When I was pregnant with Ethan I craved white chocolate covered pretzels like nobody’s business!  I went to the mall to get those pretty little gourmet pretzels and was left highly disappointed. The pretzels were stale and the chocolate crumbled off with one bite. I ended up just getting a bag of Flipz to satisfy the craving.

chocolate covered pretzels

Had I remembered just how freakin easy it is to make homemade chocolate covered pretzels I would have whipped up a batch in a heartbeat.  Naaaa, on second thought, I was pretty lazy during my pregnancy. That wouldn’t have happened.

chocolate covered pretzles 4

Although these chocolate covered pretzels are crazy easy to make they do require a bit of time. I mean, all you’re doing is dip, drip, sprinkle/drizzle. Bam! It’s repetitive and if you bore easily like myself,  I HIGHLY advise you to make the process more enjoyable for yourself by doing the following:

How to Save Your Sanity While Making Homemade Chocolate Covered Pretzels

1.) Pick your design. Choose your design(s) and gather all supplies needed to create it. I just googled chocolate covered pretzels. Found two designs I liked which were sprinkles and drizzles. Keep it simple, not unless you’re all super creative and talented and all I have to say to that is…”SHOW OFF!!”

2.) Get totally prepped. Get ALL of your supplies set out on the table and ready. This includes the bowls you’re gonna melt your chocolate in, the forks for dipping, the wax paper to place the pretzels on to dry and so forth.  Pretend that you are about to perform and surgery and you need a super neat and functional work space. Also if you’re making this as a gift, get a cute tin container to put them in, don’t just place them in a glad container,  boring!!

3.) Pick the perfect time. Choose a day and time where you aren’t rushed or trying to multi-task. Night time is good or really early in the morning. Or a lazy Sunday. I just love Sundays. Making homemade chocolate covered pretzels while in a hurry is not fun. At all.

4.) Dress for success. Put on something comfy. I don’t know why. It’s just fun making these when you are super comfy and your hair is pulled up in a high bun.

5.)  Create the ambiance. Turn on some music, trashy reality tv, or invite a gossipy friend over to keep you entertained. Eventually you will zone out of dipping pretzels and go into auto-pilot mode.  Might as well have something to keep you entertained. Time will go by so quick.

6.) Have a healthy snack.  Have some wine (yes that is a healthy snack. Um, hello..grapes) or something to snack on. I had some moscato and chicken wings. If not you’ll eat about 20 chocolate covered pretzels and feel really guilty when you’re done.

7.) Have fun!! These chocolate covered pretzels really are super fun to make. They make a beautiful gift.


chocolate covered pretzels

They are much easier to make than cake pops or apple pie pops or brownie truffles or Oreo truffles… ok you get the point right.

Store between layers of parchment papers. I prefer to keep them in the fridge.

chocolate covered pretzels 1

Watch me make these chocolate covered pretzels from start to finish!

Get the Recipe: How To Make Homemade Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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  • Mini pretzels
  • 8 oz. white chocolate
  • 8 oz. milk chocolate
  • 4 tablespoons vegetable shortening, divided
  • Decorations, sprinkles, nuts, etc.


  • In a medium size bowl add white chocolate and 2 tablespoons of vegetable shortening.
  • Microwave, stirring every 6-10 seconds until completely melted.
  • Use a fork to dip pretzel into and out of chocolate.
  • Let excess chocolate drip off.
  • Place on wax paper to dry.
  • When chocolate has hardened, redip the pretzels (some white chocolate brands only require one dipping for a thick coating)
  • Add sprinkles while chocolate is still wet.
  • Add the milk chocolate drizzle once the white chocolate has completely set.
  • To make the drizzled pretzels, use a fork and quickly swing chocolate over the pretzels back and forth. Let harden.
  • Repeat the same instructions to make milk chocolate covered pretzels, except double dipping is not needed.
  • Store pretzels between layers of parchment paper.
  • I prefer to keep them in the refrigerator.
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