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Easy Banana Pudding

Easy Banana Pudding

This is one of my favorite banana puddings to take to potlucks because it tends to please everyone from the kids, adults, true southerners to Yorkers alike!  Not to mention it’s so easy and quick to whip up a huge pan of this stuff. This is the recipe my grandmother uses a lot for family get-togethers. It’s just heavenly!

The addition of the sour cream really adds a special touch and  helps tie in all the flavors. I like how it’s not overly sweet or too rich like some easy banana pudding recipes can be. Don’t let the instant pudding throw you off, it works. Trust me.

easy banana pudding recipe

Don’t tell anybody, but I actually prefer this version of banana pudding over the old fashioned, homemade version.

I made this dessert for a holiday party and a pilot was there and his exact words were “I’ve had banana pudding from all over the world but this stuff is first class!” I never seemed to forget that.  What a compliment!

Watch me make this Easy BananaPudding from start to finish!

easy banana pudding recipe
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Easy Banana Pudding
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Sour cream is the secret to amazing, creamy, easy banana pudding. Everyone always ask for the recipe. Double the recipe, it goes fast!!
Serves: 8-10
  • 3-6 bananas
  • 2 (3.4 oz) box instant Vanilla pudding
  • 2 cups of milk
  • 1 box of Nilla Wafers (You won't need the whole box, unless you just really like nilla wafers)
  • 8 oz. container of Cool Whip
  • 8 oz. container of sour cream
  1. In a bowl, combine pudding and milk.
  2. Stir until creamy.
  3. Add in sour cream and 4 oz (half the container) of cool whip.
  4. Stir until combined.
  5. In a dish, add a layer of chopped bananas and nilla wafers
  6. Spread on a large spoonful of the pudding mixture
  7. Repeat the layering process again, ending with the pudding mixture.
  8. Spread on the remaining cool whip.
  9. Arrange wafers in a patter on top or crush them.
  10. Refrigerate for 3 hours.
  11. Serve cold.
Cook time is chill time. TIPS Refrigerate until cold (I usually do 1-3 hours before serving) Don't use banana flavored pudding. Make individual servings by layering in clear cups. So cute! Feel free to layer and decorate how you please. Wanna change up the cookie? Try Chessman cookies! Wanna add something unique? Sliced strawberries add a special touch!


  1. Yummy Yummy Yummy!!! I made this for Easter dinner not only was this my 1st time making Easter dinner but this was my 1st time making Banana pudding!!! It was great everyone loved it :)

  2. Kandreika Joshua

    This recipe is delicious!!!! Loved it…Will be my go to recipe for now on!!

  3. I love this recipe! I’m used to making banana pudding the old fashioned way but wanted to try something different after tasting a banana pudding at a family gathering. I was given the recipe but had misplaced it. I was directed to your website for another website and started looking around and found this banana pudding which seemed similar. Ma’am…..you are wonderful! I made this, and some other recipes, for my family and they LOVED it! I made the mistake of taking this banana pudding to a gathering of extended family members last year and I have not been allowed to bring anything else since. I love your recipes. Keep ‘em coming!!!!

  4. My first time making a banana pudding I used this recipe and it was a hit with my 4 year old and husband! They LOVE IT and it request it often!

  5. Made this last night and it was so good. I was a little skeptical about using sour cream but you don’t even taste it

  6. made this recipe yesterday, it was my 1st time making banana pudding. I did the recipe exactly the way she did and it turned out AMAZING. I had two friends to tell me it was better than their mother’s! Being from the south (Georgia) that’s a HUGE compliment. Can’t wait to try other recipes on this site!!

  7. Made this for Thanksgiving and it was one of the biggest crowd pleaders! So easy. Thanks for teaching me to cook soul food style!

  8. Made this for my new beau and OMG! Lets just say. . He asked for seconds and bragged to his family about it. I’m making him another as we speak:) keep the great recipes coming:-).

  9. I’m so glad I found your website – everything looks fantastic. This was the first recipe I tried, and I’m definitely making it again. For other Canadian readers, here how I translated it: Use two 102 g pkgs of instant pudding. I think they’re a little bigger because I thought the cookies were a little dry so I poured a little Kahlua on each serving. Next time I’ll add an EXTRA 1/2 cup of liquid (e.g. Kahlua, milk, or chocolate milk) when I make the pudding, and I’m going to drizzle it directly over the cookies.) The 8 oz. of Cool Whip is 3 cups, which is 3/4 of a 1L container (the large one). And the 8 oz. of sour cream is close enough to a 250 ml container (the small one) that I just used that.
    I’m looking forward to trying out other recipes from Divas Can Cook!

