A Day At The Farmers Market With T-mobile MyTouch!

As some of you may know, last month I got an awesome opportunity to visit LA to film a T-mobile mytouch commercial. The commercial was shot at this amazing Farmers Market that put the farmers markets in NC to shame. I could have  stayed there all day, tasting all the homemade foods, many of them I’d never even heard of.  Geez I really need to get out more!!

I was so happy to here it was gonna be shot at the farmers market. It gave me reason to not have to get all glammed up and shades hid my jet lagged eyes so well!! : )

My hubby and son even got to come with me ! The commercial was fairly simple- shopping at the farmers market and playing with the T-mobile mytouch (my kinda “work”).  Although I did feel a little uncomfortable in front of “other” cameras. I’ve gotten so comfortable  talking to my little Cannon it took me a minute to just tune the cameras out and enjoy the famers market.

I won’t lie yall, when I found out that I would have to work with a smartphone WHILE RECORDING  and saying my lines I was a lil nervous. I’m so smart phone challenged it’s not even funny. The phone was pretty easy to work with, thank GOD!

Overall it was an awesome trip and we all enjoyed ourselves so much! My hubby has even been pressuring me to move to CA. Wow I  think he found his home on the west coast.

Here’s the finished commercial!! 

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A few pics from the trip!

Waiting at the airport, ready to go to LA!! Gosh I wish I was a morning person. *sigh*

Shooting the flower shopping scene. This was my favorite scene. I love sunflowers so much.


Our first time trying coconut water. Now I drink it all the time…from the bottle of course. I’ve yet to find a place to buy them like this here.


This cheesecake would make anyone smile! It was so heavenly!

I could totally end everyday like this.


Last night in CA! We’ll definitely be back!