Fall is almost here (eek! I’m so happy)! Every fall I give my home a good ol’ cleaning from top to bottom. I really enjoy it, matter of fact, I start getting excited just thinking about it. This is probably a sign that I should get more hobbies but whatev’s!

There is just something about entering into a new season with a sparkling clean and organized home. I like to start with my favorite room in the house…The Kitchen!!! Here are my 4 steps to a fresh and clean kitchen!

Follow along with me!

First open up those windows and let that crisp autumn air flow through the house. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and let’s get started.

1. Make A List. Create a checklist of everything that needs to be done in the kitchen from scrubbing around the sink fixtures to wiping down the baseboards. Get the whole family involved if you can. Here’s what my deep cleaning kitchen list looks like.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 7.59.33 AM

2. Gather Cleaning Supplies. I like to keep it simple when it comes to my cleaning supplies. These are my weapons of choice.

  • Target’s up & up Disinfectant Wipes: It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with cleaning wipes. I’ve confessed many times, even did a video on them. I use to make my own but lately I’ve been using Target’s up & up brand. It’s .85 cents cheaper than the popular brand I used to buy and these babies are strong! I can rinse them out and use them again and again. A big plus since we go through these wipes so quickly in my house. It’s just so doggone convenient for wiping & sanitizing things quickly. And they have a clean lemon scent. Love them!
  • Targets up & up All-Purpose Cleaner w/ Bleach: I’m not very brand loyal when it comes to my all-purpose cleaners. I usually just get whatever’s on sale when I run out. However my husband ALWAYS goes for the store brand for everything and he picked this up for me. Can’t beat $2.19 for a 32 oz trigger bottle! This stuff is great. I love that it has bleach in it for killing germs, just be sure your kitchen is ventilated well when using a bleach cleaner. I use it to clean out the sinks, toilets, trash cans and other places where germs like to fellowship.
  • fall clean1
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is my best friend when it comes to cleaning off stuck on stains and deodorizing. I make a thick paste by mixing it with a little water, lemon juice or vinegar (depending on what I’m cleaning) I also sprinkle some in my trashcans, down the drains, dishwasher and place a box in the fridge for freshness.
  • Newspaper (or Tracing Paper) : This is my favorite way to add a streak-free shine to glass or shiny surfaces like windows, oven door and so forth. After cleaning and drying slightly, I take crumpled piece of newspaper and buff it to a shine. Works like a charm and yes newspapers still exist.
  • Blue Dish Soap & Water: Yes it has to be blue. Something about the blue dish soap just does the job better in my opinion. Maybe I’m crazy. Give me some good ol’ hot, soapy water and I can clean anything.


3. Get Cleaning. This is the fun part right? If not, then make it fun! Put on some comfy cleaning clothes, turn off your phone (hey stay focused, no facebooking!) crank up the music, dance, sing and clean! You’ll be done in no time!

  fall cleaning

4. Add A Special Touch. Stand back and admire what you’ve just accomplished. Your kitchen is clean, sanitized, and organized. You are ready for Fall!! Add a special touch to your kitchen to make you smile. I usually opt for a vase of bright fresh flowers or a simmering pot of cinnamon sticks, cloves, water and orange peels for a natural autumn air freshener.


Congratulations, one room down!! Now go run yourself a bubble bath and grab a glass of wine or at least thats what I plan on doing : ) Happy Fall cleaning everyone!! 


What are your favorite kitchen cleaning tips?