This is such a fun & tasty summertime treat and can easily be turned into a game of “toss the bag“. This craft is so easy to make and is there really anything cooler than seeing cream turn into ice cream right before your eyes?

I can’t wait until my son gets a bit older so we can do this. Eat it right out of the bag or add in your favorite toppings or syrups! I went to  a Fairy themed birthday party and the kids each made their own “magical” ice cream and sprinkled it with glittery sprinkles.

They were so impressed to see they could make ice cream and so were some of the adults lol.

Homemade Ice Cream In a Bag

Ingredients (makes about 1 scoop of ice cream)

1/2 cup of half n half
1 T. sugar
1/4 t. vanilla extract
6T Rock salt
2 Ziploc bags (1 pint size & 1 gallon size)
Step 1.) Fill the gallon size Ziploc bag halfway full of ice.
Step 2.) Add in 6 T. of rock salt and set bag aside
Step 3.) In the pint size Ziploc bag, add 1/2 c. of half n half, 1. T of sugar and 1/4 t. vanilla.
Step 4.) Seal the bag tightly (make sure it sealed) and place it inside of the ice bag and seal that bag tightly.
Step 5.) Next shake for about 5-10 minutes until mixture is nice and firm.
Step 6.) Remove ice cream from the ice bag (I would suggest rinsing the bag off with cold water to prevent any of the salt from getting into the ice cream bag when you eat it. Scoop into a bowl and enjoy!