Easy Oreo Ice Box Cake

Isaac has been in the kitchen with me since he was literally days old. He was a colicky baby and wasn’t content unless he was attached to me.  Fun Fact #345: I’m a pro at cooking with one arm because of this.  Anyway I like to think his love for cooking comes from having so many happy memories in the kitchen.

oreo ice box cake cool whip dessert chocolate wafers
Baby Ethan has joined the kitchen! We had a blast!

He loves helping me cook but lately he’s been more interested in doing his own recipes. Yep he’s Mr. Independent now. Makes me kinda sad.

He wanted to learn how to make a dessert that had chocolate in it so I had to think of something that he could remember all the ingredients to and one that was super easy. Bring on the Oreo Ice Box Cake!!!

oreo ice box cake cool whip dessert chocolate wafers
Layer it in a deeper dish for more layers!

This Oreo Ice Box Cake is super easy. No baking just stacking and spreading. The ingredients are simple too; Oreos, milk, Cool Whip and chocolate syrup!! Kids and adults LOVE this dessert. Even those who turn their nose up at the simple ingredients will finish off a plate. My husband introduced me to this simple dessert when we were dating. I really didn’t think I’d care for it too much I mean…it’s just oreos and cool whip. How exciting can that get, right?

oreo ice box cake cool whip dessert chocolate wafers
It doesn’t get any more simpler than this my friend!

Let’s just say I was dipping into  it all day long and this is why I don’t make it often. It’s one of those simple yet can’t get enough of kinda desserts. You’ll have the whole pan finished off before you know it if you aren’t careful. You’ve been warned.

oreo ice box cake cool whip dessert chocolate wafers
Decorate the top with chocolate syrup and crushed Oreos. (We wanted to eat our leftover Oreo though : )

Now I’ve gone and tried to reinvent the wheel by adding various things like caramel topping, peanuts, etc, but this recipe is best kept simple. It just works!!

oreo ice box cake cool whip dessert chocolate wafers


Watch Isaac make this Easy Oreo Ice Box Cake from start to finish!

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Oreo Ice Box Cake
Recipe type: dessert
  • 2 bags of Oreos (You won't need all of them)
  • 16 oz Cool Whip
  • 1 cup of milk
  • Chocolate syrup
  1. Dip Oreos in milk just to soften them slighty (about 5 seconds or so)
  2. Place the Oreos in a a single layer in a 9 x 13 baking dish.
  3. Spread on half the cool whip
  4. Repeat with Oreos and Cool Whip.
  5. Cover the top in chocolate syrup. Do any design you like.
  6. Refrigerate for 3 hours.
  7. Serve and enjoy!!
~TIPS~ Can also be made with Chips Ahoy! Want more heavenly layers? Use a smaller, deeper dish




  1. lovely says

    hi! where can i find a kraft cool whip? i came from Manila, Philippines :) i hope you answer my question. thank you :)

  2. janice says

    Easiest recipe I’ve ever tried. Tasted great. I went a little crazy and crumbled brownies between the layers and added hot fudge sauce. It was absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Amy says

    Thanks monique I absolutely adore this recipe it’s so easy and by the way Isaac is just soooo adorable – and Ethan.!

  4. Katherine says

    This recipe is a life saver! My best friend’s birthday is coming up and she loves cakes with oreo’s but is really picky with them. It tastes so good, I’m sure she’ll love it. 😀

  5. Michelle says

    Isaac is such a darling! Thanks for this amazing recipe! I am so gonna make this! Just hope I do not eat the oreos before I even start making it!
    Hi Monique! Really love you recipes! I’m in the process of making your devil’s food cake so I am just writing to tell you how amazing you are!

  6. Neeli says

    I just tried this today and thought that it was pretty good. I didn’t buy the chocolate syrup, but it was still tasty. Next time, I will keep the cookies in the milk long enough to soften them all because the texture was really nice when some of the cookies got soft. Yummy.

  7. shayne says

    hi! :) your kids are so cute. im planning on making this dessert for my daughters birthday. we don’t have cool whip available in all the stores where I live. I bought philadelphia whipped, would it taste the same? have you tried using it before? thanks in advance!


  8. says

    love watching chef Isaac make this he’s a little pro he done such a good job…thank you for sharing your recipes …the banana bread and apple pie bread is the best….thank you

  9. gg says

    omg im going to make this for my dear aunt who loves oreo cookies!! i cant stand oreos though. lol this recipe is awesome!!

  10. Kim says

    He (Issac) is precious and blessing to you on your newest bundle of love! I was looking for a quick recipe to make for someone’s bday this weekend that wouldn’t keep me in the kitchen. Thank you for the recipe and I will post once I make it this weekend.

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