Citrus Mint Water

Citrus Mint Water
Citrus Mint Water

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve googled “flavored water recipes”.  I’m always trying to find ways to make drinking water taste better. I just don’t like drinking the stuff, period! Well…I can kinda tolerate it if it’s super duper cold.

There is no denying that water makes me look and feel INCREDIBLE!

When I’m thoroughly hydrated I can pretty much skip foundation. My skin glows and looks so youthful, my complexion is even, I’m full of energy, happier and it keeps that impulse snacking at bay like a champ.

Like so many of us, this year I have made a promise to my body to drink 64 oz. of water a day.  I make this resolution ALL the time and usually start falling short within a week and dreading each gulp. But not this year!!!

So far I have been successful and I must say, it’s pretty darn easy!

I use to drink those lil sparkly waters but they are just loaded with too much other “stuff” and the healthier ones are way to expensive for my 64 oz a day regimen.

Here’s the current flavor combination that I’m loving as of now. CITRUS MINT!!   It’s easy, cheap and healthy.  Don’t worry the mint will not make the water taste like mouthwash. If you prefer a minty taste then you can blend up the mint.

How to make Citrus Mint Water

There are tons of different plants, fruits and natural extracts you can add to your bottle water to make it more pleasurable to drink.  Below are a few add-ins I’ve tried and found to be tasty.

Yummy Water Add-ins
1-2 drops of organic vanilla extra + a handful of mint leaves
orange slices+ blackberries
cucumbers + lemon or cucumbers+strawberries
spearmint & peppermint leaves

The above recipe and the add-ins WILL NOT totally transform the taste of water. It just adds an essence to it. It’s a healthy option for those who want to keep their water as healthy as possible without adding in artificial sweeteners and other stuff.

When adding in citrus, don’t let it sit in your water overnight or the water will start to taste like the peel. I usually add mine in the morning when I make up my bottles and then stick them on the freezer to chill.

Citrus Water Not Your Thing? How About This Refreshing Cucumber Lemon Spa Water!

Citrus Mint Water
Recipe type: Drinks
  • A few slices of Lemon
  • A few slices of Orange
  • A few slices of Lime Fresh
  • mint leaves
  • water
  1. ) Dice up a few slices of lime, lemon and orange.
  2. ) Add into a 32oz water bottle or pitcher.
  3. ) Toss in a handful of fresh mint leaves.
  4. ) Fill with water and let it chill in the refrigerator.



  1. Ashey says

    Hey Monique,
    Is it ok to leave the leaves in overnight
    My leaves turned partially black is it ok to still drink it.

    • Jacqueline says

      Definitely don’t leave the leaves in overnight. The water will be very bitter (nasty)! It’s funny how we can make our own flavored waters but yet and still we spend sooooo much money purchasing bottled water. Making it yourself is so much healthier – hmmmmm, why didn’t I think of this one?? Anyhow, Monique, it’s delicious :-)

  2. Jo says

    I worked in a London pub for a while, when travelling and discovered…because they always had different pieces of fruit behind the bar, ready to be chopped for drinks…that orange slices with a strawberry that I cut a few times while still leaving it whole was a lovely combination and just flavoured the water subtly, which I then added ice cubes to.
    It’s another idea if you’re still drinking yours flavoured. I also love soda water, the bubbles give it oomph and it balances the body’s pH balance…I think you might call it club soda in the US…but honestly I am so surprised by all you ladies claiming you don’t like the taste of water…we are water, mainly…

  3. Tracy says

    OMG, Monique you are my SAVIOR!!! I despise water and am always dehydrated. I, too, love the way I look and feel fully hydrated and am off to the store now to get citrus and mint!!!

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