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Summa Summa Summa Tiiiime!!!!

summer foods and recipes

Summer is here!!! Time for some good o’l summertime eating. Here are a few of my favorite hot weather foods on Yes Divas Can Cook!!! Stay tuned..more to be added!! Happy Summer!!! Drunken Melon Balls Southern Deviled Eggs Chicken Salad Southern Fried Chicken Blackberry Cobbler Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream Cake Classic Fruit Punch Oven-Grilled BBQ […]

Recipes In Rehab : (

recipes in rehab

Often times here in the Divas Can Cook kitchen I’ll cook up a recipe only to decide it’s not good enough for my “best friends in my head” (that would be you). Sometimes I’ll nix the recipe altogether but often times I’ll put it in my “Recipes in Rehab” folder. This folder consists of recipes […]

Peach Moscato Wine Slushies


Wheeeew I’z tiiiiiiide! Not tired but tiiiiide! We got back from visiting the in-laws several days ago and I’m just now getting caught up on sleep, homeschool, cleaning, and all that jazz. Going on a “vacation” is definitely a chore with a super curious and freakishly mobile baby. My little Ethan doesn’t sleep good at […]

Sparkling Celebration Punch Recipe (Non-Alcoholic Punch)

non-alcoholic punch recipe celebration punch

We have a lot of parties in my family. Birthdays, baby showers, cookouts,  just-because parties, you name it, we’ve probably had at least one party for it.  What celebration is complete without a big, sparkling bowl of punch!!! I call this  punch “celebration punch” because it has a light fizz, a pretty yellow color and […]

Blackberry Margarita

frozen blackberry margarita recipe

Today is National Margarita Day woo hoooo!!!!!! So how do you like your margarita? Classic, fun and fruity, hard and unique??? Oh, me you ask? My faaaaavorite margarita is blackberry margarita….mmmm mmmm mmmm!!! I could drink pitchers full of this stuff.  I guess that has a lot to do with the fact that my favorite […]

January Menu (A Healthier Attempt)

january weekly menu

This is my first menu post. Depending on the response it gets, I’ll continue to do them once or twice a month. It’s mid January and I’ve been trying to make “healthier” choices this month like eating more whole grains, fruit, & salads. I’m taking it a day at a time because I don’t want […]

Easy Brunch Blueberry Muffins

easy blueberry muffins recipe

Here’s one of my FAVORITE blueberry muffin recipes. I highly recommend you add this one to your recipe stash because hoooooney these muffins bake up so moist, fluffy and tender. And they’re pretty easy and down right impressive looking to boot. (provided your glazing technique is a little better than mine…yeah) You can use other […]

Refreshing Kiwi Popsicles….ahhh Summer!

Still 4

Refreshing Kiwi Popsicles The triple digits are starting to slowly show it’s ugly face around these parts. It’s been hot hot hot!!!!! The perfect time to break out those popsicle molds and start whipping up batches of yummy, homemade popsicles!!! I love making my own pops. You can customize the ingredients, sneak in all kinda […]

Strawberries & Champagne Punch

strawberries champagne punch recipe

Strawberries & Champagne Punch I really like this version of Strawberry Champagne punch. In my family we call it the “giggling punch” because it doesn’t matter if I use champagne or sparkling grape juice this stuff still makes people “jolly” for some reason. It’s lightly fizzy, fruity, crisp, refreshing and the champagne taste is pretty […]

Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles (creamsicles)

strawberry cheesecake popsicles recipe

I hesitate a little to call these popsicles, just because they are so unbelievably smooth and creamy, more like ice cream. If you like strawberry cheesecake then run, don’t walk, to your kitchen right now and whip up some of these crazy easy and delicious strawberry cream cheese popsicles. These bad boys will definitely be […]