“Easy, no-bake Oreo halloween truffles!  Using only cream cheese, cookies and almond bark! Cute ghost truffles that are perfect for a halloween party!”

Watch me make these Halloween Ghost Truffles from start to finish!

How  cute are these ghost truffles?!? They all have their own little personality and shape! I think they are simply adorable but my 3-year old…. he’s terrified of them. He came home from visiting my in-laws today and I just knew he’d be excited to see them in the refrigerator.


I said “Ethan go look in the fridge, something is waiting for you!” He happily opened the door, stood there for a few moments, closed it back and said “I don’t like ghost mommy. I don’t like those.”

Isaac on the other hand said “whoaaaa those are so cool! You made that? Can I actually eat it?”

Oh well, can’t win them all.


If you’re looking for an easy, no-bake Halloween treat that’s big on cute factor then these ghost truffles fits the bill!! Normally I am not one for decorative food craft things like this since I suck so bad at it, but I had so much fun making these lil guys. I just love how the almond bark pools at the bottom.  The beauty of this easy cookie truffle recipe is that they are soooooo customizable!


Use any kind of sandwich cookie and candy coating/chocolate that you like! Normally I use Oreo cookies but I saw these GMO-free Back To Nature Peanut Butter Cream Sandwich cookies and vanilla candy coating that I wanted to try out at the last minute

The peanut butter- vanilla combination was so good, however using a natural peanut butter cookie can make them a little oily if they sit out at room temperature.


I was so close to making little Frankenstein ghost by using Oreos and adding green food coloring to the almond bark. Next time for sure!

No-bake cookie truffle dough is pretty much like playdough so you can really get creative and make anything you want! Pumpkins, bones, witch brooms! You name it!

Get the Recipe: Halloween Ghost Truffles

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Prep Time: 30 mins
Total Time: 30 mins
Servings: 12 ghosts


  • 9.6 oz sandwich cookies, about 2 cups crushed I used Back to Nature Peanut Butter Cream Cookies
  • 4- 6 oz cream cheese, room temperature (enough to make a dough)
  • 8 oz vanilla almond bark, I used CandiQuik
  • Candy eyeballs
  • 1 tablespoon black fondant


  • Place cookies in a food processor and blend until it's fine crumbs.
  • Place crumbs in a large bowl.
  • Add in enough cream cheese (a little at a time) to create a pliable, non-sticky dough.
  • Use your hands to really work in the cream cheese.
  • Take about a tablespoon size of dough and shape it into a bell shape and flatten the bottom.
  • Place prepared ghosts on parchment-lined baking sheet.
  • Freeze until completely frozen.
  • Melt almond bark in a bowl or tray deep enough to dip the ghosts.
  • Dip the bottoms of each ghosts into the almond bark and place back on the tray.
  • The almond bark will puddle around the ghosts.
  • Once the almond bark has set on the bottom of the ghosts, dip the top portion into the almond bark.
  • Let the excess drip off and place the ghosts back on the baking tray and let set.
  • To add the eyeballs, add a drop of the almond bark on back of the eyeballs and stick them onto the ghosts.
  • To make the mouth, pinch off a tiny piece of fondant and press it into a thin oval shape.
  • Press onto the ghosts.
  • Refrigerated until ready to serve.
  • Store in the fridge.



*The amount of cream cheese needed will depend on the type of cookie you use. I only needed about 5 tablespoons.
*Truffles made with peanut butter cookies can be a bit oily when left out at room temperature for too long. I store mine in the fridge.
Cuisine: American
Course: Dessert, Snack
Author: Divas Can Cook
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Adapted from Taste Of Home