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  1. Hiya, just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant website (and youtube channel), your recipes look so tasty and you make them look easy! I even went out to buy measuring cups so that I can follow you better (I’m in the UK). Hope you’ll never stop cooking :)
    Kind regards x

  2. I love your recipes Diva! I wanted to try to try your herb muffins for a baby shower, I can’t find the mediterrean cheese. Do you have any other suggestions?

  3. I love your recipes! My family loves the country fried chicken and banana pudding ( with the sour cream, Yummy!!). I was wondering can I bake the banana pudding for a few minutes?

    Thanks ,

  4. I tried to make 24 cupcakes out of your “Yellow Fluffy Vanilla Cake” but unfortunately the 24 cupcakes did not rise , they flopped! Do you have the conversion recipe from cake to cupcakes? I thought the batter was very tasty! I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. I’m not a Diva but I can cook. Looked up the diet cabbage soup recipe, which I found on your site. I will cook it today and get started on the diet tomorrow! I just wanted you to know that you are not cheating with spaghetti squash because it is NOT a starchy vegetable! Winter squash is (like acorn or butternut) but not crookneck, summer, zucchini, or spaghetti squashes. So you can “cheat” with that any time you are able to have veggies on this diet…..I like your suggestions for the “regular” foods (in addition to the soup) on the diet. I’m thinking when allowed protein are you allowed eggs also? Canned tuna is OK too, right? That would jazz up a salad….

  6. Thank you for sharing your banana bread recipe. I am not a fan of banana bread because all the ones I have tried were always dry. We always have a bunch of bananas that are thrown away every week when they get too ripe and I hate eating food. That’s how I came across your recipe on youtube. My banana bread was so moist and delicious n came out just like yours. I made four loafs today cause my family loves it! I am now a banana bread fan!

  7. OMG I LOVE YOUR FOOD!!! I’m like a pro in the kitchen, my baby girl Zya loves it my hubby is so happy I found u!!! I just wanna say keep it come n u r great!!!!

  8. Ms. Divia,
    I use your red velet cake receipt time after time and the people just can’t get enough of this cake. It is totally off the hook and I THANK you for it. I also use this same mix for my red velvet cupcakes and they are out of this world, I don’t change a thing they turn out perfect everytime. God bless! :)

  9. I like your recipes give me some of your opinion for pastors church celebration chicken\fish\green bean rice or mashed

  10. La Francis Hinton

    Mrs. Diva you are the bum….I love you so so much…I am a grandma and can really cook…and I knew someone out there was awesome like me. Yes I have come across you. God know I am thankful…you have a Ora that is so sweet and loving in your cooking. Cooking is an art..when I was married I use to tell my husband I could not cook when I was upset about anything or the food would not come out right. As a young lady like you..I was always around my aunt which cooked in restaurants, and my daddy could cook too, my grandmother, and I must not forget my mom. Thank you for being the beautiful work of art you are.

  11. I came across your website by accident and I love your recipes, I cant bake very well even a box cake flops but I will definitely give your Red Velvet Cake a try as it just looks and sounds so yummy..

  12. Is it possibly for you make spicy Cajun BBQ meatballs for appetizers, the Louisiana way

  13. So I have been looking far and wide for a good chocolate chip cookie recipe, alas, I finally found it! Its like the perfect recipe! :D Thanks!

  14. Hey can you do like a baby back ribs recipe or a southern pulled pork sandwich. Im now 22 and I am so into cooking since you have made things so easy and understandable!

  15. I just wanted to let you know, I love your blog and videos. My Thanksgivings and dinners have never been better, I really appreciate the dedication and variety you bring to the table. God bless you Diva!!!

  16. HI, I love this blog sooo much, but when I cook I like to have a physical book and flip threw pages. Do you sell physical books?

  17. Hello!! cant wait to try your red velvet cake and frosting… just wondering what the exact measurements of the ’1 stick of butter’ are?? what does that equal in grams??

  18. Can you please do a 7 up cake I have tried to make this cake 8 times and its not turning out right I need help please!!!! I love everything you do keep coming with new recipes for us to try..

  19. I wanted to say I love your recipes, but what type of camera did you use to shoot your video. I love the clarity of it.

  20. I love Divas Can Cook! My best Friend showed me this website and ever since I have loved it. I made the cookie dough dip and the monster cookies and hopefully many many more! Thx so much for making an effort to show people how to cook and make things. Keep the good work up!

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