Week 1 Review
Sorry…I totally fell off my plan to journal daily and count all my calories. I simply do not have the time like I thought. If you are a calorie counter….I have a great deal of respect for you. That stuff takes serious time, especially when you make things homemade. Sheesh!
I’ve just decided to eat healthier and do weekly blog updates instead of daily ok.
How’s It Going: Well I weighed myself at the end of this week and I’m still at 130!!!! Really? 130? Like… after all that working out I’ve been doing, eating healthier, cutting my calories I’m still at freakin 130!?!?! I’ll admit, I was kinda bummed out for a day.
I can see results in my tummy but I was just hoping to have at least lost a little weight by now. My stamina is waaay up! I can do the entire level 1 on The 30 Day Shred dvd without stopping so I’ll be moving on to Level 2 next week!
Foods: I ate yummy foods all week just cut down the serving size, selections and preparation methods (baking instead of frying, etc.) Next week, I think I’ll eat a little bit lighter like a lot of salads and fewer carbs and fruit. I really need to see some weight coming off for me to feel at ease.
Nutella has really being doing a great job at keep my sweet tooth at bay. I love you Nutella!!


Workouts: I’ve only been doing  The 30 Day Shred & Ab Ribber X.  If I feel like I need some quick cardio before I hit the shower then I’ll do Taebo 8 minute workout. It’s quick, but gets the heart rate going. I really want to start adding walking into my workout schedule. We’ll see.
Water: I can never seem to stay consistent with my water drinking ugggh!!! Gotta do better! I’m thinking about doing Jillian Michael’s 7 day water shed next week.
3 more weeks to go before I look great in a bikini…*fingers crossed!!!