Margarita Beer Punch

I’ve always wished I was a beer drinker. Beer looks so refreshing on those commercials being poured into frosty glasses. I’ve tried to make myself like the stuff so many times, but it does nothing for my taste buds. It’s just so…blah!

Now Margarita Beer Punch recipe on the other hand!! Yes, ma’am! Pass Me My Dress!! because this is my kinda beer! The name may not sound that appealing, especially if you are not a beer drinker or even if you are a beer drinker, but believe me, this punch is delicious. It’s sweet, crisp, with a bold lemon-lime taste and a hint of beer & tequila. The perfect punch to serve with appetizers!

You can easily tweak the amounts of ingredients to make the punch have a strong alcohol taste or one that is barely noticeable! Just be careful because it’s easy to down these back to back and it will sneak up on ya!

Margarita Beer Punch Recipe

Author: Divas Can Cook
  • (12 oz) can frozen limeade
  • 1 cup tequila
  • 12 oz of beer (I use Corona)
  • 2-4 cups of cold water or lemon-lime soda, depending on how strong you want the alcohol taste to be. (I use Sierra Mist or Vault)
  1. Step 1.) In a pitcher add in frozen limeade
  2. Step 2.) Pour in beer & tequila
  3. Step 3.) Pour in soda/water
  4. Step 4.) Stir until limeade is dissolved. Taste and adjust if needed. I usually put in more beer & tequila (hey what can I say!) Let chill in the refrigerator or immediately pour over ice and serve.

*note* It will be a lot sweeter if you use soda. I like it sweet though, but you may want to test a little cup of it with water and a small cup of it with soda just to see which you prefer.