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5 Tips To Looking Pretty In The Kitchen

5 Tips To Looking Pretty In The Kitchen


This time of year is when I do the most entertaining. First there’s Thanksgiving dinner to host, then comes the marathon Christmas baking parties and last it’s planning a festive New Years shindig. This means that I not only have to cook my best but I also have to look my best!

Here are my 5 simple tips to looking pretty in the kitchen!

Tip #1 – It’s all in the face! If you want your makeup application to look celeb-flawless and last longer, start with a clean, exfoliated, toned and moisturized face. I prefer to use natural products, often found right here in my kitchen like honey, green tea, and even coffee grounds to keep my skin youthful and glowing. Check out my natural skin care regimen video!

Tips #2- Flaunt pretty hands! Pretty hands and nails can go a long way in making you feel pretty and girly. I spend so much time working with my hands that I rarely get a chance to enjoy pretty polishes. They never seem to last long anyway. Lately though I’ve decided to give my bare, boring nails the boot and try some color. Let me just say, I am so hooked! I’ve been pampering myself with CoverGirl® Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss. These polishes come in 15 fun colors (more on the way in January), no need for a base or top coat! To my surprise they have already shown their true staying power by emerging chip-free after a full day of Thanksgiving cooking.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss

I’m wearing “Tickled Pink” in the photo. It’s such a divalicious color!

Tip #3- Wow them with your eyes. I LOVE eyes! They are such a pretty feature and can be played up in so many ways. Even when I’m not in the mood to throw on makeup, I can totally get away with it by simply playing up my eyes. I love smokey eyeshadows with a little shimmer and a winged eyeliner. Of course you can’t forget about the mascara! I go for a volumizing, clump-free mascara that can withstand the heat in the kitchen like COVERGIRL® Clump Crusher Mascara. This mascara claimed to give 200% more volume and zero clumps even after 30 strokes, so I was super excited to try it out. This is now my FAVORITE mascara! I never thought I’d say this after wearing another brand for so many years but goodness gracious! This mascara pulled out lashes that I never knew I had. The proof is in the pudding, check out those lashes.

clump crusher

A good mascara and lipgloss can work wonders on a bare face.

Tip #4- Dress the part. When you think of kitchen attire the first thing that usually comes to mind is an apron. Aprons are a must for me when it comes to cooking and entertaining all at once. I’d definitely ruin my clothes if I didn’t wear one. Luckily they have really evolved over the years from looking very Jane Clever-ish to now looking downright sexy! It’s amazing how pretty and empowering a pair of comfy stilettos (yes they exist), a cute dress, and a sassy, fitted leopard-print apron makes me feel. The hubby gives this look two thumbs up too : ). Cooking and entertaining is all about having fun so you should wear whatever makes you feel happy, pretty and comfortable.

Tip #5 - Smile for instant glam. This tip should probably be number one because a smile is like an instant face lift and mood booster. It makes you look and feel so pretty and inviting. My guests can certainly get over the fact that I’m entertaining in sweats and a bare face if it means I’m going to be happy, smiling and enjoying every minute of their company. Nobody likes an unhappy cook or hostess. Good food and a smile cover a multitude of faux pas. Smile. I mean it.

Here’s a smile for ya : )

Visit COVERGIRL for more tips on how to look pretty in the kitchen and on every occasion!!

What makes you feel pretty in the kitchen or just in general?

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  1. I feel pretty in the kitchen when I’m comfortably dressed, cooking a wonderful meal with my daughter Genesis. Now I only wish I can stay pretty by the time we get through preparing meal..now that the hard part :-)

  2. i love wearing colors and wearing my hear down

  3. As a woman learning to cook after years of protesting domestication, I am at my best in the kitchen in my short black apron adorned with faux perals and white ruffles. I add heels and red lipstick for special occasions. ;-) I feel pretty, sexy and capable! What more could a girl want?

  4. I know its simple and somewhat silly, but having my feet pretty with soft skin and pretty painted toenails always makes me feel attractive! LOL

  5. knowing that my family is happy and enjoying the all the cooking and baking for them is all the happiness I need…And oh yeah a beautiful manicure…

  6. Red lipstick always makes me feel red carpet ready and my go to is mascara
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  7. My cupcake apron and a glass of Chardonnay!

  8. A great smile always makes me feel pretty.
    Thanks for the contest.

  9. I feel my best when I have an outfit that fits really well. I have a few extra curves that can be really depressing if I don’t choose the right dress.

  10. I have a cute apron collection that I love to wear in the kitchen.

  11. Hi Monique! I feel pretty in the kitchen, when I’m wearing my husband’s favorite Dallas Cowboys jersey, a pair of his snuggly socks with him sitting at the kitchen bar watching :).

