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I use ZipList! Do you??

I use ZipList! Do you??

FINALLY I’ve joined Ziplist! A lot of you guys have asked me about it and I’ve been procrastinating for the longest. (I’m horrible at putting stuff off) but this year I am determined to stay focused and just “get’er done!” when it comes to many areas of my life, including my blog.  I’ve remodeled my blog a little. Can you tell? Mainly just to tidy up a little bit and add a few new helpful features.

divas can cook

Ziplist is one of those helpful features! You see that little recipe box up there in my navigation bar? Well you can now add any recipe from my site to that box and even use it to create menus, and shopping lists. And not just from my site, but from a TON of other popular food sites as well.

If you’ve never heard of or used ziplist then you are gonna love it and I’m super excited to be the one to introduce you to what could possibly change your life!!  It’s basically designed to make meal planning and grocery shopping easier and boy does it!  You can sync it up with your cell phone so you can have your grocery list, menus, recipes, with you and even menu plan on the go which I love! Best of all IT’S FREE!

You can read more about all the cool features right here. 


divas can cook

Once you sign up, you can start using it right away. I love all the features but one of my favorites is the section that shows me what’s on sale in the grocery stores in my area. I plan my weekly menus off of what I already have in my kitchen and what’s on sale so this really helps me out. *side note* Look, Whole Foods has chicken breast for $2.99/ lb this week!! Yep, best believe I’ll be taking advantage of that!

I also love that I can share my list with my hubby. He is the designated “food runner” for this site. He goes out almost every day for ingredients for Divas Can Cook and my other two food blogs (coming soon!) because I’m ALWAYS forgetting something. Gosh I love that man!

Ziplist is also super easy to use which is a plus because I HATE leaning new things. Wait, that sounded bad didn’t it? I actually love to learn but I don’t like fooling with apps or programs that are meant to simplify my life but requires a lot of time to figure out how to use it. Does that sound better?

But anyway, back to Ziplist being easy to use. Let’s say you want to make my scrumptious, easy red velvet cupcakes! Simply go to the recipe on my site and click on the little blue save button. Voila! You now have that recipe in your stash.

divas can cook


Once you add the recipe to your recipe box, you can now add it to your weekly/monthly menu. Yep you can sit in the boring waiting room and pass time by planning out your families menu.

divas can cook

Or send the ingredients to your grocery list. You can add other ingredients that you need to take off the ones you already have. Ziplist does all the work for you. You can even tag recipes like “Taco Night” so that you’ll have a stash of recipes to refer to whenever you need a good one for Taco Night or “Must Try” to create a group of recipes that you want to eventually get around to trying.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 4.22.13 PM

Pretty cool huh?

Have you used zip list yet?

Whatcha waiting on?  Get Started!!



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