Well folks…it has come to an end…The Real Women of Philadelphia contest given by Paula Deen and Philadelphia cream cheese! I’ve been participating since the start of the contest almost 2 months ago. Wow how time flies when you’re doing what you love!!

If you aren’t familiar with this contest here’s a recap: Paula Deen is looking for four fabulous home cooks to be the women of “Real Women of Philadelphia” Not the state but the cream cheese! Each week contestants had to come up with an original video recipe that used cream cheese based on certain categories like side dishes, appetizers, entrees & desserts. Two contestants are chosen each week which will result in 16 women total who will fly down to Savannah, GA to meet Paula and cook their recipes live. Out of the 16 winners 4 will be chosen (one from each category) Those 4 receive $25,000, star in their own cooking show, a cookbook, publicity tour and a few other fabulous prizes!!

Sunday marks the end of the contest and I must say I had a freakin blast!!! It’s been so long since I’ve had the chance to just play around in my kitchen and create recipes! I’ve met some fabulous everyday women who share my love for cooking and created a very impressive binder of prize-worthy cream cheese recipes that I can’t wait to try out!!

I still have a chance of winning dessert week, as I submitted 4 videos for this last round. There were a TON of great, yummy videos submitted for this last round. Those ladies are really bringing their A-game!! We’ll see what happens, it’s like winning the lottery, you can’t win if ya aint in it!

Here are all of my cream cheese infused recipes that I submitted during my 2 month cooking venture!!

 I’ll get around to posting the recipes this week but you can find the videos of me making these on my youtube channel for now!

Thanks so much Paula & Kraft for such a fabulous, fun contest!!

Apple Pie Parfait

Dessert Fruit Burritos

Philly Princess Berry Blondies

White Chocolate Raspberry Key Lime Bars

Stuffed Banana Cream Pecan Blondies
Supreme Pizza Potatoes
Buffalo Onion Rings
Smokey Sausage and Spinach Potato Soup.
 Served in Potato Bowls.

Diva ‘Dillas