  12. I feel pretty when I have my hair together, makeup on and the food smells finger licking good. The icing on the cake is when my two boys run in the kitchen to give me huggs and tell me they love me….Priceless.

  13. I feel pretty when I know the Lord has opened my eye’s another day. I get up look in the mirror and say thank you Lord for waking me up and helping me to love me just the way i am. “Pretty”

  14. With confidence I always feel pretty :)! Also being that God created me… everyone in his eyes are pretty and should feel pretty !

  15. To me its just a little lip gloss and the sight of everyone eating and telling me how good the food is!!!

  16. when im hot and sweaty in the kitchen and my man passes by and says looking good

  17. I feel pretty in the kitchen when I’m wearing a white tank top and some leopard-print shorts with my Beyonce playlist playing in the background.

  18. I don’t wear a ton of make-up, but I feel really pretty when my skin looks healthy and great and with a touch of bronzer to give me a wonderful glow.

  19. Wearing heels and a cute apron!

  20. Being pretty comes from within. I’m not a make up girl but when I feel pretty on the inside it will show on the outside.

  21. For me… I got to have my hair did, nails, did, everything DID…LOL!

  22. Manicured hands and a really cute “sexy” apron :)

  23. When I have on a cute apron

  24. manicured nails and nice eyes

  25. A nice pair of jeans and a great haircut make me feel red carpet ready or a black suit if I’m going somewhere special.

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  26. having eye liner on makes me feel pretty. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  27. I keep it pretty simple, so a great haircut, a little mascara and a nice outfit.

  28. What makes me feel pretty is having a nice hair style a cute outfit and a nice good glass of wine lol

  29. Cooking in a tank top makes me feel pretty

  30. Good hair and a pretty lipstick! :)

  31. having my makeup and hair fixed nice make me feel pretty in general.

  32. A simple layered bob, lip gloss and a little cleavage :)

  33. I blogged:
    Thanks for this snazzy giveaway!
    email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  34. shaving makes me feel beautiful! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  35. I feel my prettiest when my skin is blemish-free & I’ve got some makeup on to bring out my eyes!

  36. A nice pair of stilettoes always makes me feel pretty in the kitchen.

  37. Radiant skin, a little lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara makes me feel pretty in the kitchen.

  38. I just put on a homemade conditioner and get to cooking!

  39. A Great outfit, then taking some time with fixing my hair and make-up makes me feel red carpet ready!

  40. Powdered Mineral foundation makes me feel polished and ready to go – it’s smooth but natural looking. My go-to is a fabulous lipstick. Really it’s all about the details!

  41. The perfect jewelry and a great hair day!

  42. mascara and when my hair is blown out makes me feel pretty.
    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  43. Wearing a flirty apron in the kitchen works for me.

  44. I like to turn up the heat in the kitchen with chilli peppa red toe nails (and underthings) along with white-hot pearls and great jeans: clear the table ’cause dessert’s so on!

  45. I like to wear a flirty dress with some metallic eyeshadow.

  46. I feel pretty when I dress up, makes my hair look nice, I like to straighten it. I also like to wear pink lip gloss. Thanks for the tips and giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  47. I feel pretty in the kitchen when I’m cooking a wonderful meal and my husband is at my waist side or behind me constantly trying to get sample taste, while complementing me on how pretty I look in his eyes.

  48. Great tips. :) Long lushes eye lashes makes me feel pretty in the kitchen. :)

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  49. Honestly, cooking in sweat pants and a tee or an outfit from the office doesn’t make a difference. I feel “beautiful” when my 3 yr old or my 10 yr old get excited about what I am cooking!

  50. Great music with hubby and kids “OUT” of the kitchen makes me feel pretty!!! lol

  51. a nice pair of sexy heels always does it for me!

  52. tweet–https://twitter.com/WildOrchid985/status/280025724088352768

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  53. Having my makeup bring out my best features makes me feel red carpet ready! My tip is to bring extra lipstick or liner with me if I go out.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  54. Heels, lipgloss and my toddlers smile always boost my mood when I’m in the kitchen.

  55. gotta have a great dress and heels plus mascara

  56. I make sure to have my hair done, nails shellaced (the color stays bright from all the washing of hands in the kitchen), and eyes played up with a smile to match it! That way when I’m tasting my food, if my lip color wears off I still look fabulous!….And a nice glass of wine on the side never hurt. ;)

  57. I think a great mascara and a bold lip are what make me feel most pretty in the kitchen. Though my lip never seems to last with all the tasting that I do! (Quality control ya know!)