  10. I may not be single anymore because of this recipe!! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  11. I normally use evaporated milk or condensed milk, is it ok to use that in your recipe instead of whole milk?

  12. I have made the oven barbecue chicken, cabbage greens, candied yams, lets not forget the banana pudding. This was Sunday dinner. My daughter was a little skeptical about sour cream being added to the banana pudding. Everything was very tasteful. Thanks to your site!!

  13. I made this earlier in the week for my family and I….. let me just tell you, it was a hit!!! So, so simple and DELISH :-)! I even plan on making it again for an upcoming event. I just know it’ll be a hit there too. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe!

  14. I’m trying this recipe this week. I will return with my review :)

  15. This looks soooooooo good!!! I just went to the store and got my ingredients!! I’m making it tomorrow morning! Will be back with my response! :)

  16. Made this last night :) Super yummy and easy to make! My husband was very skeptical when he seen me putting in the sour cream but quickly changed his mind (helping himself to TWO helpings) when he tasted the finished product.

  17. I love these recipes!!!!!!! Simple and Satisfying!


    cont…….also, I made some for my co-workers and one lady asked me for the exact recipe. Now, her sister is a caterer and she told me she loves this recipe way better. Those her exact words. Imagine that!! A caterer?! Not too sweet-just right!! :)


    PLease, please, please dont EVER leave us or shut down your site diva. I have made this recipe 3 times and I never can have any to myself after I leave family functions lol. God made you for reason and you have THAT gift! Keep it up. You have ppl that follow and thrive to be just like you in the kitchen. My boyfriend just loves when I get into the kitchen and pull your website up on our laptop :)

  20. Very Good!

  21. This was one of the best banana pudding I have eaten in a while and it was so easy to make.

  22. Make it a whole day ahead of your event for maximum impact!!! This banana pudding is passed good!

  23. Wow, is all I can say. I made this banana pudding for Christmas and it was wonderful. My family really enjoyed it.

  24. OMG!!!! This is the BEST banana pudding I have ever tasted and my hubby too… So easy to make too. Thanks so much for all your wonderful recipes. So excited to make your Red Velvet Pancakes for Christmas morning for the kids :-)

  25. This Banana Pudding is the BOMB! I got so many compliments after making it for this past Thanksgiving dinner. It was O for AWESOME! It was so easy to prepare. This is one of the desserts I look forward to eating everytime we go to The Golden Corral Buffet and when I seen this recipe I just had to make it. Now everytime I have a craving for it I can just make it at home. Thanks Monique!!!

  26. Loved it, made it for Thanksgiving…my only problem was that it wasnt enough, made one batch and had to make another that morning…next time i will use 3 boxes vanilla and one box banana pudding for more taste..Ive tried 3 of your recipes but always have to tweak them, its ok because i know how to cook and how to get around the kitchen but your recipes are always a good base, plus your southern and im west indian so our tastes may be a little different. i can say that your recipes give me something different to add to the dinner table, no one wants jerk, curry and stew all the time so thank you. I have added you to my favorites channel on YT also

  27. OMG ! I have never made banana pudding before. This was one of my desserts for this Thanksgiving. Super easy and mmm good. I was so proud everyone loved it ! Thank you :)

  28. I just reviewed the ingredients list and it does say “instant”. My apologies. I stand corrected. Apparently, I failed to write it down correctly on my grocery list. Thanks again!!

  29. I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a HIT. My in-law’s loved it which amazed me because they are for real scratch cooks. My only suggestion is in the ingredients list change the vanilla pudding to say INSTANT vanilla pudding. I accidentally purchased the cook and serve kind and had to run out to the correct kind when it wasn’t thickening as your video indicated. LOL!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  30. Made this last year, actually a lot of your recipes, and they were all a hit!!! Love your website! Thanks for sharing. I made a big pan of this Banana Pudding this year..last year’s went so quickly. God Bless :)

  31. Hey there, I was just wondering if the wafers get soft by it being made with instant pudding instead of the stove top Pudding? Or are they still hard?

    Thanks! :-)

  32. I used the recipe to make a filling for banana pudding pie and it was excellent. thank-you so much for inspiring me. I look forward to trying more of your recipes very soon.

  33. I made this banana pudding on Saturday with the intention of saving it for dessert for Sunday dinner…needless to say it didn’t last that long! :) It was so good! I can’t wait to try out some of your other recipes! I made 4 of them already, and my family and I loved them all!

