My FAVORITE Childhood Candy

If you follow me on twitter and facebook then you know I’ve been on a search for the past few months to find my favorite childhood candy, the oh-so-tasty, Chick-o-Stick!!!

{Fond photos of me posing with a Chick-o-Stick coming soon!!!}

I still remember the first day I laid eyes on this lovely candy stick. My mother bought it for me as a treat for doing good in school. We were not allowed to eat much candy growing up so when we did get candy it was like, a big deal!

I kept taking tiny bites, wrapping it up, and sticking it up under my mattress (uh…yeah. It lasted for months. yeah I know.) because I wanted to saver it and didn’t want any of my siblings to find it. LOL

Ahhhh that sweet, crunchy, crispy,  chewy, orange, peanut-ty flavored log, rolled in fine coconut. Some people call it a chocolateless butterfinger. I call it the stuff my childhood is made of!!

Anyway, like I said, I FINALY FOUND THEM!!!!! Thanks to my fabulous candy-loving readers who hipped me to their location…DOLLAR GENERAL and to my wonderful cousin Quanna who pin pointed the exact Dollar General location in my area!!!!!

I saw them as soon as I opened the door and yes a big smile came on upon my face!!

There they were, arrange so neatly in a case. It was packed in that store and I’m sure those  people in line were probably thinking “wow, really? Is it that serious?” to see me smiling that hard while heading straight to Chick-o-Sticks, slowly saying “Chick-o-sticks” while admiring them.

I decided to get just one. Of course the foodie in me wanted to get a handful so that I could stash some in case Dollar General decided to play a cruel joke, but I resisted.

I just have this one chick-o-stick. And as I type this blog post, I’m taking teeny tiny bites and appreciating every moment!

Did you know:
Chick-O-Sticks has been manufactured since The Great Depression.
A sugar-free version of chick-o-sticks are also available
Chick-O-Stick’s original wrapper featured a chicken wearing a cowboy hat and a badge in the shape of the Atkinson logo. 
The chicken was done away with when people were often confused over whether the Chick-O-Stick was candy or a chicken-flavored cracker. The Atkinson Candy Company says that the chick-o-stick resembles fried chicken and that’s really how it got it’s name. (uggghhh…what kinda fried chicken are they eating???)
P.S. If you ever want to make me happy, just send me a Chick-o-Stick.  Not now though, I’m on a “lose my gut in 4 weeks” diet. Wait until the fall-winter holiday season when I proudly welcome the muffin-top look.
Next time you’re at the store buy a chick-o-stick, just one!
I swear it’s fun to take tiny bites.