  58. little bronzer to sparkle and lipstick makes me feel ready for the red carpet and my go-to is mascara

  59. I feel ready when I have my hair done.my go to trick is to wear my favorite red lipstick.

  60. What makes me feel pretty in the kitchen is relaxing and cooking while I watch my hubby clean the house…our party tradition is he cleans from top to bottom so all I have to do is shop and cook!

  61. I love being in the kitchen with my hair in a sassy pony tail and my comfy yogas on. Sparkly nails generally complete the mood!

  62. Timing and early prep is important for me

  63. A heel goes a long way to making me feel pretty in the ktichen. Not a crazy heel, but just a little kitten heel does the job.

  64. A pretty apron, hair twisted up and flirty makeup makes me feel good.

  65. Oh my, wearing heels of any kind, looking great(wearing anything from jeans, dress, to pjs and sweats) and feeling good. I love to cook so its an A+ in making me happy. Not only does the food comes out terrific, but it delivers smiles and good mood to everyone around me. The natural peace and beauty :)

  66. A colorful glove makes me feel good in the kitchen.

  67. Lightly make-up and fitted jeans make me feel pretty.

  68. I’m a simple kinda girl so when I’m in the kitchen whipping up something, whether it’s a 30 minute meal or an hour one, I feel pretty when I have on the simplest outfit and can kick off my shoes and “work”.

  69. On days when I actually fix my hair, I feel so much better about my appearance!

  70. I feel pretty in the kitchen in sweats and a tshirt with my hair pulled up.

  71. I feel pretty confident and sexy when I’m on point and taking care of business. When I look good,my kids are happy, and I am productive its all good!! ;)

  72. An apron makes me feel like I am really doing something!

  73. I always wear mascara and a shimmery lip gloss to make me feel pretty.

  74. When I start dinner after church wearing my Sunday’s best. Most recently, I’ve really been into keeping my nails polished, so I would have to say a great manicure while cooking adds a nice touch.

  75. Probably just wearing simple and classic things, like heels and a little black dress! :)

    chambanachik at gmail dot com

  76. Wearing makeup makes me feel pretty.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  77. when I have my hair curled and some lip gloss on.

  78. i like to have a nice pedicure to help me feel pretty.

  79. Great tips! I need to get an apron

  80. When entertaining, always have fresh makeup and gorgeous hair when you come out to greet guests when they start arriving! So sexy! Also, manicured nails are a must! Nomchipping or I would swear some of the polish came off in the food! Lol

  81. My hair has to be done and I throw on something cute but comfy like a maxi dress in the warmer months and leggings and a tunic or cute top in the cooler months.

  82. When I am in the kitchen I like to add my false lashes, a bright polish on my toes, my lipgloss, jeans that look painted on and a cute pair of opened toed shoes and I feel great. When I do these things it is going down in the kitchen because I just know I am cute. Lol

  83. Having my hair done up all nice and having my eyebrows waxed. :-)

  84. I don’t really wear make up, I am pretty in the kitchen by being in there and knowing what I am doing.

    My man thinks that I am absolutely gorgeous in my yoga pants, covered in flour frying his chicken. LOL!

  85. Luv everything else but the stiletto….a pretty wedge would definitely have to do….I often entertain and chase my 3 little kiddies….

  86. Uhm booty shorts & a tank top! Works every time. LOL!

  87. Thanks for the tips!! I also try and look good for my hubby when I cook :)

  88. Curls and lip gloss make me feel pretty in general…when I get my hair done my husband gives me so many compliments and lip gloss is for those days when I don’t feel my best, when I put it on I instantly feel prettier!

  89. What makes me feel pretty in the kitchen is when I’m comfortable in sweats and a t shirt cooking while my husband comes up behind me and gives me soft kisses on my neck while I cook :)

  90. Honestly, what makes me feel the prettiest in the kitchen is wearing my SUPER girly, pink and white flower apron with ruffles and frills. I always feel like i’ve been transported back in time when i wear that.

  91. Cute polish, a little gloss and a nice updo make me feel pretty

  92. Nice up do and manicured hands also just loving to cook which is my passion makes me feel pretty and confident!

  93. I would have to agree. Wearing a bright and fun nail color always makes me feel pretty.

  94. i like to curl my hair and put on fake lashes

  95. I do agree that manicured hands and a pleasant smile can be very uplifting. Pretty nails certainly enhance my mood. Thanks for the tips!

  96. What makes my feel pretty is a good attitude. When I have a good attitude everything is better. I like how I look, my makeup, my nails (both hands & feet), my outfit. When you are getting ready, look in the mirror. The person looking back at you is pretty darn amazing.

  97. a new haircut makes me feel pretty

  98. tweet–https://twitter.com/mami2jcn/status/276024042157387776

  99. A cute up-do makes me feel confident.

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