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Heyyyy where did the cookbook go???

Good news!!!

These cookbooks are currently getting a much needed makeover and will be available for purchase in a few short weeks!


  1. I’ve tried several peoples recipes and believe me they don’t have anything on you. your red velvet cake was a big hit among my friends and family. I’m looking for a delicious chocolate cake recipe and i would to order hard covers if you can make some thanks appreciate it.

  2. I ordered your e-cookbook on 9/16/2014, I wasn’t automatically directed to download your cookbooks. I ordered all three. I left you several message to contact me for the download.

  3. I tried your yellow cake recipe, Macaroni and cheese and a few other recipes. I have decided to purchase your collection of cookbooks in another week. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR RECIPES.

  4. When will you have more hardcover cook books in?

  5. Deborah McDougal

    Monique….Deborah McDougal here,

    This is the first time visiting your page. I LOVE IT, LOVE, LOVE IT!! Are there hard copies of your recipe books? I would love to have hard copies, if possible.

    Please let me hear from you.

    Peace and Blessings!!

  6. Please come out with a real book. I would LOVE to have a book to refer to when actually in the kitchen cooking as not all of us are up to date with technology and don’t ever want to be. I prefer a good old fashioned book no matter what.

  7. Leticia Anzola-Gil

    Thank you so much for sharing your Flourless Cosmic Brownies Recipe, it’s so good that I won’t prepare regular brownies anymore. One of my daughters is Asperger and wasn’t able to prepare a good brownie until I found your recipe. I live in Venezuela, so you have a new fan abroad.
    Please take care and God bless you

  8. THANK YOU so much for sharing your Salmon Taco recipe… I made it early this week and I have never seen my daughter rave the way she did when I made it! It was a 5 star success. Thank you I will purchase all three cookbooks. I love your videos they are not dull and take forever… your energy is great and I have gotten back my love for cooking! Thank you :-)

  9. I want you to make a beef stew recipe or chicken and dumplings……I cant wait

  10. thank you in advance!

  11. Hello Monique!
    Your recipees are REALLY amazing… i mean, i could barely cook pasta last year when i started college and today everyone is amazed with my skills!:D All thanks to you:) I would like to purchase one of your recipee books (if not all of them!). Please tell me, which one has the most recipees or which one would you recommend the most? Is there a new cookbook coming out soon? And the last question, will these be available in a printed form at all?:) It would be very helpful if there was a list of recipees you could find inside each of them. Thank you for your time.. and for all you’ve thought me! :)
    Love, Maya x

  12. I just paid for the Volume 1 cookbook for $9.99 and have not received the download! Help!! I have tried some of your recipes and love them.

  13. Hello, my name is Lee. I purchased the E cookbooks on Sep 24 however I was never sent or redirected to any site where I can download the books. I was under the impression at that time that the books were either hard copies. I didn’t notice that they were E Books at time I purchased them. I still have my receipt number and the confirmation email from when I purchased the product. I have attempted contact via email a few times with no response. Because it has been so long I am becoming more and more concerned as I have yet to receive anything. I am asking assistance on this matter

  14. Very simple instructions! Very well presented.

  15. Monique,
    You are the absolute best! Your website and instructional videos has helped me learn so mny new recipes! Everywhere I go, they are a hit I thank you for putting this website together for women like myself, who didn’t know a thing about preparing a meal BUT NOW! You are an inspiration for young women, keep doing your thing! God bless

  16. Hi I was writing u because my download didn’t go through.

  17. I think ur cooking is awesome iv tried it and I loved it u go girl keep on cooking

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