JD’s Gold Dust Rib Rub (Hot)

OK guys….I have had this rib spice rub sitting in my cabinets all summer long. I stumbled across JD’s site when I was searching for “the best rib rubs” on google. I’m always on the search for some good homemade rubs because the stuff they sell in the stores….it just doesn’t have that down-home taste.

I’ve made countless batches of oven grilled ribs and not once did I remember to try it out until I was making a crap load of beef baby-back ribs for Thanksgiving and wanted to add something special to them.

I went in my cabinets searching for some montreal spice blend when I saw that JD Rib Spice rub starring back it me.  BINGO BABY!!

I dabbed my finger in it to taste it and good lord it was HOT & SPICY! That kinda turned me off at first because I wasn’t going for the hot taste but I decided to give it a go since I was adding in BBQ sauce. I washed my ribs & sprinkled them generously with the rib spice, made my homemade BBQ sauce, poured it over the ribs, added in a few chopped onions and put it all in a few ziplock bags to sit in the fridge for 2 days.

Yall… seriously. Yall. Why were these ribs the best ribs I have ever had in my life!!! Even the bone was full of flavor.  I wish I had a camcorder to show how people were eating them at Thanksgiving. I have a HILARIOUS family and they were threatening to “beat me up” just for making these ribs so good.  My aunt took one bite and pretended to pass out on the floor .  My cousin came up to me and looked at my feet and said “Girl I don’t know how you are still standing because you put your foot all up in them ribs” lol (that means “they were ENTIRELY to good for those you who don’t understand) (SHOUT OUT TO THE KILGORES & BLACKWELLS!! love you guys)

They were tender, sweet, spicy, smokey,  sticky, savory with just the right amount of hotness. They were the kind that you had to close your eyes and eat slowly.  They were beautiful and they were all gone during the first round of eating and only got to eat ONE!!! ONE YALL!!!! I made the freakin thangs and only got ONE! I’m still bitter about that.

Anyway, I can’t take all the credit. I have made these ribs so many times before and I believe that rib spice added that kick of spice & savoriness that took them to that level. I didn’t want to stop eating my one little rib but all good things must come to an end.

You did an outstanding job on this rib rub JD and I just had to give you your props!!! I can’t wait to try the other spices!! Keep up the good work!!