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Are You Ready To Throw Down In The Kitchen?

Welcome to Divas Can Cook-  a blog that will show you how to whip up some flavorful, slap-yo-mama (and get slapped right back) dishes all from scratch!! This site is dedicated to providing you with tried & true recipe to help you look totally bad ass in the kitchen, (even if you’ve  never cooked a day in your fabulous life). So pull out that pen and paper  honey bunch, class is in session!!!

Hi there! My name  is Monique. I’m a full-time wife, mommy, blogger and business owner who loves to EAT…oh and cooking is cool too. : ) I’ve been cooking since I was a little diva; learning tried and true, award-winning recipes passed down from my grandmothers, mother, slew of aunts, uncles, cousins, play cousins….you get the point right?

divas can cook soul food

I love some good ol’ comforting southern food!

I created this site for many reasons:

1.) I got tired of my family & friends calling me for recipes.  I can’t tell you how tired I am of answering the phone and hearing “What’s mama’s yeast roll recipe?” Whatever happened to “hello, how are you?”

2.) I wanted a place to store all of my favorite, tried & true recipes. One day the recipes on this blog will be a beautifully printed and arranged wedding gift to my daughter or daughter-in-law.

3.)  I got tired of people saying “what? yeah right, you can’t cook!” or putting me  on “fruit cutting duty” the minute I happily sashay into the kitchen and ask “how can I help?”

4.) I wanted to share my easy recipes and love for cooking with others. I love that old school style of cooking, that lets you get your hand all messy.  It’s the best in the world! Sometimes those old school recipes can be  unnecessarily complicated which leaves many people to just “leaving it to grandma”. I like to think I simplify those recipes without losing that soulful taste. A good , tried and true recipe can be one  of the best gifts ever. I’m over the moon when I get an email saying “your  turkey was the talk of my Thanksgiving dinner!” or “my husband said I made the best red velvet cake he’s ever had!” or “I was never taught how to cook, so I’ve been learning from you. Thank you.”  Pass the kleenex honey!! Yall sure know how to get to a broad.

All-in-all cooking is a skill that every woman should have in her “bag of tricks”. I hope my tried & true, step-by-step recipes will help you get started on whipping up some tasty homemade meals that will impress the best. Ok now don’t just sit there looking all pretty, grab a recipe and get ta’cookin!!!

XO; )


I have been in love with Monique since day one, and her titles only made her more darling!” –Paula Deen (Real Women Of Philadelphia)

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Divas Can Cook!

Divas Can Cook is an award winning recipe blog that started in mid 2009 and has grown steadily over the years.

I take pride in being one of the top African-American female food bloggers. My site is designed to show young, busy women just how easy, fun and fabulous cooking from scratch can be. I create step-by-step recipe videos on my youtube cooking channel and also discuss topics like cooking tips, kitchen must-haves, product reviews, menu planning, and various cooking and kitchen related topics.

Divas Can Cook has been featured on Forbes, Black Enterprise Magazine, The Nate Berkus Show, Kraft, Huffington Post, Food Networks youtube channel, numerous websites, radio shows and printed media.

Along with being a featured partner with ifoodtv, I was also selected as a Youtube 2011 NextChef , a finalist in Food Networks Next Big Youtube Cooking Star contest, and a spokesperson for Walmart’s 2011 holiday media tour.

I’ve partnered with many well known brands such as Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Glad Food Storage, Cracker Barrel Cheese, Cover Girl, T-mobile and many more!

2013 brings on another year of scheduled appearances, national exposure, partnerships with big food brands and hopefully working with YOU!!


Divas Can Cook is frequently visited by a growing audience of mainly women ages 25-44 who are beginner cooks, moms, grandparents, chefs, or just people interested in learning how to cook from scratch, particularly southern and soul food dishes.

Please contact me if you are interested in viewing my site statistics or to discuss how I can create a advertising campaign for you.

Divas Can Cook  is hosted on it’s own dedicated server.

I currently offer 3 forms of sponsorship

1.) Blog Ads (bottom right side bar)

2.) Blog Post Giveaways

3.) Video Reviews & Video Product Placements

(Please contact me if you desire a custom campaign that includes multiple forms of advertising, above the fold placements and special locations)

Let’s Stay In Touch!

Stay in touch with Divas Can Cook by subscribing to my facebook fan page.   and youtube channel. Also if you’re on  twitter to drop me a personal message, ask a question or to just say hello.

Email: yesdivascancook (at) gmail (dot) come

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Get all the recipes on my blog from 2009-2012 in printer-friendly format with photos, full ingredients and step-by-step instructions.





  1. Hi Monique,

    I found your website when my husband and I was on the Daniel Fast. I was looking for a vegan collard green recipe. Your recipe is the best and we both enjoyed those collard greens!

    Thank you! :)

  2. Hi Monique. I have you to tell just how awesome your recipes are, Monique, your recipes are AWESOME!!!! I googled Breakfast Casseroles and the rest is history. The first time I made it was 2 days ago and my family raved. I served it for supper. Then I made Oreo Balls…. just as the recipe said and the next day I made a second batch and covered them in white chocolate. Again, and on Valentine’s Day’s, In was once again the queen. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes. I must say I Love to watch your videos and you are a natural. Your site is definitely my go to cooking from here on out. I have no doubt that you will soon be at the top of ALL the food bloggers…. male, female, black, or white. The sky’s the limit for you of this I am certain. Thank you Monique.

