The BEST Summer Recipes!


It’s here!!! Summerrrrr! Cookouts, fresh foods, warm sun, the beach, vacations! Although summer isn’t my favorite season, I’m trying to learn to enjoy it for what it is and soak up some of this beautiful sunlight! Here are a few of my favorite hot weathered food recipes on Divas Can Cook!! (Browse around my site […]

Vanilla Memories

coffee-mate classic vanilla creamer coffee cak erecipe

If I had to pick one flavor to sum up my childhood it would be vanilla, hands down! From the scent of mom’s vanilla candles she’d burn every Saturday morning while cleaning to the taste of my grandmothers highly requested vanilla pound cakes, vanilla simply ruled! However there’s one vanilla memory that “takes the cake”! […]

The American Kitchen

homeschool 2

Today we’re going to be doing something a bit different! I won’t be sharing a recipe in this post, but instead let’s shoot the breeze about the good ol’ American kitchen! Yes, the kitchen, my stomping ground! Have you ever just sat and thought about what a fascinating place the American kitchen is? It is […]