I love the farmers market!! 

Today has been warm with a constant breeze, a nice change to the humid, blazing hot weather we’ve had the past few days.  It was the perfect day to hit up THE FARMERS MARKET!!!!!

I like grocery shopping but I LOVE farmers market shopping. It’s actually pretty therapeutic and relaxing to me. I can take my time and stroll down the aisles checking out all the homemade creations and fresh farmed produced.

No need to wear makeup at the Farmers Market.
I think there is a rule that you can’t because everyone always
looks a hot ass mess in this place….soo I joined in!!

There is just something about a farmers market that makes me want to “go greener”, make pies and eat healthier.  Since 95% of the produce is grown miles away from my home, it taste and look soooo much better than the stuff I get from the grocery store.

Every time I go I come back with something different whether it’s fresh cheeses, organic produce or homemade jellies, it’s always worth the trip.

This trip I snagged some GORGEOUS strawberries to make homemade strawberries and champagne jam. I’ve also been craving some strawberry lemonade and found some lemons for .25 cents!!

Check out my trip to the farmers market to see what else I picked up!
Do you shop at farmers markets??