My Secret Weapon: FoodSaver System

FoodSaver tv meals

You wanna know what question I get asked often? “Monique how in the world do you do it all? How do you manage to keep up a house, have time for your kids and hubby, cook homemade meals, homeschool, run a business, keep up a blog and still have time to travel and enjoy life?” […]

The Many Roles of My Kitchen…

divas can cook kitchen

We purchased a house a few months ago, but when we were in our house hunting phase the only strict requirement I had was that it must have an open, inviting kitchen. The kitchen is the heartbeat and soul of a home. It’s where I feed my sleepyhead boys a homemade breakfast and watch them […]

Easy Pineapple Chicken Kabobs

pineapple chicken kabob

Is it really back to school time already? Wow this summer is flying by which means it’s almost time for my annual backyard family luau!  My summer just wouldn’t be the same without celebrating with a big themed BBQ. Over the years I’ve celebrated with many themes but the luau theme is always the best! […]

5 Steps To An Awesome Ice Cream Buffet

how to create an ice cream buffet 0

I have a confession. This may come as a shock to you being that I have a cooking blog and love to cook but… Right now, I hate cooking. It’s true. Something about hot weather makes me lose cooking motivation and despise being in the kitchen. It just feels…foreign. And so I try to avoid […]