How To Peel Cooked Potatoes…INSTANTLY!!

You know that feeling you get when someone gives you a simple tip that makes your life a tad bit easier. It’s a feeling of  “ahh cool….why didn’t I think of that!” That is the feeling I got when I discovered this handy dandy tip on how to peel a cooked potato easily.

I love potato salad and sweet potato pies (any kind of potato dish really) but the one thing I hate is having to peel a cooked potato. True the skin comes off fairly easy but it takes so freakin long to cool! Especially if you are peeling a crap load of potatoes.

Here is the easiest way (or at least the easiest way I’ve discovered) to peel a cooked potato.

Step 1.) Bring a pot of water to a boil.
Step 2.) With a knife, score your potatoes all the way around the center.
Step 3.) Place your potatoes in the pot and boil for about 15 minutes or so.
Step 4.) Prepare a bowl of ice water and place your potatoes in the water.
Step 5.) Swish it around for a few seconds just enough so that it’s cool enough to handle
Step 6.) Remove your potato from the water and remove the skin. It should slip off instantly.

The Science: The cold water causes the hot potato to instantly contract & separate from the skin.