I don’t know how my cousin and I got on the subject of the best bottled water brands yesterday but it made for an interesting conversation and a pretty sad discovery.

I purchased a ton of bottled water for my 4th of July celebration. Now let me just say that yes, I am totally down with the going green movement of using your own water bottle. I usually only purchase bottled water if I’m out and about or having a get-together (ok I guess that’s kind of  lot),  HOWEVER when I do, it HAS to be Dasani!!!!

I used to be a hardcore bottled water drinker back when it was the coolest thing ever to be seen with a bottle of water. I’ve tried sooooo many kinds but always went back to the smooth, crisp, clean taste of Dasani. Ahhh there is nothing more heavenly that cracking that top open and gulping down pure, ice cold water…..

Ok back to the lame convo I was having with my cousin who is so “earthy & researchy”. She claimed that “her research” and “sources” says that Dasani has one of the nastiest water reservoirs and all these other horror stories about drinking bottled water.

I just brushed this aside while sipping on my Dasani because this is the same chick who refuses to use products from Proctor & Gamble because some church lady said they were devil worshipers.

Even though I had no intentions of straying from my favorite brand, I was curious to know what brand others preferred (hey! I was bored!)  so I hit up google. I stumbled upon a bottled water scorecard from ewg.org. They rate bottled water based on how pure the water is, if the company is willing to disclose where the water comes from and how the water is treated.

What grade did my Dasani get?  A big fat  D : (

Most brands received D’s and F’s but there were 3 brands that got B’s and one was Nestle’s Pure Life!!! They are open about where their water comes from,  passed the purification/water treatment test and also use advanced treatment.

Congrats Nestle!! You got me!!!!

With all that said…..I am now a Nestle Pure Life water drinker. And even though that water taste slightly like sitting pond to me, I can always respect a transparent food and beverage company, no pun intended.

Ok this post has totally made me really thirsty!
What’s your favorite bottled water brand?