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Kiwi Popsicles with a TWIST of Simply Lemonade with Blueberry + GIVEAWAY!!!

Kiwi Popsicles with a TWIST of Simply Lemonade with Blueberry + GIVEAWAY!!!

The weather has been so hot and humid here in NC which means we’ve been going through a lot of popsicles in my house. To save money, Isaac and I have been making most of them and having a blast trying out different flavor combinations.

We always go back to our favorite quick and easy kiwi popsicles. I posted the recipe for these 2-ingredient popsicles last year and we’ve been eating them non-stop.

simply lemonade with blueberry kiwi popsicles

I love that they are made simply from fresh kiwi and pineapple juice but I wanted to add a more complex flavor to them. The pineapple juice adds a sweet and tart kick that compliments the kiwi well. This inspired me to use  Simply Lemonade® with Blueberry in place of the pineapple juice to add a new twist yet keep that tartness that we love. Let me just say we  nailed it!!


Simply Lemonade® with Blueberry has a balanced blend of sweetness and tartness with the perfect hint of blueberry.

If you’ve never tried Simply juices then OMG!! I’ve raved about my addiction to these juices on my fan page and was so excited when Simply asked me to create a blog post  and host a giveaway for my readers.

These juices are a staple in my house that we buy on a weekly basis. We all have our favorite flavors. My hubby gets the Simply Orange with Pineapple, Isaac gets the Simply Apple and I always get the new  Simply Lemonade® with Blueberry.

Making these popsicles are just as easy as the kiwi popsicles with only 3 ingredients:   Simply Lemonade® with Blueberry, fresh blueberries and fresh kiwi.

Step 1. ) In a blender add 2/3 cups of  blueberries and 2 diced  kiwi.

simply lemonade with blueberry kiwi popsicles

 Step 2 .) Pour in 1 1/2 cups of  Simply Lemonade® with Blueberry .

simply lemonade with blueberry kiwi popsicles


Step 3 .) Blend until until smooth.

simply lemonade with blueberry kiwi popsicles

Step 4. ) Pour into popsicles mold and freeze for 4 hours. When ready to serve run popsicle mold briefly under warm water.

simply lemonade with blueberry kiwi popsicles


And here are our made over kiwi popsicles! The  Simply Lemonade® with Blueberry added such a refreshing twist to these popsicles. I can’t wait to see what kind of flavor combination we can create with the  other new Simply flavors, Simply Orange® with Tangerine and Simply Orange® with Banana.

simply lemonade with blueberry kiwi popsicles


We also made freeze pops!

simply lemonade with blueberry kiwi popsicles



Thanks to everyone who participated!

 Congrats Harmony B!! #12

Want to win a $100 American Express gift card + coupons to try out the new Simply flavors?? 

(Winner selected randomly using random.org on Monday July 29.  Winner will be contact by email.)

Simply tell me below in the comment section which Simply juice would you use to put a new twist on one of your favorite recipes! 

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Come chat with me on twitter: Have you tried any of the new flavors already?? Let me know which ones you’ve tried on twitter! Don’t forget to use hashtag #simplyblend!


Simply Orange Juice Company has asked me to help promote the new product(s). I am being compensated for my participation in the program but all opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Simply Orange Juice Company.



  1. where did you get those ice lolly moulds from

  2. I would mix the simply lemonade blueberry with mango juice,grenadine,and Perrier w/lime for a mock tail (non-alcoholic) Popsicle .

  3. simply lemonade with raspberries smothies would be yummmy

  4. I would make these popsicles with Simply Lemonade Raspberry. Now, that would be amazing!!

  5. I would use Simply Lemonade with Blueberry to make smoothies with pineapple.

  6. I’d use simply orange mango and winter melon, watermelon and papayas for fruit smoothies. Also for a splash of flavor in a dip.

  7. Christine Uniejewski

    I would love to make smoothies with the Simply Orange with Banana.

  8. I would use the simply lemonade with blueberry in my greek yogurt breakfast smoothie. This addition would be perfect to round off that flavor.

  9. Oh, I would SO use the Simply Lemonade Blueberry when making a Blueberry Cobbler, to add some tartness to it’s normally sweet flavor, AND of course in any type of smoothie that I make! Can’t wait to try it!!

  10. I love drinking tea and would try adding simply lemonade to any flavor of tea for a refreshing summer drink.

  11. Hands down, Simply Lemonade with Mango! Hunny. Yes.

  12. I would Simply pink lemonade with rasberries with fresh rasberries strawberries and vanilla yogurt.

  13. Simply pink lemonade wth rasberries in pound cake!!

  14. I would try the Simply Orange with Pineapple!

  15. Wow I didn’t even know they had all these new flavors, I would use the lemonade mango.

  16. I would use the Simply Orange and Pineapple, OOwee make you heart yourself its so good!

  17. I love the Simply Lemonade with raspberry. I use it in my daily fruit smoothie.

  18. I absolutely love Simply Lemonade with Blueberry. I just got hip to it a couple if weeks ago. It’s excellent mixed as a cocktail. ;-)

  19. I would use the Simply Lemonade with Blueberry to make my smoothies. Which is blue berry, strawberry, banana, and pineapples!

