Halloween Mummy Dogs

 Mummy Dogs This is one of my favorite Halloween recipes. Yummy sausages covered in buttery crescent rolls. How cute, quick, easy & delicious is this! You could also use hot dogs for the kiddies. I like to use different types of sausage links to jazz it up a bit. This mummy dog recipe makes a […]

Halloween "Candy Corn" Cheese Bread

Halloween “Candy Corn” Cheese Bread How cute are these candy corn cheese bread slices! When I saw this recipe being prepared at a preschool I thought it was just the neatest lil idea. This would go great with a spooky spaghetti Halloween dinner and a creepy crawly salad on the side. This Halloween recipe is […]

Halloween Bloodshot Eyeball Truffle Treats

Halloween Bloodshot Eyeball Truffle Treats What better treat to serve up at your Halloween party than bloodshot eyeballs on a platter!! They may sound gross but I bet after the party is over there won’t be any left in sight…no pun intended. These disgustingly delicious Halloween bloodshot eyeballs recipe is nothing but cream cheese Oreo […]