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Volume 1, 2 & 3 Now Available For Download!!

divas can cook blog cookbook

Collect them all for your tried & true recipe stash!



divas can cook blog cookbook




**PLEASE NOTE:  You are buying an ebook download. This is NOT a book that will be sent to your home.After payment, sit tight and you will automatically be sent to the download page where you can save the book to your computer, add to your iPad, or print it out.  If you are having trouble, any trouble at all PLEASE contact me. Hardcopies are not available at this time.


Divas Can Cook Volume 1,  2 & 3 now available for download w/ PHOTOS!

(As of date I only have the download versions available)

Volume 1: Divas Can Cook Volume 1 features all of the food recipes created on Divas Can Cook from the beginning through 2010! That’s a collection of over 150 tried and true recipes all available in printer-friendly format. 

Volume 2: Divas Can Cook Volume 2 features all of the food recipes created on Divas Can Cook in 2011! A collection of over 60 tried and true recipes! In printer-friendly format!

Volume 3: Divas Can Cook Volume 3 features all of the food recipes created on Divas Can Cook in 2012!! A collection of over 70 fan favorite recipes! In printer-friendly format.

Volume 4: Coming Soon……


Reviews From You!!

“Seriously, everything I’ve made on this site has been a hit with my family! It’s one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever owned”

“Monique you have really stepped my game up in the kitchen and everybody has been noticing and wanting to know what my secret is lol. I printed this cookbook out, binned it and gave it away as Christmas gifts. I’ve been getting phone calls of appreciation all year!”

“I can’t wait for the recipes from 2011! I use your cookbook and blog every week”

“Hi Monique, thank you for being so generous with your recipes. I don’t cook much but I just wanted to show my appreciation and support by purchasing your cookbook. I’ve made your peach cobbler and collard greens and got nothing but raved reviews! You are a gem”

“Girrrrrrl!! you got my man thinking I can throw down in the kitchen!! He said I cook better than his mama and grandma! I can’t thank you enough. Now I just need you to post a recipe on german chocolate cake so I can get him to put a ring on it!”


Visit my facebook fan page to read more reviews, see photos of the recipes from the cookbook that others have made and chat with Monique and other food lovers! Facebook fan page !


NOTE: After you have placed your order, sit tight and you will be automatically directed to the download page. Please contact me with your order number if you accidentally close out the page before it redirects you or if any other error occur.

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