How To Eat A Pomegranate
(without looking like you’ve committed a mass murder)

So last year I was tired of being a pom-virgin. I wanted to know what all the hype was about. Whenever I told people I’d never had a pomegranate before, you’d think I’d announced some atrocious act with the shocked looks I received. I mean, seriously, is it really that serious, people?

“How the hell do you open these things!?!” Is the first thing I said when I purchased my first pomegranate. I was trying to peel it, then I tried slicing it. Needless to say juice got everywhere! Then, I wasn’t exactly sure how to eat a pomegranate or what on the pomegranate I was supposed to eat. This thing did nothing but stain everything and get me pissed off. Those lil seeds must really be worth it!

Surely I don’t eat the seeds? Do I eat that white stuff? I swear I could have been on a comedy show because I was struggling hard in that kitchen. Common sense should have told me to go look online or ask somebody just how to eat a pomegranate. (Ugh, that stubborn Taurus bull in me!)

Anyway, I studied up on the fruit before attempting to eat it again and now I must say I’m in love!!! I feel so “Goddess- like” and healthy when I’m eating pomegranates. I love pomegranates so much now and if pineapples don’t watch out, these lil seeds are well on their way to becoming my favorite fruit.

There is just some fun about popping those sweet, tart, crunchy little seeds into my mouth. Not to mention the slew of health benefits that come along with these babies. I’ve convince my toddler that they are magical candy jewels (Good one, huh? )

If you’ve ever wondered how to eat a pomegranate then this helpful video I made hopefully will give you some insight and save you the nightmare I had in the kitchen when I was pom-virgin.

How To Eat A Pomegranate & Some Other Pomegranate Stuff