  34. OMG!!!! I just made this its in my fridge chilling off I can’t wait to try it. I love banana pudding my daddy tough me how to make it but I wanted a quicker way to make it. i was a little turned off by the instance pudding but i have tried other repicies from you and all have turned out mouth watering good. thanks so much with your recipies i seen like a all star pro and so many people ask me to keep making the dishes and i give all credit to you!!!! :)

  35. Used this recipe for my co-workers and I got numerous “this is the BEST banana pudding I’ve ever had” comments! I can’t cook to save my life, but this I can do! Thank you thank you thank you!

  36. Another Hit! Thanks For Sharing This Wonderful Recipe.

  37. This banana pudding is excellent. The only change I made to it – I used banana cream pudding mix.

    Highly recommend.

    Thanks Monique

  38. I <3 banana pudding

  39. thanks <3 luv ya

  40. hey i am 11 years old and i love to cook i watch your videos all the time likeyour BBQ chicken,banana pudding cupcakes, and your fitness citrus mint water all delicous thanks for being awesome monique

  41. I just made this and I cannot believe how simple and yummy this is!!! Love your site!!!!!!

  42. I should have followed your suggestion and doubled the recipe….It was a biggggggg hit…Thanks for giving me great recipes that do not take a 1,000+ ingredients and hours to make……keep them coming!

  43. Thanks Monique,
    You did it again, I just finished and put in the fridge to cool. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with the WORLD! God Bless…

  44. didn’t think about using sour cream with instant pudding, thanks for a great idea girl, will def use this recipe, looking forward to how it will turn out :)

  45. very sweet n rich!!!

  46. I made this today and I was licking the spoon :-) I like it because its so light! Hope I resist the temptation to eat it before its ready. If ya’ll haven’t tried the banana pudding cupcakes yet please get on it! Both are excellent!

  47. I want to try the banana pudding.but all I have in the pantry is vanilla pudding (cook and serve) can I use it instead of the instant pudding.

  48. Monique
    I was looking through your recipes and I notice the banana pudding which I have never fix one before. So I was going to make this on Sunday but I couldn’t help myself I got all the ingredients which wasn’t much and fix the pudding tonight. I know you are suppose to let it stay in the fridge for 3 hours but after 1 1/2 hours I just had to get a small bowl and then another and its great. Its not to sweet, moist creamy and just really good. I have done some of your other recipes and they were great too. Thanks for such great recipes and where food taste good and not so fatty like other ingredients. DELICIOUS!

  49. We’ve made this several times in our house. It never last more than a day. It is the best and so simple to make.

  50. I’m going to try this. I usually do the sweetened condensed milk/cool whip/cream cheese mixture, but I’m always looking for new recipes to try. Thanks

  51. Monique, thank you for blessing the world with all your gifts ex. beautiful spirit, wonderful recipes and a talent that we all can learn from. May God continue to bless and keep you and family. I love your site and videos look forward to tuning in every day.

  52. this stuff is soo gooood!!! Sometimes I leave the bananas out. I put some cookies in my serving bowl, then some pudding, then some more cookies. Stir it up and eat it. I like my cookies crunchy. Either way it is really good. Thanks for a great site!!! :) :) :)

  53. have you ever tried it with condensed milk? GOOD!!!!

  54. I JUST finished making this! I’m currently licking my spoon… Lol. Thanks Monique!

  55. Do you get the large boxes of pudding or the small ones? How much does this make? I’m going to make it for Thanksgiving but I’m not sure if I need to double up the ingredients.

  56. I’m making this for Thanksgiving, using Instant French Vanilla Pudding. :) :) :)

  57. I never made Banana Pudding before but this recipe looks so easy, Im going to try this for my family for dessert for Sunday dinner. Im so excited LOL. I love banana pudding.

  58. Monique, I made this banana pudding tonight for my fiance, and he absolutely LOVED it. So did I!!!!
    I crushed a few wafers and spread them on the top. We tried to hold off until tomorrow to eat with Sunday’s dinner but it looked so good, we couldn’t wait. LOL!!!! Thanks for sharing all of these great recipes. I am so excited to try as many as possible. The collard greens are cooking as I type. I’m sure those will be great also. God bless~ LaVonne

  59. Thnx girl for this recipe. I made it tonight and we all loved it!

  60. Monique,
    Ever since I just happened to wonder upon your website, I have been amazed at what you have taught me in the kitchen. I think my boo loves me even more now. This recipe sounds easy. I am always messing up all my attempts to make banana pudding. What happened to the “show me” video?

    Thanks. I am getting thicker and being loved more.

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