  3. Yessenie Hidalgo

    I made the chocolate chip cookies and they came out great my husband was thrilled thank you.

  4. I just found your site today and being from the south and growing up with your style of cooking I will be using your site and buying your cook books…..and again I was raised with this food……

  5. I stumbled across your website in October and, OH MY GOSH, am I glad I did! Everything I have tried is AMAZING and I have told many people about your website! All I can say is THANK YOU! You are awesome!

  6. Just wanted to say thank you for the candied yams recipe!! Definitely a keeper for our Christmas Holiday dinner!!! Your website has been added to my bookmark for future recipes and you’re right…..
    Divas Can Cook!!

  7. Cant wait to try the great recipes.

  8. I was very impressed with your red velvet cake and dinner roll recipe and look forward to making both of them this week.

    You are a great inspiration.

  9. Not hitting on you but yo are hot. I made a cajun baked fries that turned out pretty good I deviated from you recipe slightly. I can tell you what I placed in the spice if you want.

  10. HI Monique,

    I just wanted you to know that I have made your stuff peppers, sweet rolls, baked chicken nuggets plus honey mustard and many more. My kids and I love your recipes. You have truly been a God sent to me. You just don’t know how many times I cried and cried because I didn’t know how to cook. But I love you tube channel and you and your family are just great. Now I can stop feeding my kids all that fast food junk.


  11. Luv the CakePops! My daughter bugs me EVERY time we go into Starbucks to buy her one & at nearly $2 a ‘PoP’ im like, “Uhm Not!” Im gonna try these this wkend! Thank you sweets! (:

  12. Awesome site!! I was looking for a recipe to make cake balls and turns out its super easy. I like your personality you make it fun. I’m gonna have my kids look up your recipees and have them bake with me. I need ideas for a bake sale ….Help

  13. Love, love, your site. You are FAB and so are your recipes. Look at you, got me feeling all confident. :)

  14. Hey Diva!
    Love the style and ease of your videos! About to try your cheese crackers recipe.
    God bless

  15. I used your dressing recipe for Thanksgiving and everyone raved about it!! I’ve been selected to do the dressing this year for Christmas, lol. Thanks!

  16. I found your site after googling a dressing recipe for my dinner. Girl I am hooked. You have recipes that I have always wanted to try but was too chicken to give it a shot. Thank you…

  17. Hello Monique!!! I would like to start this comment by simply saying ….. THANK YOU!!!!! I found your site a few weeks ago while looking for thanksgiving recipes. My boyfriend and I decided to stay in New York this year for the holiday and I wanted to really impress him with my cooking (and so that he could go back to his mom and grandmother and tell them that I took good care of his belly this year!) I used your recipes for your (your sisters) mac and cheese as well as the candies yams. I must say that I would never give my sister credit for a recipe I use so kudos to your for that! Hehe…. Sorry Geena! Anywho, both dishes came out absolutely amazing!!!!! Since it was a little girl I have stood in the kitchen with my grandmother cooking, and I absolutely adore the process of creating amazing dishes, and your recipes were very easy to follow and DELISH! You are great inspiration for young black women who want to hold on to the culture of great soul food. I hope you and your family are enjoying your Thanksgiving as much as my boyfriend and I are!!!! Cheers to you!!! What you have created on this site is unmatched!

    Happy Holidays!


  18. I just discovered your blog today while trying to find a great recipe for yams. I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner for folks I’ve never met and I’m nervous. I’m going to follow your directions regarding the yam recipe. Thanks very much.

  19. Ok so I’m 37 years young! And every year my mom cooked some “Throw Back” (down home , old school meals) . To make a long story short my mom got sick and doing all we could we had to place her in a nursing home! (she’s good) so bascially my older sister started to do the cooking! I just showed up with my take home plate and an appitite!! Now guess who moved to another city, yes my sis. Guess who’s making the dirty bird this year? Thanks Moique! Because every thing on my menu is coming off of DIVAS CAN COOK! SIGNED SCARED BUT CONFIDENT

  20. You are fabulous! My husband was always the cook in the family. When he passed in 2010 and took all of his great recipes with him, I just couldn’t make myself try to recreate his masterpieces. But, your sight has given me hope. Your Southern Baked Candied Yams Recipe actually sounds better and easier than his. I’m gonna give it a try. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Hey; don’t stop being your fabulous self!

  21. Hey Miss DIVA Monique!!! I love, love LOVE your site! Your recipes are a MUST HAVE! I landed here in search of some homemade”OLD SCHOOL” Southern style dressing for my thanksgiving dinner, and now my ENTIRE menu is planned from your fabulous Thanksgiving Recipes!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU GIRL! I really hope all my dishes taste and look as good as your creations. Great Idea creating the videos to, they are awesome and such a great help! I’ve always struggled with dressing, but thanks to you, I think I got this locked this Thanksgiving!! Keep up the good work, I’m soo proud to see you doing your thang! I can’t wait to get my cookbooks to continue impressing my children and husband, and family with your Oh So Fab Meals!! Divas can Cook ROCKS!!!

  22. I just found you today. LOVE your style and your cooking! Hope to do some cooking with you.

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