I know I know….. I totally set myself up for addictions! After chatting with a few of my fabulous readers on my facebook fanpage I had no choice BUT to try out Mickey D’s new pineapple mango smoothie!

I mean…it just seemed like the respectable thing to do (I have know idea what I’m talking about but just roll with me okay. I need an excuse.)

I know that I just recently beat my addiction with the strawberry real fruit smoothies, but I feel stronger now. Honestly I don’t think I’ll be throwing these mango pineapple smoothies back like the other ones.

The verdict: I LOVE THEM!!!

If you are a fan of all things pineappleish then you will definitely love these. They are sweet, hint of tartness, creamy, and oh so tropical. It really lifted my spirits after the McDonalds lady wouldn’t honor my coupon (grrrrr)

Have you tried these smoothies yet?  Which one is your favorite?