struggle! It’s real!

The Inspiration

(photo source)

Here is what I’m hoping to achieve. A very calming, white kitchen space that’s a bit rustic, a bit classy. And of course with pops of my signature hot pink.

Everything should be done by the end of summer *fingers crossed* Check out the video to see the gutted building and more!

Until then, stay tuned for the reveal!

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