Often times here in the Divas Can Cook kitchen I’ll cook up a recipe only to decide it’s not good enough for my “best friends in my head” (that would be you). Sometimes I’ll nix the recipe altogether but often times I’ll put it in my “Recipes in Rehab” folder.

This folder consists of recipes that are really good but just need a little something else. That extra oomph! I usually make a few notes and come back and play around with the ingredients and measurement until I feel it’s ready to be posted.

It sucks when recipes don’t come out the way I hoped but it’s such a learning experience and have really helped me become a better cook. So today I decided to share with you guys the recipes that have been added to the folder for this month. Hopefully I will have them all doctored up and rehabilitated to share next month!

Ice Cream Brownie Bars w/ Caramel Waffle Cone Topping

I posted about this little creation on my facebook fan page this week. I had high hopes for it and yes it was good, (Isaac loved it!) but something was still missing. I wanted to take a bite of this and be in heaven but I was still left here on earth. Booooo! I’m thinking maybe changing the ice cream layer to cookie dough ice cream and crushing some chocolate chip cookies on top with caramel and chocolate drizzle. Then I thought about doing a red velvet brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and a cream cheese/cool whip frosting and then sprinkling the top with walnuts. So many options to make this thing amazing right! The brownie layer was perfect! It was frozen yet still soft and chewy which was exactly what I was going for. This dessert also cut like a dream. It has potential and I can see it being a cookout favorite. I’m excited about tweaking this one! Stay tuned… ice cream brown bars

Pan-Seared Sriracha Lime Chicken Skewers

We nailed these things for dinner one night and I just knew this video recipe would be a success but after eating them I felt like they were just “ok”. It wasn’t something that I’d want to hurry and make again. That tells me that it needs more work. Not sure what it was but I think it needed more spices. It tasted kinda flat. I mainly just tasted  Sriracha and limes. I wanted more depth with this one. A flavor explosion! I’m thinking a good spice mixture on the chicken would take these babies over the top. My hubby really liked these though .

sirachi chicken skewers

Peach Cobbler Cake

This cake was really good and had all of the buttery gooeyness of a homemade peach cobbler… it just needed some more tweaks to the peach mixture. Maybe a bit more cinnamon and nutmeg with a tad bit of lemon juice to balance out the sweetness.  The cake and glaze was pure perfection. This will be an easy fix that I can’t wait to share! Also I plan to use fresh instead of frozen peaches with this one. peachcobblercake

Baked BBQ Sweet Potato Fries

I’ve made this recipe 7 times!! Yep 7 times just to get the texture of these things right. Trying to get crispy sweet potato fries in the oven was a pain! But I finally figured it out by salting them last and using a bit of flour and cornstartch while letting them dry out on the counter a bit before baking. The problem? The spice mixture. I wasn’t happy with the spices on this one. I wanted a BBQ taste. Something smoky, sweet, and spicy the made you wanna just keep eating them. Still working on getting that proper balance.

baked sweet potato fries 1

I hope you enjoyed looking at my recipes in rehab! I’m excited about perfecting them for you guys!

Which recipe do you think I should rehab first???