Silkie Pore Reducing Egg Facial Recipe

Back in my brief spa-going days I was a sucker for the egg facials. Ahhhh they always left my skin looking so youthful & dewy. I could just wash my face and go, no need for makeup. I would try to save money and do the egg treatments at home but it never seemed to have the same affect. The egg white mixture never got super stiff like the ones at the spa & the egg yolk mixture didn’t leave my skin feeling moisturize. Matter of fact it just left my skin feeling irritated & weird.

But LADIES!!!!
I have been hipped to the game and I’ve got a SECRET TO TELL!!!
The secret: Silkie Chicken Eggs!!!!!

Some Facts About This Bird
Yep those lil tiny pale pink miracle eggs your “spatician” is whipping up (and costing you about $25 a pop) comes from a breed of chickens called a Silkie. They are a calm, docile bird that looks like a ball of silky feathers and are often kept as pets (I have 4 of them!!! All this time I’ve had “spa birds” at didn’t even know it!) They are also called the “black chicken” because their skin, meat & bones are BLACK! Weird eh?
The meat and eggs are not ideally consumed in the US because of its natural gamey taste. Instead, most Silkies are used by chicken breeders as surrogate mothers to hatch & raise other fowl since they are such a loving breed with strong maternal instincts.
About the Meat & Eggs
Many Asian cultures consume the meat and it is increasing in popularity in the US for it’s healing properties. Traditionally it is cooked up in savory soups and stews. It is said to have healing powers and many claims it treats infertility & other womanly ailments like fibroids. It is rich in antioxidants and is excellent for the kidneys and blood. Some cultures believe that even touching a Silkie Chicken will bring about good health to a woman’s reproductive system. Hmm…I don’t know about all that, but what I do know is that Silkie eggs makes one helluva pore reducing, moisturizing facial!!! Here’s the recipe!
Silkie Chicken Egg Spa Pore Reducing Facial
(1 egg is enough for two treatments)
Step 1.) Get your hands on a fresh, authentic Silkie Chicken egg. They are small (about 1.5 to 2 inches long) & pale pink to cream (sometimes grayish) in color. They run about a dozen for $25, but you can find them cheaper at local hatchery’s. (They don’t lay as often as regular hens which is why they are so pricey.) My pet Silkie lays about 5-8 eggs per month each. You can buy them online as well I hear although I never have.

Step 2.) Separate the yolk & egg white into two bowls

Step 3.) In the egg yolk bowl, add 1/4 t. extra virgin olive oil & 1/4 t. honey

Step 4.) Stir until well combine and place into the refrigerator to chill while you apply the egg white mask.

Step 5.) Now mix the egg white until frothy.

Step 6.) Wash your face with a washcloth & warm water. Pat dry. Apply the egg white mixture to face (I also do my neck sometimes as well. ) Let sit until mixture is completely dried (about 10 to 15 minutes) *Warning* Don’t be alarmed at how tight your face gets. This stuff gets TIGHT, unlike regular supermarket eggs. I always feel like Joan Rivers when I have this stuff on. I can barely blink.

Step 7.) Rinse with cool water, pat dry.

Step 8.) Remove Egg Yolk Mixture from refrigerator and apply to face using circular motion. It may suds up a bit. Leave on for about 5 minutes and the rinse off with cold water. Pat your face dry

Step 9.) Ok last apply a tiny drop of olive oil to your face to bring your skin back in balance (ok I so snagged that line from the people at the spa lol. They love saying that.)

* Did you know the protein in raw eggs stimulates hair growth. Great to help brows & lashes.
* When using eggs in it’s raw form( facials, protein drinks, edible cookie dough) be sure to use fresh eggs from chickens that are 100% organic.
Wanna Own a Pet Silkie? (They are ok to have in most cities)
Here are some cool links to learn more about these amazing birds.
I’m normally not a “bird person”. I prefer dogs, but these powder puffs have won me over. They are quiet, calm and love being cuddled. They are very nurturing and will try to take care of any little bird it comes across. They can be trained and keeps well in captivity. Because they are so docile they are prone to getting bullied by other chickens if kept in a group and are easy prey for cats, hawks & other predators.
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