  20. I’d use Simply Orange with Mango to help start my mornings with a green smoothie!

  21. I love a nice sweet butter on top of muffins or my homemade waffles. I would make a Simply orange butter spread to add a nice citrus kick to my muffins. By adding Simply orange with soften butter, add some zest of an orange and voila!! You have a new sweet treat to enjoy with your muffins, bagels,pretty much anything you want.

  22. I have to say that Simpy makes Great products they are just simply delicious! When making one of my favorite recipes, the Simply juice I would choose would have to be the Simply Lemonade with Raspberry!

  23. I would use the Simply Lemonade with Blueberry in my fruit smoothie.

  24. I use simply orange in many of my Chinese inspired meals: orange chicken, teriyaki, and bourbon.

  25. Simply orange with banana and strawberry smoothie!! <3

  26. I would love to try the Simply Lemonade with Mango or the Simply Lemonade with Blueberry in my summer tropical smoothies and my home-made fruit sorbets. Also, autumn is slow coming around the corner, so I think I’ll try the Simply Apple in my home-made Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream and my Apple Cider for the fall season. Mmm just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

  27. I would use the Simply Lemonade® with Blueberry in my pink lemonade bars for the lemon layer.

  28. I saw a recipe where you marinade chicken in orange juice so I’d use one of the blends to try that!

  29. I would use Simply juices by adding a splash to a fruit salad.

  30. I would LOVE to try the simply Lemonade with Raspberry, or the orange-banana.. YUMMMMMMMM

  31. I would use Simply Orange in my recipe for Chinese Orange Chicken.

  32. I would love to use the simply orange with tangerine in the popsicles! Seems very refreshing for summer!

  33. You can never go wrong with Simply Lemonade with Mango with strawberries to make a smoothie or popsicles!

  34. I use the Simply Orange with pineapple in my Mai Tais. Perfect combination! Try it!

  35. I would try Simply Orange with Banana and add a few fresh strawberries to the kiwi…and have a popsicle made for the tropics!

  36. I would SIMPLY use them all…can’t go wrong with that :)

  37. I would love to mix strawberries with Simply Orange with banana into a smoothies or some delicious ice pops.

  38. I would use Simply Orange Juice to make orange butter cream for cupcakes….yasss honey!!! LOL!

  39. OMG, giiirrrllll you are not the only one, Monique! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Simply juices! They are amazingly divine, haha! I’ve tried almost all of them! My all-time favorite is Simply Lemonade with Raspberry, and that’s what I love to use for my freeze pops, juice mixes, and smoothies! I’ve gotta try the Simply Lemonade with Blueberry, it sounds like something I’d thoroughly enjoy! I also love the Simply Limeade! All the drinks are splendid though, I haven’t tasted one I don’t like!

  40. Definitley the Simply Lemonade with Mango for a flavorful and healthy smoothie or popsicles. Or perhaps add a little to my summer time fruit salad!

  41. Simply raspberry lemonade is good in smoothies i haven’t. Had blueberry in a smoothie yet.

  42. I would use the Simply Orange with Tangerine or the simply lemonade with mango and add crused ice to make slushies or to the blender with a few ingredients to make a smoothie

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  43. Simply Orange with Banana would make great homemade sherbert.

    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  44. I think the pineapple would make a great grown up drink ;)

  45. I’d love the Simply orange w/ pineapple to make a smoothie

  46. I love the Simply Orange w/Pineapple & Simply Lemonade with Mango. I would mix the two into an awesome fruit smoothie!!

  47. I would love to try the Simply Orange with Banana for frozen treats for my grandsons.

  48. I would use it to make Orange Chicken.

  49. YES Diva, you can cook and are changing my life! I love the simply orange with mango. I would probably try adding it to my frozen mango smoothie or maybe to some yummy cranberry nut muffins.

  50. YES Diva, you can cook and are changing my life!I love the simply orange with mango. I would probably try adding it to my frozen Mango smoothies or maybe to some yummy cranberry nut muffins.

  51. Simply Orange with Banana would make an interesting base for a punch with sherbet.

  52. I love to use the Simply Orange Mango for my mimosas and as a marinade with soy sauce for flank steak!

  53. I would mix the mango lemonade from simply juice brand into my smoothies.

  54. Simply Lemonade® with Blueberry sounds totally up my alley!

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  55. Ooo!! I can’t wait to try the new flavored! I’d definitely love to try the simply orange with banana in my smoothies!

  56. I would combine Simply Orange with pineapple and banana to make tropical smoothies.

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