The first day of Spring is this weekend!!!!!!!!!! I am waaay too excited! Me and Spring get along so well. I really love her!  The comfortable weather,  night-time cookouts, cute sun dresses & fresh pedi’s!!!! LOVES IT!!

What I DON’T LOVE about Spring is that it seems like as soon as the weather warms up, here comes the flood of invites: baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, housewarming….you name it and folks are asking you to come and secretly hoping you’ll bring a gift! Dang a girl has bills….and student loans and Sally Mae don’t play when it comes to her money!!!

So how do I give a totally awesome gift to everyone when I’m on a budget you ask??  Say ello to mi wittle fwiend “The Edible Fruit Arrangement” or fruit bouquet, edible arrangement…what ever you want to call it.

It’s the PERFECT gift to give during the warmer months when you’d much rather use your extra cash for a beach vacation and here’s why
A.) Tons of fruit are in full bloom and super cheap so let your creativity run wild!!
B.) Fruit bouquets are really inexpensive, quick & easy to make!
C.)  They look expensive & people LOVE to get these things
D.) It’s fruit….& flowers…and it’s pretty…and like…you can eat it….and it won’t screw up your diet…Hellooooo need I say more!!

This gift always gets an “ahhhhhhh” when it’s presented! So save yourself some cash and make an edible arrangement for your next event! It also makes for a great bouquet centerpiece.

Watch me create an adorable fruit bouquet for under $10!!
Tips on making Edible Fruit Arrangement Bouquets

1.) Make sure all your fruit is freshly washed and dried
2.) If giving this as a gift, wrap it up in clear cellaphane and attach a cutesy bow! Be sure to keep it in the fridge until you are ready to give away. (Make it the same day you are going to give it  away for optimum freshness and brighter fruit colors)
3.) Avoid using fruits like bananas and apples that brown quickly, unless you plan on dipping them in chocolate!
4.) A variety of fruits can be used for an edible bouquet. Some of the best fruits to use are pineapples, canteloupe, honeydew melons, grapes, & strawberries as they are easier to work with and hold the color longer when exposed to air.
5.) Be sure to keep a towel handy and clean up as you work. All the fruit cutting can get real JUICY!