Bacon Wrapped Smokies (Brown Sugar Chili)

Brown sugar chili bacon wrapped smokies recipe

(Dec 31. 2014 Video and more pics coming soon!! Wanted to get this recipe up before New Years in case anyone was looking for a quick appetizer!) Honestly you guys…I wasn’t even going to post this recipe for these bacon wrapped smokies because I felt like they needed a dip to go with them and […]

Easy Mini Pumpkin Pie Bites

mini pumpkin pie bites recipe

“Creamy homemade mini pumpkin pie bites with a scratch-made buttery, flaky crust . Easy to make recipe! Perfect portable fall dessert ” My husband has been asking me to make a pumpkin pie all month. He even created a Pinterest board called Pumpkin Pies with over 45 pins of pumpkins pies and pumpkin inspired dessert […]

Sausage, Spinach, & Tomato Queso Blanco Dip

queso blanco1

Picture this: It’s Saturday. I’m relaxing on the couch, munching on sour cream guacamole chips, watching reality TV (don’t judge me), while waiting on my clay facial mask to dry. My phone buzzes with a text message that says, “On our way!” You can imagine the look on my face, right? We’ve all been there. […]

Pizza Jalepeno Poppers

pizza jalapeño poppers recipe

I started poppin’ jalapeños back in ’09. (I love saying that)  I use to always pass them up at parties because jalapeños stuffed with “stuff” just didn’t appeal to me. When I tried my first one I was hooked!  They quickly became one of my favorite appetizers. Mainly because they are so doggone easy to […]