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  1. I love your recipes. Do you have any lemon cake recipes

  2. I love your recipes I was wondering do you have a lemon cake recipe

  3. Patricia Phillips

    Love your cooking, videos. Young woman doing the thing. Would like to know where you get those red bowls you use sometim11es.

  4. Baby Girl I knew you had to be from the South. I am so glad I ran across your website. I am a Mom of two grown children but hey I am Nana to one sweet little boy. He s going to love those cake pops and I won’t stop there I am looking forward to trying some more of those recipes. Thank you cutie you made an old Nana’s day.

  5. Hi Diva,
    I am a big fan of your cakes i love yours recipes… your just amazing..

    A hearty request please can you show us how to make super moist vanilla cake and pineapple cake…

  6. I love your website!!! I can’t seem to figure out how to get to the calendar that is shown on the menu planning page. Can you tell me how to get there?

  7. Dear Divas

    Have you ever made capon? A friend of mine told me about a recipe her Southern mother made for years. Unfortunately, her mom is no longer with us to discuss amounts, cooking times and so on.

    My friend said that her mom would prepare a large pot of water, minced celery, onion and carrots to par-boil the capon and then roast till done. The boiling liquid was then used to cook egg noodles.

    Does any of this sound familiar to you? I’d love to make it for Thanksgiving.

  8. Miss Diva,

    Just wanted to thank you for your vegetarian greens recipe, and the fried apples too. My daughter is a fussy eater to begin with, and she’s a recent vegetarian to boot! Talk about a tough mouth to feed. I love southern cooking, but a lot of it calls for meat. I refuse to cook two different meals – one is hard enough. Anyway, I couldn’t find any smoked salt, but I remembered I had some smoked paprika from another recipe. I mixed that with some sea salt and had me some smoked salt! I didn’t know you could make greens without meat and still get some bacon flavor in there. The fried apples rounded out our dinner (with some mashies) and we were two happy girls! Just wanted you to know you helped us out so much. Take care – Robbie.

  9. What is the recipe for the steak seasoning?

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