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Thanks to all who took the time to enter and for leaving such great comments! More contests to come this month!

Ok so The Hershey Center for Health & Nutrition, has collaborated with the American Dietetic Association and created Moderation Nation!! (Ahhh I love how it just rolls off the tongue) Moderation Nation! Seriously, say it. You like? 

Anyway, is full of all kinda stuff to help you stay fit and fabulous! You can still eat your favorite stuff, just do it in, you guessed it, moderation! Moderation Nation provides tons of tools to make it easier for busy peeps to stay fit like seven-day meal planners, healthy snack ideas, and even a meal balancing calculate that takes the guess work out of what to fix with foods you already have on hand.

My Thoughts:
I love the concept of this website! It’s neat and clean, very easy to navigate. I was so excited to use the meal balance tool . I selected my meat that I had on hand (chicken) then selected the way I wanted to cook it (baked) and filled in a few more options before hitting submit. It showed my results but no recipes. Maybe it was just my computer or I was doing something wrong but I tried several times. I really love the moderation menus, just wish they were on the site and not in a PDF file. I like how lowfat hershey’s desserts are listed on the site. Who doesn’t love a good, low-fat chocolate dessert? Sign me up!

As a prize for one of my beautiful readers Moderation Nation is giving away this wonderful Moderation Nation Prize Pack! Which includes:

  1. A moderation nation t-shirt (I use it to work out in)
  2. A moderation journal to record your food intake or tips. (I use it as a to-do list)
  3. A full-size bag of Hershey’s kisses (I know these are only to reward yourself for doing good, but I nailed this whole bag in a 2 days. *sigh*)

How to enter:
Simply leave a comment below answering:
What’s your best advice for eating healthy and sticking to it???
(I’m all ears because God knows I need to hear this. I can never stick to it when I attempt to eat healthy)
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