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Sweet Potato Cake w/ Marshmallow Frosting & Pecan Crisp Topping


“Homemade sweet potato cake recipe with marshmallow glaze and topped with pecan crisp. It’s like a sweet potato casserole in cake form! “ I had some sweet potatoes that were about to sprout on me so I needed to use them up ASAP. I asked you guys on Facebook which sweet potato  recipe you wanted […]

Southern Baked Candied Yams Recipe

southern candied yams recipe

Growing up, a holiday meal just wasn’t quiet the same without a pan of these southern baked candied yams. Whenever we’d have new people over for Sunday dinner they’d always comment on how delicious the candied yams were. Everybody wanted to know “the secret”.   The secret wasn’t really anything major, as with most recipes. […]

easy key lime pie

easy quick key lime pie recipe

Friday I decided to tackle Key Lime Pie! It was a last minute dessert that I wanted to take to a cookout. Normally when I need a new, guaranteed 5-star recipe I go straight to family & friends. I contacted about ten different people and nobody had a good, tried and true recipe for Key Lime Pie, including […]

Apple Pie Pops


      Who could pass up the chance of indulging in little  apple pies on a stick. I sure couldn’t and just had to make these darling little apple pie pops! Thanks to pinterest these cuties are super popular right about now. They’ve been floating around the blogosphere for  years and I knew it […]

Frozen Reese’s Pie

Frozen Reese's Pie Recipe No-bake dessert pie

Chances are you’ve had one of these frozen dessert cream pies before. They are such classics, easy to make and extremely versatile. I’ve used this same basic recipe to make frozen grasshopper pie, butterfinger pie and ton of other quick, no-bake frozen pies. Lately though, I’ve been all about Reese’s so we’re gonna be making […]