Thank you to everyone who participated!! More great giveaways coming up!!


Hey yall!! It’s been a while since I’ve done a contest/giveaway on my blog so I thought I’d better get to it. So today I’m giving away a Blendtec blender!! Woot woot!!!!

Well…actually those kind folks over at  Blendtec has agreed to give one away to the lucky winner of my contest. That is so sweet right? They also sent me one to play with and yall….yall yall y’all…I’m in LOVE!! I’ve already been singing the praises on my facebook fanpage but let me just tell you how awesome this blender is or at least the reasons why I like it so much.

1.) TOTAL FRUIT JUICING- I’m a huge fan of juicing. Regular juicing that I do with my Jack Lalanne juicer extracts the juice from the fruit and leaves the pulp and skin. But this blendtec does the whole fruit. It breaks it down into microscopic pieces. I love this because I can drink a ton of produce without feeling like I’m wasting any of it. It’s really easy to get in your fruits and veggies this way.

2.) GRINDS RAW MEAT– Ever since I read about pink slime being in packaged ground meats I’ve been a lil nervous. I normally only get organic meats anyway but I love the fact that I can buy fresh turkey breast and grind it up myself.

3.) MAKES FLOUR- This blender can turn granulated sugar into powdered sugar and can also turn wheat berries into wheat flour. I don’t think I ever plan on making my own flour, but I think it’s pretty darn cool.

4.) PRETTY ICE-  I can’t tell you how many blenders I’ve had that can’t handle ice. Sounds crazy but it’s true!  Either there are large chunks of ice  mixed in or it just gets jammed. Ice is no match for the blendtec which means my frozen margaritas are flawless!

5.) KNEADING- Ok now yall know how I suck with making homemade breads right. Well I’ve discovered that my problem usually happens during the kneading process, like most bread-making challenged people. Well this blender also kneads. Ridiculous!

I’m sure I’ll find more things that I love about this blender as I get to play with it more. I know it does wet chopping & dry chopping. It came with an AMAZING cookbook called Fresh Blends. It is full with lots of color photos, tips, and healthy recipes for smoothies, soups, dips, drink, cakes, cookies, you name it!



Ok enough blabbering, can you tell I just really love this thing?!!


Now here’s how YOU can enter my contest to win this blendtec which if over $600 value!


Here’s how to play!!

I’m going to list 3 ingredients and you have to try to guess what I’m making. You can only guess once per day. If nobody guesses it then I will add another ingredient to the list and you can guess again the next day.  The person who guesses the name of the dish first will win the blendtec. I will also post the recipe video as well.  Leave your guess in the comment section on this blog post only!

To be eligible you must also like Blendtec’s facebook fanpage or follow then on twitter. 

And also  Like divas can cook facebook fan page or follow me on twitter (but you guys are already doing that right?? …right!!?? : )

Winner will be announced on this blog page and on my facebook and twitter page. So please be sure to check back daily to see if you won!  In the event that the winner does not provide me with an email address the blendtec will be raffled off using

 Remember only 1 guess per day!  Once you’ve posted your guess you can not delete it and post another guess.

Ready? Let’s Go!!!



(a new ingredient will be added to the list below daily until someone guesses the dish)  


Red Onion




Disclosure: This giveaway is being provided by Blendtec. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions listed in this post are my own.